What Would Holley Wear: It Has Fringe Benefits

Everyone loves fringe benefits…right?  The same goes with the new fringe trend seen on everything for shirts, jewelry, skirts, jeans, and handbags.  

 So two things I love about fringe:

…Fringe adds a fun element to clothes and accessories…

…and it will give your ensemble a trendy and updated look.

With rodeo season around the corner, think about wearing a fringed vest with your jeans….just add a western belt and cowgirl boots.  There are so many cute fringe booties that will add a contemporary pop to your western style.  And be sure to visit Alan Luskey at Cavender’s Boot City (2601 N. Main) before you hit the rodeo circuit!  

Cowgirls have been wearing fringe jackets for years…a great look for the rodeo and Texas.  Though we are also loving some contemporary fringe jackets on our board….like the gray fringed jacket worn by model, Kate Moss, and the faux fur fringed jacket worn by Olivia Palermo.

So, what’s your favorite fringe benefit?  My favorite is a pair of frayed jeans from Zara, and the best part is they only cost $40!  They look great with a white blouse and a blazer…a look that will transition from winter to spring. Sounds like a fringe benefit…right?   

A fringed scarf or poncho is perfect for our southern winters. A look we love on our Pinterest board is a gray and white fringed shawl, vegan leather skinnies, and loafers.   A camel fringed scarf worn over a plaid blazer and Gucci t-shirt gives a city-vibe to this classic style.

A fringed handbag will add extra flair to any casual outfit.  Don’t you just adore the striped long sleeved t-shirt, leather jacket, and pearl necklace worn with a red fringed bag?   And a burgundy fringed clutch looks spot-on with a gray poncho and jeans.  Trendy and fringy!  

A way to give your cocktail style some flair is with a fringed evening bag. We think the Zac Posen gold bag with black fringe is over the top fabulous.  A black fringed Kate Spade clutch looks stunning with a red cocktail dress. And the good news is a fringed cocktail bag will also compliment your casual style…just add denim!  Are you loving all of these fringe benefits?

When it comes to skirts, we are major crushing on all of the contemporary fringed skirts on our Pinterest board.  Some are leather fringed skirts worn with a t-shirt, sweater or sweatshirt that give a modern vibe.  And some are hip with tassels and frayed hems, and some have a classic Chanel-ish twist.

Guess what?  We have saved the best for last…fringed jewelry!  Because Anthropologie and Free People have so many fabulous choices, we are featuring their fringed jewelry on our Pinterest board.  From beaded, feathers, to leather fringe, their styles are limitless and will definitely complement your ensemble.

Isn’t it nice to know that fringe is not limited to western wear?  Be sure to take a look at all the options on our Pinterest board…an added “fringe benefit”…. of course!  

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What Would Holley Wear: Five Easy Pieces

Yay…it’s time to celebrate a New Year and some of the latest fashion trends! As the year goes on, I will keep you updated on what’s new in fashion. Because in the fashion world, trends can come and go quickly.

Two pieces of fashion advice:

…Think about purchasing trends on sale, or at less expensive stores, or websites…

…And, make sure the trend you choose can transition from one season to the next.

Do some of the new trends tend to ruffle your feathers?  Then, I’m pretty sure a ruffled skirt could be the perfect trend for you.  Some of these skirts have layers of ruffles, and some keep it simple with just one or two rows of ruffles.  

A few of the dramatic maxi skirts on our Pinterest board will take your style from winter to spring. For winter, all you need to add is a leather jacket and boots.  A gingham ruffled skirt might sound like a summer-only look but it can easily be made winter-ready by pairing it with a chunky knit sweater and booties.  

A look that made a major comeback in the fall, and will be out in force this winter and spring, is a trench coat.  This classic look has been around forever, but some of the new designs have a trendy twist…of course.  The over sized trench will be super popular this spring.  One of the new twist is the array of colors to choose from, like a pink trench coat worn with jeans. Or, maybe you are feeling a little blue.  Then, I’m pretty sure a blue denim trench will be the perfect remedy!  Just what the style doctor ordered…right?

