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June2016 678My goal for 2016 was to seek opportunities for learning new things.  On my list, re-design my blog (check), learn how to use WordPress (in progress), take a photography class (not yet), attend a blogging convention (this is coming in August!), and take cooking classes.

For about a year now, I have been attending the Cookbook Club classes offered at Williams-Sonoma and they are alot of fun.  The tuition for the class includes the cookbook, cooking skills demonstration by their Culinary Specialist, and all the food you can possibly eat.  I always walk away making a new friend July Cooking School 038or two.

The classes usually feature a celebrity who has launched a new book.  There’s been Tricia Yearwood, Bobby Flay, Chrissy Teagan, and Martha Stewart to name a few.  But, they also feature a “Shop Keepers” book like the class on cooking with Citrus.

The best part is that the books are signed by the author!

July Cooking School 021
Signed copy of Trisha’s Table Cookbook
November Android 2015 027
Crudite and dip from Martha Stewart’s Appetizers Cookbook
November Android 2015 024
Karen McCann Culinary Specialist for Williams-Sonoma

Karen leads us through a 2-hour class preparing three dishes from the featured book.  Karen has launched into her own catering business and we’ve become swell friends. She did a fantastic job catering Mr. Bee’s 60th birthday party which you can read about here.

June 2016 103
Me and Karen at my Christmas party

This month’s class is the Williams-Sonoma Grill School.  I am treating Mr. Bee to a Father’s Day date night.  For $30 the class includes the book, techniques and eating the food prepared in class.  I thought it would be a fun time for just the two of us to learn something new.  Besides, what man is going to turn down steak!?williams sonoma grill school

Note:  This is not a sponsored post.  Just a girl sharing fun stuff.  I am not compensated for my opinion.










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