Being Quiet in our Thoughts

I had the best weekend retreat with my church-lady friends.  We laughed, talked, shared.  We are all different, but we share one thing in common.  We love the Lord.

During our Saturday evening Bible study, during the power outage while we sat in candlelight, we talked about our gifts.  Words others may use to describe us.  Things like loyal, warm, funny, smart.  We shared how taking the time to be thankful for these gifts is important.  To practice self-compassion.  We show compassion for others, but how often do we show compassion toward ourselves?  Somedays we can be so hard on us.  I’m not this, I’m not that.

So, we “resolved” to set aside a minimum of 5-10 minutes each day to pray for thanksgiving.  To be quiet in our thoughts.  To learn that what seems urgent should not replace what is important.  Sometimes there’s a big difference.  To practice self-denial.  Sunday mornings come and we want that extra sleep or to have just one day we don’t have to shower, do our hair and makeup.  To deny ourselves that extra time, actually makes us so much more productive the rest of the week.  That denial turns into fulfillment from our time at church with the Lord and our friends.

Being quiet in our thoughts is a magnificent journey to spiritual realms that allow our spirits to soar.  Let us try to forget the fast schedule on which we have been running our lives, and let our souls catch up with us.


One thought on “Being Quiet in our Thoughts”

  1. I to had a great weekend of fellowship with the girls! Glad to read your review and what I need to be doing. I've already forgotten the "quiet time" I'm suppose to be adding to my daily routine. It's Thursday and I haven't excercised this week either. Oh well, I have eaten well though. Especially compared to all the crap I ate on our retreat. It was yummy crap though! B.B.Hubbard

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