Wednesday Weave — What’s on my Playlist

dance party

Just something fun today, my google play shuffle list.  Here’s the next 10 songs cued up on my phone…

1. Shining Star — Earth, Wind and Fire.

2. Cool for the Summer — Demi Lovato

3. Life on the dance floor — Seal

4. Burning House — Cam

5. Cold, December Night — Michael Buble (Gear up, I start listening to Christmas music November 1).

6. Sunday Morning — Maroon 5

7. He Won’t Go — Adele (she’s my crush)

8. Ventura Highway — America

9. I’m a slave 4 U — Miss Britney Spears (because of my inner 12-year old)

10. When we were young — Adele (again, I know)

11. Bonus track — Mambo Number 5– Lou Bega because I need a little Monica in my life.

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