What Would Holley Wear This Weekend

Are you familiar with the word, “weekending”?  Here’s the Urban Dictionary’s definition:

To be participating in the activities generally associated with the weekend.  Such activities include going out with friends, watching television, procrastinating from unpleasant tasks, etc.  Antonym of Mondaying.

So, let’s get started and talk about what to wear when you are “weekending”!  My husband and I like to start the weekend off on Friday night going out to dinner or to a movie.  A pair of flared jeans, black pullover sweater, and Nike sneakers are perfect for movie night. Because the benefits of a blazer cannot be overstated, jeans and a t-shirt worn with a blazer are also perfect for a Friday date night.  Comfy and stylish!

For me, the perfect start to the weekend is lying around the house on Saturday morning reading a book or magazine and drinking coffee.  A red Vineyard and Vine long sleeve t-shirt worn with Nike leggings and UGG boots is the perfect look for a lazy weekend. And if you plan on running errands, be sure to add a monogramed baseball cap, a pair of Kate Spade earrings, and don’t forget your Fitbit!

Interested in joining me for a walk in the park?    Fitness style is the perfect look for strolling or a brisk walk.  A look I’m loving on our Pinterest board is black leggings with a white top and a mint jacket…all from Lululemon.  And for a pop of color, they added a pair of bright power-pink Nikes. The good news is you don’t have to sweat your style with TJ Maxx and Marshall’s selection of spring fitness wear!

Our favorite place to go to lunch after church is the Kimbell Art Museum Café. One way I like to combine my church style with museum lunching is by wearing neutrals.    One of my favorite spring neutrals is gray. From skirts to pantsuits….it’s the perfect complement to any art exhibit! An all-white pantsuit is always spot-on for church and art browsing!  Did I mention that visiting a museum makes me feel like I’m on vacation?

Speaking of vacations, there’s nothing like a short weekend trip to revive your soul.  Have you considered “weekending” in Southlake? I’m thinking a red, white, and blue ensemble would be perfect for dining and shopping at this all-American town square.  Think about wearing a red blazer….just add blue jeans, a white blouse, and sneakers. A red handbag will definitely add flair to your “all-American” weekending style!

 For a quick and luxurious weekend get-a-way, a trip to Dallas sounds perfect to me.  My fantasy Dallas weekend would include a night at the Ritz Carlton and visiting the Nasher Sculptor Garden. White jeans paired with a classic camel trench coat or cape is the perfect look for the Ritz and for taking a walk through the garden!  Any way you look at it…such a classy way to make an entrance!

Another classic look on our board is a pair of white jeans, black and white striped blouse, short black boots, and a mid-length black coat.  This classic style will take you from the museum to a fabulous restaurant. Sounds fancy, but first things first….who can meet me at The W’s rooftop bar?   

Whether you are weekending at home or a ritzy hotel, the whole idea is to relax and have fun….in a stylish way, of course!

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What Would Holley Wear: Ladies Who Lunch

Are you a lady who likes to lunch?  I have to admit “lunching” is one of my guilty pleasures!  

So two reasons I love “lunching”:

…It is a great way to spend precious one-on-one time with a dear friend.

…And I’m pretty sure…during these precious moments, all of the world’s problems are solved!  

 So let’s talk about a luxury lunch!  And I’m not talking about the place or food but about the luxe fashion accessories that complement the table setting.  It seems like everyone has their smart phone nearby in a designer-ish phone case at luncheons. If you are interested in a designer look, you can’t go wrong with a Louis Vuitton or Gucci phone case.  Though, the good news is there are so many cute and inexpensive cases to choose from. One of my favorites is the Kate Spade “Shake Things Up” case…glitter included!

Stylish handbags are another luncheon must!  We are loving all of the new “it bags” and think they make for the perfect tablescape.  The Faye mini suede and leather cross-body bag by Chloe’ will add a classy touch to any table setting.  For the table centerpiece, think about displaying a Cult Gia wooden tote…the “it bag” that doesn’t break the bank!  And just for fun, be sure to browse my Pinterest board, “It Bags”!