Two popular trench-twists are checked and plaid coats.  Both of these will add a pop of personality to your winter and spring style.  For a classy and extravagant look, you can never go wrong with a classic Burberry trench coat with its famous signature plaid lining.  And my favorite trench trend is a black and white checked coat.   It looks great with jeans and will easily transition to spring.  Be sure to “check out” these looks on our Pinterest board!

I have always loved a flowy blouse with lush sleeves and would describe today’s version as supersized.  Bell sleeves will still be trending this season. To add a feminine touch to an ensemble, think about wearing a lace bell sleeve blouse.  A look that will take your style to the next level is a blazer worn with the sleeves pushed up to reveal supersized sleeves and cuffs.  

A fashion tip:  I’ve had great luck finding fabulous blouses at Express.

Tie-cuff shirts were one of the biggest street-style looks last season and thankfully, a look that’s back this year.  Like a bell sleeve blouse, they look great on their own or under a trench coat or blazer with the tie-cuff showing.  Don’t you just love combining trends?  We have a major crush on a navy blazer, jeans, and tie-sleeve blouse complemented with red heels. Trendy and classic!

Culottes.  We are especially fond of denim culottes.  For winter, just add a sweater and last year’s bomber jacket, and boots…of course!  For spring and summer, all you need to do is wear a t-shirt and sandals.  I have to admit my favorite culottes are a black and white combo.  Whether you are going to a meeting or hanging with friends, black and white will add a classic touch to this trend!   

So here’s the take….one new trend will definitely up your style game.  And don’t forget to add a little attitude…with a trendy-twist of course!!

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What Would Holley Wear: New Year’s Eve Style

This is a “Best of Holley” from last NYE, but her pizzazz still has sparkle, fizz and pop for 2018!  Happy New Year!

According to Google, the definition of resolution:  A firm decision to do or not do something.

That actually gives me hope because it sounds like I have options.  Right?  

 Two things you need to know about me:

  1. I can’t remember ever actually making a New Year’s resolution…
  2. …and I can’t remember ever keeping one.

But there are four ways I start off every New Year:  

1. with a champagne toast, 2. eating black eyed peas for good luck, 3. taking down the Christmas decorations, and 4. really believing I will walk and exercise every day in the New Year.  So, here’s to 2018!!!

Here’s the deal…the parties are over, I’ve been eating like a pig and the skies are gray.  So the question is, What Will Holley Wear when it’s cold and grey outside?  Something grey…of course.  Thinking about the color grey and how many outfits I can create out of this seemingly dreary color actually makes me happy.  Sound crazy?  Grey is actually one of my favorite colors.  In fact, I have a grey bedspread, a grey wall mural, and a lot of grey clothes and accessories.

So let’s get started and talk about how to create outfits with what we have in our own closets.  What’s your main neutral color?  It may not be grey, so you will want to work your winter wardrobe around your favorite neutral color. That way when I say “grey,” all you have to do is substitute it with your favorite neutral.  I will probably be wearing my grey jeans over and over, add another neutral like black or white and eventually start adding in color.  I will also include some of my favorite fall colors, especially burgundy and green.  And how can you go wrong with pink and grey?  Not only a good look for now but also a great look when transitioning into spring.


Trask Boots

One thing I do love about January is I get to wear my boots and yes, I do have grey boots. A recent splurge for me was a pair of grey Trask boots from Stanley Eisenman’s Shoes. These boots not only look cool but they are waterproof, which also makes them very practical. They look great with a pair of jeans and are my substitute for cowboy boots.  Plus, they will be perfect for our next trip to Colorado or to the rodeo. One of our favorite places to have lunch after church is at the Kimbell Art Museum. Believe it or not, I will be incorporating my grey ankle boots into a church/Kimbell outfit!  On a mild day, I might consider wearing my boots with a maxi skirt, tights, a chunky grey sweater, topped with a faux fur vest.   For those really brisk days, I could wear a monochromatic look with grey pants, boots, chunky sweater and top it off with a silver puffer coat and a grey scarf.  How “grey-ate” is that?

