I like to refer to my home office as the “Honeycomb Hideout.” Reminiscent of the 70’s television commercial with the Honeycomb cereal, the kids hung out in their tree house talking about grown-ups and ate cereal.   Unfortunately, if you look it up on Urban Dictionary they define Honeycomb Hideout as a “place to smoke weed and hide until the cops come.”  Clearly, I use my space for something totally different.

My office walls are painted “Dragon Fly” by Behr.  The color and the wall quote are a carry over from when Miss Bee used this as her bedroom before she migrated to another bedroom in the house.   I wanted the inspirational quote to be the last thing she saw each night before she drifted off to sleep.  The wall color plays well with orange, yellow, lime green and teal.


books can be the best source of color for your room


I love the unexpected touch of the fern

business-cardsThese little glass boxes were popular back in the 70’s and I am enjoying seeing them on trend right now.  It’s the perfect place to tuck my calling cards.

I used Mother’s collection of milk glass to display Sharpies and other office supplies.



I am giddy over colored ink pens


use milk glass as vessels for office supplies

Surround yourself with things that tell a story and give inspiration. The shells came from Gulf Shores, the place I found refuge the first Christmas I lost Mother.  The sea glass was found on Orcas Island in Washington during a trip with my girlfriends.  My niece gave me the succulent and it loves sitting under my desk lamp.  The “hope” rock was given to me by a member of the grief support group I lead at church.


I have a stack of Nancy Drew books from childhood.  The vintage windup clock I found in an antique store.  It is very worn on the back from winding it up.  I like to imagine it was used by Doris Day.


Which leads me to Doris’s phone… See the blue one in the mirror, too…


i found the light box at Ace. I love it.



The yellow paperweight and turquoise perfume bottle were Mother’s.  The other paperweight is vintage.  All sit atop a mirrored tray.  I love the peacefulness of the meditating Buddha statue.

The last touch I want to share is a little plaque Mother found for me. It hung on the door to my childhood room on 4617 Meadowbrook Drive.  She saved it when we moved from that house when I was a senior in high school.  I found it in her things after she passed away.



All of these touches — some new, some familiar, evoke the energy and calm I want in my blogging retreat.  I’ve got some other fun finds in this room I will share another day. I hope you enjoyed the tour!