Don’t you just love all of the outdoor lunch venues around town?  You will definitely need a cool pair of sunshades for the patio. Designer shades like Prada and Chanel are the perfect complement for any outdoor table.  But, if you are like me and tend to lose or break your shades, then go for a less expensive designer copy. Some of my go-to places to purchase shades on the cheap are Free People, Agaci’, and Francesca’s.  

Cute shoes are a lunching must!  Why? Because that’s the first thing your girlfriends will notice when you sit down and cross your legs.  Have you been to Stanley Eisenman’s new shoe store at Clearfork? Not only are the shoes fabulous, but the store design is an architectural masterpiece!  

Stanley still carries all of the fabulous brands they are famous for:  Stuart Weitzman, Paul Green, Donald Pliner, Brunate, and Pedro Garcia….just to name a few.  And I am loving their new shoe stars like On Sneakers, Dee Keller, Bettye Muller, Joan Oloff, and Materia Prima.  From their stunning collection of Catherine Page jewelry to beautiful handbags, Stanley Eisenman’s also has the perfect accessory to complement a gorgeous pair of shoes!   

What you wear to lunch sometimes depends on where you’re coming from or where you are going. A great look on our board is a pair of vegan leather black ankle pants with a grey sweater worn over a white t-shirt…and the Converse sneakers give the outfit a youthful flair!  Thanks to the rise in athleisure wear, you don’t have to make a wardrobe change in-between your Sunday spin class and brunch with the girls.

Think about wearing a stylish athleisure outfit from T by Talbots.  Their comfortable fitness wear comes in a multitude of colors and fabrics…just add a cute baseball cap and a pair of On sneakers from Stanley’s.  But please be forewarned….with your cool leisure style, you could be mistaken for a “brunch-babe”!

Ladies who lunch these days may not be dressed to the nines like ladies from the past, but their styling is way more creative and youthful.  Jeans are perfect for just about any occasion. I tend to favor dressed-up jeans…so easy to accomplish with a blazer, blouse, and a cute new pair of shoes from Stanley’s.  So stylish and perfect for a patio lunch at B&B…don’t you think?

Wow…is it just me, or has Fort Worth become the “New San Diego”?  I’m pretty sure the ladies who lunch deserve all the credit for bringing the cool factor back to our hometown!  

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What Would Holley Wear: Margo’s Ageless Style

My Aunt Margo is one of the most fabulous women I’ve ever known!  From her Lalique crystal collection to her style…she is one posh lady!  When I was growing up, she and her family traveled “via jet-plane” from Connecticut to south Arkansas every summer to visit my grandparents and my family.  

 So, in honor of my fancy Aunt…this article is dedicated to Aunt Margo!  

One way I would describe her style is “fearless”!  So, let’s get started and talk about what makes a style fearless.  I have to say bold colors are a key factor.  When I think about Margo’s style, the colors green and orange are at the top of the list….the perfect complement to any redhead!  

I’m loving a pair of green driving shoes from Gap on our Pinterest board…just add jeans, a white blouse and a fabulous green statement piece. And I can also see Margo looking stunning in the fabulous green brocade coat on our board…perfect for a party.   Another great Pinterest combo is an orange jacket paired with a green handbag complemented with an orange and green printed scarf.  The icing on the cake would be a pair of orange David Webb earrings!  Beyond fancy!

Another fearless style is animal print.  I’m loving Kate Spade’s faux fur leopard print tote on our board.  And a pair of animal print shoes will definitely take you on a walk on the wild side!  For cool nights out, the lace-up leopard print poncho from Chico’s is a must have for Aunt Margo.  Wild thing!!!

And when it comes to style, Margo definitely has an artsy and contemporary vibe.  Maybe that’s because she is a lover of the arts.  A color blocked ensemble would be the perfect look for a day at the museum or a chamber music concert.  A head turning look on our board is a long black vest worn over a yellow pantsuit.  A stunning necklace completes the outfit….classy and contemporary!

One way to highlight your passion for style is with a statement piece.  The women I know who wear large fashion pieces are my style heroes.  Trina Turk’s over-sized circle bib necklace from Bloomingdale’s would look amazing on Margo.  And I can also see her wearing a Marni multi-color chain necklace.  Plus, there are so many fun and affordable pieces from Chico’s and Anthropology. Oh dear…countless choices!!!