Another way to add a neutral is with accessories.  I love my grey sunshades and even when it’s cloudy and cold out, I’m wearing my shades.  The accessory I love to wear the most in the winter is a scarf.  My favorite scarf this winter is a grey fur scarf by Jocelyn, a gift from Lizzy Savetsky, a New York style star!  Be sure to check out her blog, Excessories Expert (excessoriesexpert.com)!

Lizzy Savetsky

In my opinion, jewelry and accessories are happy boosters for the New Year, and if anyone knows that, Lizzy does!  One of my fashion rules: Even when I’m home alone on a cold day, I put on at least one piece of jewelry, add a cozy sweater, a cup of coffee, and top it all off with a good book.  

So how do I plan to start off the New Year?  With a resolution to make a firm decision to do or maybe not to do something….of course!  But by now, you know me and whether I am going to the rodeo, checking out the newest art exhibit, or just staying home and doing nothing…chances are I will be thinking about how I want to style my next outfit!

Check out these and other ideas on our Pinterest style board here.



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What Would Holley Wear: Christmas in NYC!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love New York…especially in December?  I received an early Christmas gift this year and was treated to a weekend in the city…courtesy of Chris, (my youngest son who lives in Manhattan)!  

Fashion Tip:  When traveling to the city, I pack light and restyle my outfits to make room for purchases I may possibly make while there.  And I also wear the same outfit going to and returning from a destination.

My flight left early Friday morning, and my travel style goal was to be comfy, but also ready to hit the streets of New York in a stylish way…of course!  So, I wore a pair of gray jeans, black blazer, white blouse, black knee-high boots, a black puffer coat, and I carried a large tote.  Be sure to check out all the travel styles on our Pinterest board!

Saturday morning, our first stop was at MoMA.  My style goal for the day was to look “New York winter-chic”, so I wore black jeans, a black and white plaid blazer, a white blouse with ruffle/tie cuffs, black boots, black mini bag, and a puffer coat.  How New York-ish does that sound?  Our next adventure was at Rockefeller Center, and then we were off to a holiday excursion at Bryant Park Winter Village.

Saturday night, Chris treated me to a concert and box seats at Carnegie Hall…a once in a lifetime experience for me!  So…what did I wear?  I decided to wear an all-black ensemble….black leather pants, black blouse with lace bell-sleeves, black blazer, and my black boots.  

Fashion Tip:  When in doubt about what to wear to a fancy event…just know you will always look classy in all black.  Be sure to check some of the all-black looks on my Black & Black board.

Christ Church NYC

New York is very crowded in December, but Chris came up with a genius plan!  We went to Fifth Avenue around 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning to window shop (before the stores open).  My two favorite window displays were Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman’s….beautiful and magical!  Be sure to take a look at all the photos on our board.  After window shopping, brunch, and a brisk walk in Central Park, we went to Christ Church (United Methodist Church) on Park Avenue.  

Sunday afternoon we went to see the Broadway play…The Play That Goes Wrong, starring Ft. Worth native, Jonathan Fielding!  After the play, Johnathan treated us to a VIP backstage experience!  And by the way…the play is hilarious, Jonathan is amazing, and I highly recommend you go see it!  

Fashion Tip: Dressed-up denim (jeans, blouse, blazer) are perfectly acceptable to wear to a Broadway matinee!

Lucky for me…Chris took Monday off, and it was designated as “Mama’s Shopping Day”!  My first shopping destination was Uniqlo, Japanese casual-wear…classic styles and affordable. Next on the list was Mango …a clothing store that originated in Spain featuring trendsetting styles.  Be sure to check out styles from both of these stores on our board and at their websites!  

