What Would Holley Wear: Bring on the Gray

In our humble, yet accurate opinion…gray doesn’t have to be that in-between shade that denotes “blah”.  So from cozy to glamorous….we say, “bring on the gray!”.

Gray skies…no problem.  Grab a cup of tea and cuddle up in something cozy and gray!  We are loving all the gray sweats and sweater combos on our Pinterest board.  If you plan to head outside, don’t forget a cute cap. An oversized gray cardigan is perfect for our southern winter weather. Think about topping off your comfy outfit with a gray blanket scarf….nothing “blah” about these cute outfits!

If you like to blend-in with the crowd in a classy way, you will love a monochromatic look.  If you don’t own a pair of gray jeans…you need to. They go with everything and are the perfect base for an all-gray ensemble. One of our Pinterest favs shows gray jeans paired with a gray turtleneck, grey coat, and snakeskin booties…so chic! To give your jean ensemble a posh vibe, think about accessorizing with a gray tote.   

Are you of the opinion that the color gray sometimes gets a bad rap?  Yep…me too. Let’s put a stop to this nonsense and “wrap” up in a gray winter coat.  Who doesn’t love an ultra-soft faux fur or teddy bear coat? We think Kenzie’s notched-collar gray teddy is ideal for a cloudy winter day.  And a faux fur collar gives a gray Anthropologie cardigan a luxurious touch of cozy.

For a business meeting, a gray pleated skirt coordinated with a sweater will definitely add polish to your professional style.  Wondering what to wear to a job interview? Nothing says, “I’m an executive” like a gray pantsuit. Be sure to take a look at our Pinterest board, and check out Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, and Banana Republic online for more pantsuit options.  

What’s your favorite color to coordinate with gray?  We are loving pink! Since every color goes with gray, just add an accessory in your favorite color to give your gray outfit a pop.  A great Pinterest board look features a gray coat, plaid scarf, and jeans paired with a pink Chloe’ handbag and pink sneakers. And a pair of gray plaid pants, pink blazer, and handbag topped with a gray overcoat was a show-stealer at Paris Fashion Week!

It’s easy to glam up a gray outfit by wearing a beautiful brooch on your coat or blazer.  We think a Chanel brooch pinned to a coat, complemented with a gray Hermes’ bag is the ultimate!  By adding a pair of Oscar de la Renta fringed earrings or a pair of Alexis Bittar teardrops, your look will instantly transform from professional to glamorous!  And think about topping off your luxe look with a metallic Dior evening bag. How glam does that sound?

With so many stylish and glamorous ways to wear gray….we are definitely saying goodbye to “blah” and hello to gray!  

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What Would Holley Wear: Pleats & Thank You

Let’s start first with a thank you.  Because of Melissa’s encouragement, I’ve been writing fashion articles for Home with a Twist for over two years!  For the confidence she has in me and the support she gives me, I am extremely thankful!

When Melissa first asked me to be her fashion writer, I was afraid to try something new.  But just like a pleated skirt, she slowly brought me into the “fold,” and 117 articles later…I’m still writing!  Since pleated skirts are touted as a trend every few seasons, I like to call them a trendy-classic. A favorite outfit from Pinterest features a light gray cable sweater paired with a dark gray pleated skirt.  With heels, this look is ultra-classy, and a pair of booties would add a hip vibe! Yep…I’m “com-pleat-ly” in love with this look!

Okay, I realize this is not exactly an Academy Award speech.  That being said, another special thank you goes to my editor, Rochelle Moses.  She edits every article with expertise and kindness, and for that I am beyond grateful!  So, what’s the magic word? That would be “pleats”! And just like a great editor, a mid-length pleated skirt crosses all my “t’s”!  Point proven with a pink pleated skirt complemented with a black turtleneck sweater and leather jacket.

If you cross all your “t’s”, ya gotta dot all the “i’s” too!  So let’s think about sharpening our editorial style with a striped pleated skirt.  My Pinterest favorite shows a striped rainbow skirt with a bit of sparkle from Anthropology.  Wear it now with a sweater and later this spring, with a white blouse tied at the waist. Another “i-dotter” on our Pinterest board is a bright fuchsia skirt paired with a light pink embroidered sweater.  Don’t you just love pleats with personality?

When writing a weekly fashion article, you definitely put yourself out there! Would you be willing to step out on a fashion limb in a pleated gold metallic maxi skirt paired with a black leather biker jacket?  Another hip look is a rose-gold metallic midi skirt matched with a gray sweatshirt and metallic rose-gold trimmed sneakers. Wow…who knew pleats were so cool?