Speaking of jetsetters, Aunt Margo and Uncle Dick have lived the dream!   So let’s talk about what to wear on a global adventure.  When I think of travel, I think comfort should come first. Eileen Fisher pretty much has the market cornered with a relaxed and flowy style that’s perfect for travel.  Her angle-front wrap cardigan would be the perfect cover-up for the plane.  And her comfy sandals will take you from busy European streets to a lush beachside resort.  


A beautiful linen design I recently discovered on Pinterest is Vivid Linen…perfect for tropical vacays. Another fabulous look for a world traveler would be a kimono worn over slacks or jeans.  Wow…these styles actually take me back to a time when I was sitting in my grandparent’s living room watching my aunt and uncle’s travel slides!


Also, an avid reader with a master’s degree in library science, Margo has an impressive collection of books in her home library in Cary, North Carolina. One of her most prized books is by my paternal grandmother’s cousin, David Donald, who won a Pulitzer for his book, The Life of Lincoln.

And just like a prize winning book, Aunt Margo’s passion and zeal for life has always been a prize and gift to me!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected] 

What Would Holley Wear: Free Tips from a Personal Stylist

Don’t you just love it when someone gives you something for free?  My favorite thing about style is….it really isn’t something that can be bought.

…At the end of the day, it’s not about how much something costs.

…It’s more about how you style it…and styling, my friends, is free!

With that in mind, I am presenting my first edition of ways to style the clothes you already have in your closet.  All for free…of course!  

So let’s start with how to tweak your jackets or blazers.  To give your style the “cool factor”, push your jacket sleeves up to reveal your cuffs.  Blouses with bell sleeves and extra-long cuffs worn with your blazer will add an additional “too cool for school” look.  So push those sleeves up!

 Nothing says “fashionista” like a draped or off the shoulder jacket. So instead of wearing your jacket, start draping it.  A draped blazer thrown over a t-shirt worn with jeans is a great way to dress-up your casual style. And the coolest new way to drape is the “off the shoulder drape” as seen on our Pinterest board.  It costs nothing and makes your outfit look infinitely cooler and more chic.

Do you have belts in your closet you haven’t worn in forever?  May I suggest you repurpose your belts and start belting your blazers, coats, ponchos, and shawls?  This is a classy way to add style to your outer wear and a great way to repurpose an old belt.  

So maybe you are not that into belts, or maybe you don’t own a belt.  Don’t worry because I have another “free” tip for you!  Wrap a shirt around your waist.  This serves three purposes; the sleeves can go through belt loops and act as a belt, it gives a flattering and slimming effect, and it’s beyond cool! Practical, flattering, and cool…sounds like a triple threat!

Another creative way to style is with layering.  Instead of purchasing new jackets, coats, etc., start layering the ones in your closet.  My “go to” layering style is to wear a blazer over a jean jacket or sweatshirt hoodie.  If you have a vest in your closet, think about layering it over a denim jacket worn with a plaid flannel shirt…just add jeans and boots. Wow…it sounds like you have a really cool closet!

When accessorizing with jewelry, remember this…minimal can be memorable.  Be happy with the jewelry you have and think about wearing one bracelet, one necklace, etc. at a time.  A great way to repurpose one of your grandmother’s brooches is to wear it on your sleeve cuff or shoulder. Don’t you just love bringing nostalgia back?  

And remember…one large statement piece will always do the trick!  My favorite way to wear a statement necklace is to wear it backwards!  Sounds nuts…right? An example is a multi-colored necklace I purchased at a garage sale for $3.  When I wear it “wrong-side-out”, it becomes a whole new fabulous silver and gold necklace.  Trust me on this one…there’s nothing like making a statement for free!

Hopefully, you’ve been stylishly inspired.  And please stay tuned because I will be sharing more “free styling tips” in the near future! BTW….don’t you just love it when someone gives you something for free?  

What Would Holley Wear: Layers

February is the perfect month to wear layers.  Sometimes we need a coat, and sometimes a few layers will do the trick.