Monday evening was my last night in New York, and to top off a wonderful weekend we went to the Rockette’s Christmas Extravaganza at Radio City Music Hall.   I wore black skinnies, a white turtleneck sweater with a black and white checked blouse underneath, black boots, and added a complementary plaid scarf…a look I copied from Pinterest.  The show exceeded my expectations and definitely put us in a holiday spirit!


By the way…did I mention how much I LOVE NEW YORK?!?!?

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What Would Holley Wear: Fake News

“Fake News” seems to be a popular political catch phrase these days.  But for me, it’s all about wrapping up in something bright, cozy, and unapologetically faux!

 So two things I love about faux furs:

  1.  They’re perfect for Southern climates,
  2. …and they cost a whole lot less than a real fur!  

So, what says fake more than a bright hue or multi-colored faux fur?  The high volume Prada metallic gold coat with a magenta faux fur collar on our Pinterest board, has “fake news” written all over it!  And a multi-colored faux fur will not only keep you warm this winter but will also keep you right on trend.  

Gone are the days when coats and jackets were plain and boring. The beautiful yellow show stopper from New York Fashion Week on our board is anything but boring, and the colorful chevron faux fur is definitely a head turner.  One of my favorites is a periwinkle coat by J Crew…it not only looks cool, but will keep you snug when the temperature drops.  By wearing one of these stylish coats, you will be making an entrance to any event you attend.

A trend that will give you the warm fuzzies is the teddy bear coat trend.  I’m crushing on several of the chestnut brown teddy bear coats on our board…so versatile and chic.  They are a bit oversized and look great with skinny jeans and booties for a slimming silhouette.  

For a sophisticated look, think pink and wear a pink teddy bear coat with an all- black ensemble.  A burgundy teddy bear coat is another way to add class and style to your new fuzzy trend.  Both of these classy looks will transition from day time to night!

Are you thinking about upgrading your jean jacket game?  Then I’m pretty sure you will love the denim jacket from H&M with a detachable faux fur collar.  With its chill-proof lining and relaxed fit, it is spot on.  Gap’s fun take on the army green jacket is right up my alley with its detachable faux leopard collar and $79 price tag (and if you are frugal like me…just wait for one of their 40% off sales)!  

One of our fave board looks is a black faux fur trimmed jacket from Mango. They pair it with a turtleneck, skinny jeans, white sneakers, and a bucket bag. Another jacket we love from Mango is an army green jacket with a shearling collar, worn with a stripped top from J Crew, and boyfriend jeans. How fur-bulous does that sound?

An additional way to add faux fur to your wardrobe is with a vest.  I am loving all of the bohemian inspired vests on our board. Think about wearing a faux fur vest over a plaid shirt or denim jacket. Either way will reveal your inner hippie chick!  

But maybe your style is more classic.  Then you may want to copy style star, Olivia Palermo’s all black ensemble.  And what’s sexier than a long faux fur vest worn with black leather leggings, silk blouse, and knee-high boots? I’m pretty sure the answer to that is…nothing!   

So, the next time someone compliments your fur coat and asks you if it’s real, unapologetically reply…“faux” sure!!!

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What Would Holley Wear: Glisten Up!

Glisten-up everyone…because December is the time to shine! And the good news is metallic, satin, and velvet are so on trend. Even better news…all of these glistening textures can be transitioned into your everyday wardrobe before and after the holidays.  

 So, two things I love about the holiday season:

  1. I get to spend extra time with family and friends,
  2. …and I get to add a little extra sparkle to my outfits!

Let’s start with metallic and how it has made a major impact the last few fashion seasons.  The way I see it, metallic is the perfect neutral color and texture that can jazz up an everyday or party outfit.  Since I live a very casual lifestyle, adding a metallic piece to my wardrobe is my way of adding a little spice to my everyday lifestyle.

But metallic can also add sparkle to a party outfit.  How do you plan to party during the holidays? Whether with your family at home or at a fabulous soiree, there are so many great metallic choices.  A gold metallic pleated skirt worn with a black sweater is perfect for an office party.  We are also loving a gold cropped jacket and a silver cropped jacket worn with pencil skirts.  And a silver metallic trench coat is another great office party option. Sparkle and shine!