We think pleats are ideal for the office.  A Pinterest look that exudes confidence highlights a fashionista wearing a blue pleated skirt with a tucked blouse and a camel coat draped over her shoulders.  A matching burgundy sweater and skirt will bring a monochromatic look to your executive style. Though, I have to admit, my pleat preference is a green cable sweater worn with a green skirt!

What do you get when you pair a classic pleated skirt with sneakers?  A cool new trend…of course! We are loving how two style-stars wear their satin skirts with sneakers.  One matched a pink sweatshirt with her cute skirt, and the other styled her skirt with a bomber jacket.  Are you a girl who likes to twirl? A pleated tulle or satin skirt is a flirty way to add femininity to your style.  So for a party look, think about twirling the night away in one of these beauties!

Okay…one last thank you to my readers.  Thank you so much for reading my articles, for “liking” them on Instagram and Facebook, for sharing them, and most of all….for sending encouraging and positive messages.  Trust me when I say…you “com-pleat” me!

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What Would Holley Wear: Style Resolution

Even though I do not have a good history keeping a New Year’s resolution, I’ve decided to give it one more try!  But this time I’m calling it a “Style Resolution.” So…here’s to a stylish 2019!!!

This year my plan is to move toward a more classic direction with my style. One of these classic looks I’m loving is loafers. Besides being comfy and easy to walk in, they complete any classic look.  In the fall, I purchased a pair of faux snakeskin Sam Edelman loafers and ever since then, I’ve been hooked. They were perfect for our fall weather, and I will be bringing them back in the spring.  How classic does that sound?

In my opinion, Tod’s offers the ultimate when it comes to a classic loafer. If these lovelies were in my budget, I’m pretty sure I would own a pair of their orange driving moccasins.  But back to reality….between J Crew and Banana Republic, there are so many beautiful and affordable loafers to choose from.  My favorite is J Crew’s Ryan loafer which comes in six classic colors. Hmmm…should I purchase a yellow pair or a red pair? You will definitely want to browse our Pinterest board to see all the loafer options!

My go-to boot style is a pair of black knee-high Aquatalia boots….flat heels, water resistant, and ideal for city walking.  And the best part is they never go out of style. Last year, I purchased a pair of faux snakeskin booties with block heels from Zara.  Not only is snake print super on-trend this season, it’s also considered a classic.

 To give my everyday jeans a polished look, I pair a checked blazer, jeans, and a creamy ruffled blouse with my snakeskin booties.  A Pinterest board look I copied shows cropped/fringed jeans with snake print boots topped with a brown suede coat. How cool and classic does that sound?  And please know….I’m predicting you will see this classic print in the spring and summer as well!

 For me, the ultimate classic accessory is a handbag.  My style tip: If you can only make one major fashion investment a year….it should be a leather handbag.  The reason I say “leather” is because it will stand the test of time. When it comes to classic style, Ann Taylor has the market cornered.  We are loving a few of her leather satchels…ideal for a career woman. Another beauty is J Crew’s Harper satchel in dark evergreen….great for work or running errands.  

If you are in need of a little “New Year’s” retail therapy, you may want to consider a designer bag. Tory Burch offers so many fabulous styles. Her Kira eel double strap shoulder bag is the ultimate! Plus, we are loving how her Miller cross-body bag is styled as a belt bag over a trench coat.  And the good news…one of her totes will definitely bring the “it” factor to a classic ensemble.

 As I write throughout the year, my plan will be to talk about classic looks and include ways to add a trendy pop!  Because the beauty of a classic style is, it’s just like a fine wine….pairs well when blended! So again….here’s to a stylish 2019!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]  Be sure to check out Holley’s updated Pinterest board here.

What Would Holley Wear: Dreaming of a White Christmas

I’m having a difficult time shaking off this OCD bug (Obsessive Christmas Disorder).  And to make things worse, now I’ve started dreaming of a white Christmas. My therapist says the best remedy is to journal about it!  So let’s do this and talk about all the beautiful white/neutral ensembles to wear during the winter holidays.

“Over the river and though the woods to grandmother’s house we go!” Sarah Vickers, our favorite classy blogger, shows us how to travel to grandmother’s house in-style.  Her gray Kate Spade sweater with sparkly buttons paired with a metallic gray pleated skirt is over-the-top classy.  We love how she complements her outfit with a pink pearl embellished purse and pearl pumps! After all….she is “the classy girl who wears pearls!”