The main thing I love about layering is it allows me to be creative with my styling!

In the middle of winter, sometimes wearing a coat is necessary.  So let’s start with layering a coat.  Jenna Lyons, the former creative mastermind behind J Crew, started the double-jacket trend.  We are loving her black coat layered over a jean jacket, satin pants and blue suede pumps.  Another great coat layering style is a camel jacket layered over a denim jacket, t-shirt, and jeans.  Both of these signature styles can easily transition into spring.  

 New York subway riders have definitely got the layering trend down.  With sweaters, coats, leggings, scarfs, hats, gloves, and boots, they are ready to take on the city…one layer at a time.  I guess you could call me a “subway-stalker”, because every time I’m in the city, I study their looks and attempt to copy their urban styles.  With all the layers, I actually feel like I have that New York swagger…minus the Southern accent!

Vests are perfect for our Southern climate and come in handy on a cold winter day.  A fun look on our Pinterest board is a green puffer vest layered over a plaid shirt, striped t-shirt, and a denim vest. A statement necklace gives it a preppy vibe.   Mixed prints always add flair to a layered look.  Another cute way to achieve this look is with a herringbone vest.  These look great layered over a plaid shirt…striped sweater…animal print…you name it!  So cute and a great “in-vest-ment”!

Have you thought about layering your coat over a puffer vest?  A rain jacket layered over a checked shirt, flannel shirt, and white puffer vest is perfect for this time of year.  And we are also loving a red rain coat layered over a striped sweater, black puffer vest, jeans, and rubber boots.

Blazers have been my go-to layered look this season.  A black Michael Kors blazer goes with everything.  For an everyday look, I layer it over a black & white checked shirt from H&M, and top it off with a mauve velour hoodie from Forever 21.  A great sale purchase I made after the holidays was a plaid blazer from H&M.  One stylish way I wear it is layered over a red and white striped shirt from Zara, and a pearl jean jacket (a gift from a dear friend).  And all I need to add are jeans and boots.

 For an “athleisure” winter layered look, I pair workout pants from Target with a silver metallic pullover from F21, burgundy Hunter boots, and a large burgundy plaid scarf from Nordstrom’s.  When it’s really chilly, I add my reversible Calvin Klein puffer coat from T J Maxx.  A great athleisure look on our Pinterest board is black stretch pants, grey hoodie, black puffer vest, and black boots.  And if you plan to stop by the gym or go for a walk, all you have to do is trade out the boots with sneakers!  

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy marshmallow soup, which is kinda the same thing.”

Wow!  All this talk about layering makes me want to bundle up in some warm layers and take a brisk walk?  Who can meet me at Rise and share a chocolate soufflé’?    

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected] 

What Would Holley Wear: Power Pink

To put a little twist on Valentine’s Day, we are thinking “power pink”!  And yes, we still love red, but we just can’t stop thinking pink!

 A few things we love about “power pink”:

…It definitely makes a statement!

…And it represents strength in femininity!

How do you plan to start your Valentine’s Day?   I’m planning to start the day off with a brisk walk in the park wearing a bright pink pullover with my black leggings and Nike’s.  The perfect outfit to get my “heart” rate up….right?  A heart sweatshirt is another great look for the gym and for running errands on Valentine’s Day.  

Do you have a special day planned with your little Valentines? Maybe you are room mom and want a cute outfit to wear to the kiddo’s Valentine’s party.  You will fit right in with a hot pink sweater worn over a black and white heart printed shirt….just add a cute necklace and jeans.  And these days, grandmothers can be found doing playground duty.  I’m thinking layers are the obvious style for this fun volunteer job.  A power pink vest layered over a black and white polka-dot sweater and pink plaid shirt will definitely get the job done!

Want to feel like a princess?  Then you may want to consider copying Kate Middleton’s look, a power pink coat….such a classy way to wear this bold color.  Plus, there are so many coat options for you to see on our Pinterest board….from a hot pink puffer coat to a bright pink Teddy Bear coat, we’ve got you covered. And remember this….you do not have to be a royal to look like a royal!