An easy way to give your everyday jeans a holiday vibe is by adding a pair of silver metallic ankle boots. Just add a flowy blouse, and you will be the toast of the party!  If you want to shine this holiday season, a pair of metallic pants or skirt worn with an oversized sweater will do the trick.  All of these looks will take you from a family party at home to date night out on the town!  

Maybe you are more interested in being sassy in satin…then no worries!  We are crushing on a green satin skirt worn with a green plaid blouse and sparkly heels on our board.  One of the many satin tops on our Pinterest board would definitely dress up a pair of jeans.  And my favorite way to add satin to an ensemble is with a lush evening bag.  Even if you are just meeting friends at a bar, think about dressing up your outfit with a satin bag.  How sassy is that?

If you want a royal look this holiday season, then your best bet is velvet.  An easy transition piece is a velvet blazer.  For your everyday style, wear it with black jeans, and for your party style, pair it with a pair of satin pants and a blingy evening bag.  Another way to add velvet to your party style is with a pair of velvet booties in a beautiful winter hue.  And a pair of velvet ankle skinny pants (by 7 For All Mankind from Nordstrom’s) will definitely make you feel like royalty!  

My absolute favorite velvet crush this season is a velvet pleated midi skirt. There are two looks on our Pinterest board that take a velvet ensemble to the next style level. One is a gold pleated velvet skirt worn with a blazer, blouse, and velvet booties…a look that will take you from the office to out and about. And the mauve velvet skirt paired with a cable sweater is just plain pretty (Mrs. Twist spied this blush pink velvet midi at Target for $22.99)

Isn’t it nice to know there are so many colors and textures to choose from that give your holiday style some pizazz?  And isn’t it even nicer to know they can transition into your everyday style?  Oh, and by the way…if you are having a holiday party…call me!!!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]  

What Would Holley Wear: “The Best of Holley” Thankful Edition

What a difference a year can make. Holley is kind of busy being a new grandmother to baby Eli this week!  So we are running a “The Best of Holley” post from Thanksgiving 2016.  Congratulations to the Williams family!

I’m pretty sure one of the reasons Thanksgiving is the most popular holiday is it’s less stressful (unless you do all the cooking and cleaning up afterwards).  We gather together with family and friends to share a meal and to consider all that we have to be thankful for!

Two things you need to know about me:

  1.  I love everything about the Thanksgiving tradition
  2. …and I love sharing that special day with family and friends!
Sole Society Tote

Our Thanksgivings are always casual. Some years we “motor” to our hometown, Smackover, Arkansas! (true story…real name…Google it).  This year, we will walk across the street to share a lovely meal with our friends and neighbors, the Moses. I will miss my family this year, but the Moses are our family in Fort Worth.  They are a BIG family, they all live in Fort Worth, and they all come to the Thanksgiving dinner.  The first year we were invited to a Moseses Thanksgiving meal, I noticed all the women brought Tupperware containers to take their leftovers home. Brilliant, right?  That gave me the idea to bring a big tote — filled with Tupperware — to future Moses family meals!

So let’s talk totes!  There are many choices these days.  Three totes I covet are the Bazar Shopper by Balenciaga, the cube-printed canvas tote by Pierre Hardy, and a large Sophie Hulme tote. Unfortunately, these are not in my fashion budget, but the good news is there are many reasonably priced totes to choose from.  Longchamp has a lot of colors and since they are nylon, they are easy to clean.

Madewell Tote

Madewell has a great selection of totes and you can have them monogrammed.  If you are crafty, think about making totes out of old blankets or men’s suits.  These would make fun holiday gifts as well.