Wondering what to wear to a holiday party?  A vest is always a great option. A preppy-party look on our Pinterest board features a white puffer vest, white sweater and jeans accented with gold Tory Burch flats and gold jewelry.  If you need to dress your style up a bit, think about wearing white slacks with a gray sweater and gray and white faux fur vest….party perfection!

Show me a white faux fur coat, and I’m 100% crushing!  Point proven with a beautiful white coat accented with a touch of apricot….stunning!  And the bigger and fluffier…the better! According to Jennifer Lopez, “her love don’t cost a thing,” but it looks like her coat sure does!   Take a look at our Pinterest board to see some of these beauties!

It’s that time of year to start wearing an overcoat.  My board favorite is a white teddy-bear coat matched with a white sweater and gray plaid pants…ideal for our Texas winter. Gap gives us their usual preppy vibe with a white cable sweater and white jeans topped with a neutral brown cargo coat from Zara. Add a pair of LL Bean rubber boots and a knit beanie cap….and I’m calling it a “snow day”!

I don’t know about you, but eating s’mores fireside in the snow sounds like the ultimate holiday experience to me.  For this dreamy occasion, we suggest a white shearling jacket, white sweater and jeans paired with over the knee boots.  A white puffer coat worn over a pink sweater with white jeans and suede boots will definitely impress the ski crowd. Hmmm….I wonder what the snow is like in Aspen.   

Baby its cold outside!  One of my favorite holiday activities is sitting inside by a warm cozy fireplace.  And of course this means wearing something really comfy. A pair of gray sweats and an oversized white cable sweater is perfect for tree decorating.  A pair of black and white polka-dot pajamas says one thing to me….“let it snow!”

Whether you are gathering around a flocked Christmas tree for a cup of hot cocoa or playing outside in the snow with your pup….we hope all your Christmas dreams come true!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]  Be sure to check out Holley’s updated Pinterest board here.

What Would Holley Wear: Plaid Tidings

“Plaid Tidings,” dear friends!  Since plaid is one of our favorite “it” patterns, we want to share some fun ways to wear plaid during the holiday season.  

I bet you are right in the middle of shopping and gift wrapping.  Speaking of wraps, let’s start with coats. A trench coat is “the coat” of the year.  When you add a plaid trench to the equation, you’ve got a holiday hit! We are major crushing on Burberry’s high-gloss trench….great for holiday shopping and even for a rainy day!  

If you own a classic camel trench, think about giving it a festive pop with a plaid scarf.  A plaid scarf draped over the shoulder and tucked through the coat belt is insanely stylish.  A green plaid scarf from Tuckernuck will add an effortlessly classic touch to any trench. And be sure to check out the beautiful red plaid coat by Nygard at Dillard’s.  Wow, with all the talk about trenches and scarves….I’m calling this “a wrap”!

Sometimes all we need to keep us warm in our Southern winter climate is a vest….right?  We love how a tartan plaid vest can be dressed up or dressed down. Wearing it with a cable sweater and black skinny jeans gives it a polished casual party look!  For a snow day, a plaid vest paired with leggings and duck boots will add warmth and style to a cold-weather ensemble.

How many ways can you wear a holiday plaid shirt?  Dozens….right? A look that will take you from the Christmas tree lot to happy hour is a pair of black leggings topped with a plaid shirt and fur vest.  Here’s to holiday cheer! And a green plaid shirt paired with a faux fur vest looks yummier than a cup of hot chocolate…don’t forget to add a candy cane!  

Want to know what pairs perfectly with a strand of pearls, a party skirt, and a cup of tea?  You guessed it….a plaid blouse. For a bit of sparkle, a plaid blouse and sequined skirt are the perfect combo for the office party.  We think plaid and tulle are a match made in heaven. So, show me a mother and daughter wearing matching plaid shirts and tulle skirts, and I’ll show you the most adorable holiday family photo-op….ever!   

Time to hang the greens?   A tartan mini skirt paired with a black sweater and tights makes for an ideal tree-trimming combo.  And be sure to check out J Crew’s plaid mini skirt and denim jacket ensemble. Speaking of great holiday combos….we are crazy about plaid pants or leggings paired with either a fur vest, sweater, or blouse.  Don’t you just love “plaid personality?”

What’s your comfy cozy style?  Mine is definitely a pair of plaid pajama bottoms paired with a gray sweater….a great look for Christmas morning. For a little extra coziness, be sure to add a pair of fur-lined moccasin slippers to your pajama ensemble. Plaid never looked so comfy!  

 As Christmas Day nears, we want to wish you and yours “Plaid Tidings” and have yourself a merry little Christmas….of course!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]  Be sure to check out Holley’s updated Pinterest board here.