My favorite power pink obsession is definitely a skirt.  There are two peplum skirts on our board that would be perfect for a Valentine’s date night.  One is ultra-dressy with red trim and paired with a matching red sweater.  See, we aren’t leaving red out altogether.  Though my favorite is a power pink peplum skirt paired with a white-button down shirt tied at the waist.  Just be sure to watch out for Cupid!!!

Maybe an all-pink ensemble is a little much for you, but I bet you would be interested in adding a pop of pink to your V-Day style.  Then think about kicking it off with a pair of hot pink shoes….from heels, slides, sneakers, and sandals, there are so many fun shoes to choose from.  Two fun casual styles I love are a pair of hot pink Converse sneakers and a pair of Adidas superstar pink striped sneakers.   And I’m also crushing on a cute pair of J Crew pink satin slides with bows and their lush suede power pink pumps.  Trust me when I say….all of these shoes will “step-up” your V-Day style!


Did you know power pink is an awesome hue for color blocking? A pink sweater combined with a green skirt is definitely a show stealer.  Though, my absolute favorite color blocked combo is pink and camel.  A camel coat worn over a pink dress would be ideal for a ladies luncheon.  And an oversized camel turtleneck paired with a pink pencil skirt brings femininity to a whole new level!  

 So whether you plan to add a pop of power pink or wear a whole pink ensemble on Valentine’s Day….we’re pretty sure you will feel bold and empowered!  And again, beware of Cupid…he’s a sneaky little rascal!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected] 

What Would Holley Wear: Sweatshirts and Sweaters

What’s more comfy and cozy than a soft sweatshirt or sweater?  If you said “nothing”, then I say, “Great minds think alike”!  

 So a few things I’m loving about this season’s sweatshirts and sweaters:

…They are oversized and can be dressed up or down.

…and they add personality to any ensemble.  

It looks like “logo-mania” is on-trend these days.  A Gucci logo sweatshirt worn under an oversized fur coat with jeans was definitely a show stealer at fashion week.  And even super model, Kendal Jenner, got in on the action wearing her GG sweatshirt under a red blazer with black patent pants.

Urban definition of logo-mania: The obsession of having things bearing a high branded logo.

Mrs. Twist (Home with a Twist blogger) loves printed t-shirts and sweatshirts, which show her fun personality.  I think she would look adorable in a sweatshirt that reads, “I have issues” or the one that reads “Nap Queen”….all she needs to add are jeans and converse sneakers.  BTW….what does your sweatshirt say about you?

Mrs. Twist Approved Apparel

Typically, you think of wearing a sweatshirt hoodie with jeans.  But have you ever thought about taking your hoodie to a party?  I plan to dress up my hoodie-style this winter by pairing a pink velour hoodie with a shimmery pleated black midi skirt, and booties….sounds like it’s party time!  

For a classic look, wear a camel trench coat over a hoodie.  We are loving pencil skirts paired with collegiate sweatshirts. Such a great way to cheer on your team and a fun look for a casual Friday.

Just like a fast food order, some of today’s sweaters are supersized! And nothing is more slimming than a supersized turtle-neck sweater worn with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans.  An oversized sweater worn with white jeans and brown boots is great for our Texas winter weather.  And a classic look we adore is an oversized camel turtleneck worn with a black leather skirt.  To give your sweater an additional on-trend look, be sure to half-tuck it!  Be sure to check out our Pinterest board with all kinds of ideas – updated each week just for our readers!

If you plan to purchase a new sweater this season, think about either flared sleeves, or sleeves with ties, or ruffles.  A light blue sweater with ties and a mauve flared sleeve sweater worn with white jeans is perfect for now and early spring.  We are also loving the white ruffled Banana Republic sweater worn by one of my favorite style-influencers, Alicia Wood, the Lush List blogger.  

 (On a side note….Alicia is my cousin and was the flower girl in our wedding.  Be sure to Google her amazing blog and Instagram (The Lush List…Dallas Lifestyle Blogger)! 