Recycled blanket totes

bubbe-bagBut, back to the Moses…for their dinner I have a few wardrobe options in mind. One possibility is to wear a pair of black skinny jeans, a white blouse tied at the waist, a long brown suede jacket, and black booties. Depending on the weather, another option would be a midi floral skirt, quilted jacket, belt and green bomber jacket and gray ankle boots. Though here’s the deal, whatever I wear will be paired with a black nylon Tory Burch tote filled with Tupperware…of course!  That way, if a little dressing or gravy spills out, all I have to do is wipe it off. I even came up with a name for my Thanksgiving tote, “The Bubbe Bag,” in honor of the matriarch of the Moses family, Beverley Moses (Bubbe was her grandmother name).  Beverley is no longer with us, but she always made my family feel welcome.  And for that, I am thankful!

thanksgiving-table-settingSpeaking of family tradition, I will always cherish the years growing up in Smackover and the Thanksgiving dinners at my grandparent’s house.  The way I remember it, the table setting was very elegant…china, sterling silver, linen napkins, and crystal. The kid’s table was either in the kitchen or the den, but still just as lovely.

Taste of Home Sweet Potato Orange Cups

We also dressed up which meant for me wearing a beautiful new dress made by mom.  The guests included my family of five, my three cousins, aunt and uncle who lived next door, Ma-Maw and Pa-Paw and Aunt Bessie (Ma-Maw’s sister). My favorite Aunt Bessie quote was at a Thanksgiving meal when she announced, “One thing I know for sure, President Kennedy and his family are not eating this well today.”

I think it was the sweet potatoes topped with roasted marshmallows and served in orange halves that made her say that.  Trust me, there was no wine!

floral-dress-with-bootsMaybe your family is like mine was “back in the day” and you get dressed up for your Thanksgiving meal and go to a fancy restaurant or to the country club.  So, please let me share some stylish suggestions that will even impress the country club crowd.  One look I love for fall is a floral dress with boots… so cute!  Pleated metallic skirts are so on trend this season and all you need to add is a bulky sweater and boots.  Even with your country club look, the whole idea is to look stylish but just not like everyone else.faux-fur-wrap-sweater-2A faux fur trimmed wrap sweater from Banana Republic will allow you to create an array of fabulous looks.  Wear it with a pencil skirt, a pleated midi skirt, or with tailored slacks and later with a pair of jeans.  All you need now is to accessorize it with a very large Bubbe Bag to discreetly take your Thanksgiving leftovers home!

Visit Holley’s Pinterest style board with fashionable ideas to get you ready for your Thanksgiving guests.

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What Would Holley Wear: Treasured Accessories

What does a cup of coffee, a puppy, and a glass of wine have in common? Trust me, this is not a joke.  For me, they are “treasured” accessories that complement all my outfits!  And, if I lived in Paris, I would add a loaf of bread and a beret to my list.

You are probably wondering how a cup of coffee, puppies, and a glass of wine are fashionable.  I have to admit all three of these are “real life” accessories that bring me joy.  And please know, substitutions are accepted. For instance, your treasured accessories might be a cup of tea, a precious kitten, and a martini straight up!

If you think about it, what you wear and what you love are part of your everyday life.  Whether you are walking your dog, meeting a friend for a cup of coffee or at a fabulous wine bar, ya gotta get dressed.  Right?

 “Coffee Mama” is the name of one of my treasured Pinterest boards.  Even before I was allowed to drink coffee, I would run across the street to my grandmother’s house after school to join her and her friends for coffee.  My grandmother lovingly called them “the drinkers”!  Back in those days, some of the ladies came directly from bridge club, and they were dressed to the nines!  

My favorite “drinker” was Ma-Maw’s best friend, Mattie.  Mattie always wore a beautiful Chanel-inspired tweed suit (jacket, blouse, skirt, and a lot of costume jewelry), and she smoked.  Remember the days when people actually smoked inside?  Well, I decided it was my job to supply Mattie with a matching ashtray.  If Mattie was wearing a blue suit, I would bring her a blue ashtray, a pink suit was complemented by a pink ashtray, etc.  Those are memories I will cherish forever!

But times have changed, and today when I meet a friend for coffee I’m usually dressed casual. Anything from workout clothes to jeans are my go-to outfits when I meet with my “drinkers”!  Even though it may be a casual meeting at Starbucks or Corner Bakery, it’s still a fashion opportunity and a great way to wear a cute outfit while catching up with a friend.

 “Puppy Love” is another cherished Pinterest board dedicated to our 14 year old English bulldog, Hank Williams Junior.  So, are you wondering how do dogs and fashion coordinate?  Sitting in a park in New York is one of my favorite places to watch people…what they wear and the dogs they walk.  An actual dog walker with five or more dogs on a leash is extremely entertaining.  

But my favorite people and dog watching experiences are watching fashionistas walking their dogs or carrying their precious pup in a designer tote or even pushing them in a puppy carriage.  The only thing that can top that off is when a precious puppy is wearing an adorable outfit!  FYI: Unfortunately, Junior is not into fashion.  

 My all-time favorite people/pet watching experience was at Nordstrom’s in San Francisco in the early 90s.  A lady walked in the department store with her pet pig on a pink leash….which by the way matched her pink ensemble!  That was a real life fashionista/pet sighting I will never forget!

Available on Etsy

 And then there’s my “Wine Time” board…fashionable ladies spending time with family and friends, sharing stories, and always adorned with a wine glass.  My “wine time” is that part of the week (or day) when my husband and I wind down.  If I’m meeting a friend at a classy bar for a glass of wine, then it definitely becomes a fashion opportunity for me.  

And if you are pondering, what’s the best time to drink a glass of wine, may I suggest the Kate Spade wine and dine watch? Besides that, I’m pretty sure it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!  For inspiration, take a look at all the beautiful pictures on my “Wine Time” Pinterest board!  

But more than the place or the drink, it’s all about the people and puppies I spend time with…because without a doubt, they are my favorite accessories! And to that, I would like to make a toast…“May life bring you great joy and treasured accessories…of course”!!!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]

What Would Holley Wear: Classy Girls Wear Pearls

When I think of girls and their pearls, my mind goes straight to Southern girls.  From the time they are born to their wedding day, there’s a good chance someone has gifted them a beautiful strand of pearls.  And though today’s fashion pearls are not as precious, they still bring joy to us Southern girls.

 So two things about today’s pearl trend:

 …They are on everything from jewelry, shoes, jeans, jackets to handbags.

 …And, you can go all out or just add a simple strand to your style!

 So, let’s work our way from the bottom up and talk about the great pearl comeback.  This fall, think about adding a pair of pearl-heeled loafers to your wardrobe.  I’m pretty sure Gucci was the first to start this trend.  And if it’s good enough for Gucci, then it must be good enough for the rest of us…right?  

A stylish look on our board is a pair of cuffed jeans, long white shirt, and an army green bomber jacket from JC Penney.  To give it a luxe look, they added a Celine box bag and Gucci pearl-heeled loafers.  I’m loving this “high/low” look!

Another fabulous look is a fall floral dress worn with a pair of pearl-heeled loafers.  And the good news is there are fabulous copies everywhere.  One cute pair I am crushing on is from Zara (zara.com) for $40 and the other is from Shein (shein.com) for $34. Frugal and stylish…can’t beat that!


A huge trend that transitioned from spring to fall is pearl embellished jeans. Again, you can purchase an expensive designer pair or look online at ASOS for a less expensive version. And be sure to check out the DIY pearl embellished jeans on our Pinterest board.  

A classic look on our board is a pair of pearl jeans, black blazer, YSL handbag, and heels. For a more casual look, pearl boyfriend jeans fit the bill.  Wear them with an oversized sweater over a long button-down and add a pair of booties or sneakers.  Trendy and classic!

 Maybe you are more interested in wearing pearls on your jacket.  You can always go for a classic Chanel style with a tweed jacket trimmed in pearls…a look that can go casual with jeans or be dressed up for the office or a party.  The tweed jacket from Zara with pearl buttons is my absolute favorite!

 A pearl embellished denim jacket is a great seasonal transition piece.  For fall and winter, think about wearing it over a plaid flannel shirt with a pair of army green jeans or even with camouflage jeans.  