Any way you look at it, besides keeping you warm and cozy, sweatshirts and sweaters will definitely up your style game this winter and spring!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected] 

What Would Holley Wear: Dress Up Your Denim … Winter Edition

If you are like me, jeans are your everyday go-to look.  And though most of the time they are worn casual, there are times when our denim needs to be dressed up.  Right?  

 So, two thing I love about wearing denim:

…It is classic and never goes out of style…

…and it’s so comfy, even when it is dressed up!

So let’s get started and talk about some ways to dress up your denim.  A guide on our Pinterest board gives 25 examples of “how to wear jeans to work”.  But here’s the deal, you need to know what’s acceptable in your office….so be sure to read the office dress code manual first!  To stay on the safe side, I suggest a classic pair of jeans…boot cut, skinnies, or flared, and no fraying or rips.  

One way to dress up your office style is to wear a classic trench coat over your jeans.  Add a white blouse (tucked or untucked), cuffs showing, a belt (optional), and a pair of pumps or flats. Blazers are always perfect for the office.  An adorable look on our board is a pair of ankle-length jeans worn with a striped chambray shirt, and checked blazer with the sleeves pushed up. And don’t forget to add a scarf!  For a casual Friday style our shows the ensemble with sneakers, but wear pumps if you want to dress it up a bit.  Ready to get down to business?  


A pop of color will definitely dress up any ensemble, so think about wearing a red coat with jeans and animal print heels.  If you are headed to a meeting, drape a red blazer over your shoulders, wear a tailored pair of jeans, and add a scarf for a classic touch.  To dress up your preppy style wear a red vest with your jeans.  All you need to add is a tartan scarf and Tory Burch boots.  

To add a feminine touch to your dressy jean style…think pink!  An adorable pink denim pairing on our Pinterest board is a fuzzy pink sweater and dark blue jeans worn with animal print block heels…add sparkly drop earrings from Banana Republic!   Did you know you can even dress up your denim on a snowy or rainy day?  Keep thinking pink by wearing a pink coat and gray scarf, or go bold with a plaid pink Burberry inspired scarf, pink snow/rain boots and your jeans…of course!  

We are major loving a posh pink wrap coat on our board worn with jeans and nude heels.  They even added pink sunshades and a pink handbag to this luxe look!   Like a delicious wine pairing, one word comes to mind when blending black denim with pink….smooth!   Be sure to view some of the beautiful and smooth ways to pair pink with black denim on our Pinterest board.  

Are you into the pajama trend?  I love the look of a satin pajama top worn with a pair of jeans. This satin texture is another classy way to dress up your jeans.  A look on our board that stands out is a black pajama top with white piping (I recently purchased a similar one at Kohl’s in their junior department for $20).  And FYI…any satin top will give your denim a dressed-up vibe!    

We cannot leave shoes and handbags out of the mix.  Both of these, without a doubt, will dress up even a pair of ripped jeans.  From satin flats to velvet boots, your jeans will be taking a walk on the dressy side.  An elegant evening bag worn with denim is another fabulous way to class-up your jeans! So the next time you receive a party invitation that reads…“Dress Attire: Casual Chic”….just know dressed-up denim is definitely the way to go!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected] 

What Would Holley Wear: Leather Weather

A few weeks ago our fashion topic was faux furs, and this week the focus will be on faux leather….also called pleather or vegan leather.  

 So, two reasons why I love vegan leather:

…It is less expensive than real leather…

…And there are so many fun pieces to choose from!

If you think about it, the cost of real leather can break the bank.  In addition, the faux textures are so real looking most that people can’t tell the difference.  And even when you can tell, the whole idea behind vegan leather is to be trendy and have fun…right?

A pair of vegan-leather pants can easily take you from running errands, to work, or to a party. Red leather pants worn with a black sweater tucked in and black blazer will definitely elevate your office style.  A look that will transition into spring is a pair of dark red vegan leather pants and a white blouse….just throw a shawl over your shoulders for those cooler nights.  

For a classic look, combine a pair of black vegan leather pants with a trench coat.  A classy look from our Pinterest board is a pair of black patent pants, a t-shirt, and a purple blazer.  This look would be great for the office, meeting a friend for a drink, or any TCU event…of course!  