I’ve saved the best for last….handbags and jewelry!  A lot of high-end designers are all about this trend.  But again, there are so many cute and less expensive versions to choose from, including Steve Madden’s mini pearl studded bucket bag for $78 at Macy’s and Zara’s adorable box bag for $40.

Anything Chanel-inspired from pearl embellished sunshades to a pearl brooch, has classy written all over it.  And BTW….I think a pair of pearl bumble bee earrings from Anthropology would look adorable on Mrs. Twist! Don’t you?  


I hope this classic trend will inspire you to add one new pearl piece to your fall wardrobe.  And if nothing else, take your real pearls out of your jewelry box and start wearing them.  That’s what I plan to do!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]

What Would Holley Wear: Something Fierce

Are you fierce…in a fashionable way?  Here’s the Urban Dictionary’s definition of fierce:  “A person who can turn the heads of everyone around them.”  

Example:  Tyra Banks said to strike a pose and make it fierce!

So, two things:

…Fierce does not have an age limit (Thank God),

…and you do not have to be a super model to be fierce (Thank God…again)!

Alrighty then…let’s get down to business and talk about how to give yourself an updated and fierce new look!

Another word for fierce is “powerful”.  Who remembers the power suit from the 80’s?  The good news is they are back in style but with a twist…of course!  Instead of a jacket, think about wearing a long vest over your blouse and slacks.  Just roll your sleeves up, and you will be ready to get down to business.  

Another trendy look is to replace your slacks with culottes.  Don’t you just love it when you discover your professional wardrobe can be just as stylish and hip as your casual wardrobe?  

Besides being powerful, fierce style is also “gutsy”!  If you are gutsy, you show courage and spirit, and a fashionable way to do that is with an off the shoulder top.  This look continues to be popular, and what’s gutsier than giving the cold shoulder to your winter style?    

A party look I love on our Pinterest board shows an off the shoulder top worn two ways…with wide leg pants or with leather skinny pants.  And a one shoulder sculpted blouse paired with a metallic skirt and outlandish butterfly heels is beyond fierce!   

A beautiful pink cold-shoulder blouse trimmed in pearls would be perfect for a holiday party.  All you need to add is a pink bracelet from Kendra Scott, and a pair of blush earrings from Anthropology.  BTW…if you are really feeling gutsy, add a pearl clutch!

There’s nothing like bringing fierce intensity” to the game with animal print.  Every fall, I like to add one new animal print piece to my wardrobe. And this season my purchase was a maxi skirt.  It looks adorable worn with a sweater, jean jacket, and booties, or I can keep it simple with a pull-over sweater.  

But maybe you are considering taking the intensity up a notch! Then think about adding an animal print coat.  You can go casual by wearing it with jeans, or dress it up with slacks and a blouse.  I’m loving style star, Jenna Lyon’s, street style ensemble with green culottes, metallic heels, and her fabulous leopard print coat.  Sounds like extreme fierceness…right!  

For me being fierce means “go bold or go home”, and the metallic trend is definitely over the top bold!  My contribution to this trend will be a pair of cuffed jeans worn with silver metallic pumps and my metallic Coach handbag.

So, here’s a “bold” question.  Would you dare wear a pair of gold or silver metallic pants or how about a metallic maxi skirt? Both of these would be perfect for a holiday party.  And speaking of bold, I’m waiting for the gold metallic puffer jacket from American Eagle to go on sale…can’t wait!  Be sure to take a look at all of the bold looks on our Pinterest board.

A look I love on our board is a pair of boyfriend jeans, oversized sweater, and silver pumps.  And for extra boldness, think about incorporating a pair of metallic boots into your wardrobe.  Bold and fierce!

With your “powerful, gutsy, intense, and bold” new style, I’m pretty sure you will need to heed Tyra’s advice.  “Strike a pose, and make it fierce”.  Because you will definitely be turning the heads of everyone around you!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]