There are so many stylish options when it comes to faux leather culottes and ankle pants.  For meetings, a pair of black ankle pants worn with a black sweater and an emerald green jacket is so classy.  And for a touch of luxe, add a Louis Vuitton clutch and fur trimmed Gucci mules.  

My favorite Pinterest pick is a pair of black faux leather ankle pants with the hem rolled up, an oversized green sweater, fuzzy faux fur coat, and black mules.  How faux-bulous does that sound?

Oh my chic!  The leather skirt is the cool-girl style that deserves a place in your closet.  One of my favorite looks is pairing an oversized sweatshirt with a vegan leather pencil skirt.  A cool look on our Pinterest board is a red vegan leather skirt worn with a navy trench over a blouse with large bell sleeves.  How chic is that?

And a look I am loving on our Pinterest board is a black high-waisted pencil skirt worn with a short sleeved white blouse tucked in. Add a multicolored handbag and strappy heels….so classy and also great for springtime. Another Pinterest favorite is a black midi skirt, striped sweater, and denim jacket. And the best accessory is the adorable pup styling a red leash!

My go-to look when it comes to faux leather has always been a black jacket. But with all the great colors to choose from, I’m starting to think about adding a new hue.  The blue jackets on our board are definitely getting my attention.  And think about giving your maxi or midi skirt a “rocker vibe” by pairing it with a leather jacket.    

Wow!  Don’t you just love leather weather? I do…faux sure!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected] 

What Would Holley Wear: It Has Fringe Benefits

Everyone loves fringe benefits…right?  The same goes with the new fringe trend seen on everything for shirts, jewelry, skirts, jeans, and handbags.  

 So two things I love about fringe:

…Fringe adds a fun element to clothes and accessories…

…and it will give your ensemble a trendy and updated look.

With rodeo season around the corner, think about wearing a fringed vest with your jeans….just add a western belt and cowgirl boots.  There are so many cute fringe booties that will add a contemporary pop to your western style.  And be sure to visit Alan Luskey at Cavender’s Boot City (2601 N. Main) before you hit the rodeo circuit!  

Cowgirls have been wearing fringe jackets for years…a great look for the rodeo and Texas.  Though we are also loving some contemporary fringe jackets on our board….like the gray fringed jacket worn by model, Kate Moss, and the faux fur fringed jacket worn by Olivia Palermo.

So, what’s your favorite fringe benefit?  My favorite is a pair of frayed jeans from Zara, and the best part is they only cost $40!  They look great with a white blouse and a blazer…a look that will transition from winter to spring. Sounds like a fringe benefit…right?   

A fringed scarf or poncho is perfect for our southern winters. A look we love on our Pinterest board is a gray and white fringed shawl, vegan leather skinnies, and loafers.   A camel fringed scarf worn over a plaid blazer and Gucci t-shirt gives a city-vibe to this classic style.

A fringed handbag will add extra flair to any casual outfit.  Don’t you just adore the striped long sleeved t-shirt, leather jacket, and pearl necklace worn with a red fringed bag?   And a burgundy fringed clutch looks spot-on with a gray poncho and jeans.  Trendy and fringy!  

A way to give your cocktail style some flair is with a fringed evening bag. We think the Zac Posen gold bag with black fringe is over the top fabulous.  A black fringed Kate Spade clutch looks stunning with a red cocktail dress. And the good news is a fringed cocktail bag will also compliment your casual style…just add denim!  Are you loving all of these fringe benefits?

When it comes to skirts, we are major crushing on all of the contemporary fringed skirts on our Pinterest board.  Some are leather fringed skirts worn with a t-shirt, sweater or sweatshirt that give a modern vibe.  And some are hip with tassels and frayed hems, and some have a classic Chanel-ish twist.

Guess what?  We have saved the best for last…fringed jewelry!  Because Anthropologie and Free People have so many fabulous choices, we are featuring their fringed jewelry on our Pinterest board.  From beaded, feathers, to leather fringe, their styles are limitless and will definitely complement your ensemble.

Isn’t it nice to know that fringe is not limited to western wear?  Be sure to take a look at all the options on our Pinterest board…an added “fringe benefit”…. of course!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]