What Would Holley Wear: (OCD) Obsessive Christmas Disorder

Is there a doctor in the house?  I know I’m not supposed to self-diagnose, but I’m pretty sure I’m coming down with something called OCD (Obsessive Christmas Disorder)!  The good news according to my research….I should be on the mend by January 1!

Did I mention, we love Christmas “a-latte”?  Sitting by the tree with a cup of coffee and wearing a cute pair of pajamas definitely puts me in the holiday spirit.  From plaid flannel PJs to reindeer slippers, it just makes me happy! How cute are a pair of blue penguin pajamas? Pretty cute….right? And of course they look adorable when matched with penguin house shoes! Hmmm…a great gift idea for my daughter-in-law….penguin lover extraordinaire!   

You know that feeling when you are so crazy/busy during the season and just need a moment to catch up and meet a friend for a cup of coffee?  We’ve got just the look for you….a red coat! A red duffle coat worn over a camel turtleneck with white jeans and nude pumps is perfect for a quick coffee catchup with your bestie.  BTW…my holiday motto is: “Keep Calm & Drink Coffee!”

They’re back….tacky Christmas sweaters!  But the good news is, with a little tweaking, they can look “somewhat” fashionable.  To add an edge to your holiday sweater style, top if off with a faux leather jacket. A pair of red heels will definitely add a kick and a little class to your “tacky” sweater ensemble. Also think about wearing your sweater with velvet slacks, and drape a faux fur scarf over your shoulders. Wow…tacky never looked so chic!

Do I hear jingle bells?  It looks like my cousin, Alicia, invited her friend Jose’ Cuervo to a festive “girlfriend” party.  From her cute outfit to her Christmas margarita recipe, she’s ready to celebrate. How do you plan to add a little jingle to your holiday party style? From glorious greens to royal reds, our Pinterest board features an amazing array of holiday party styles. A board fav that shouts “Holley’s Style” features a red satin midi skirt matched with a black turtleneck and Gucci handbag.  Add a pink coat and this look definitely says….jingle all the way!!!

So here’s a personal question….have you been naughty or nice this year?  Oh my….then I think the “naughty” clutch from Harper’s Bazaar is the perfect holiday statement bag for you. When it comes to signature acrylic clutches, Edie Parker’s bags are the ultimate! Her “Ho, ho, ho” holiday bag is my favorite because it goes with everything, from a pair of jeans to an evening gown!  


Mrs. Twist has this naughty/nice tshirt from Emily McCarthy

Rumor has it….a few of you are on Santa’s “nice list!”  So on your behalf, I decided to do a little investigative work and met with Neiman’s graduate gemologist at Clearfork.  To say their precious jewelry is breathtaking is an understatement. And just between you, me, and Santa’s elves…being nice never looked so dazzling!!!

Okay…let’s be honest, this OCD is really getting to me.  I’m starting to wonder if it will be as late as February before I recover.  Uh oh….looks like “someone” might be going to rehab!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]  Be sure to check out Holley’s updated Pinterest board here.

What Would Holley Wear: Our Four Favorite Sweater Styles

Besides keeping us warm, sweaters also complete an outfit. With long cardigans, statement sleeves, cable knits, and turtlenecks, let’s get started and talk about some of this season’s sweater trends!

Do you like to make a statement? Then sweaters with statement-sleeves are definitely the look for you. One of our Pinterest board picks shows a gray hooded sweater with bell sleeves paired with white jeans, a Louis Vuitton backpack, and brown lace-up Vans.  Style influencer, Jess Kirby, puts together a cute ensemble featuring a white sweater with pop-corn sleeves paired with crop jeans and a teddy bear coat.  

Bulky sweaters with balloon sleeves are so on-trend.  A Pinterest board favorite features one of these beauties styled with a Staud bucket bag and large pearl hoop earrings.  A super-sized gray sweater with balloon sleeves matched with gray jeans looks so comfy and perfect for a casual night out by the fire pit!  Did I mention my husband makes the best fires…ever?

Looking for a sweater outfit that makes a statement in a subtle, yet elegant way?  Then we think you will love a few of the all-black ensembles on our Pinterest board. A beautiful black sweater with balloon sleeves paired with black leather pants, Gucci belt, and a Chanel handbag is ultra-classy.  Do you like to give a cold shoulder to your fall and winter party style? If so, think about wearing a black off-the-shoulder sweater with black jeans to your next winter party….subtle and sexy!

True confession….my favorite sweater is a turtleneck.  If you are wanting a classy look, you can’t miss with this classic style.  I’m loving a camel turtleneck with a white border accompanied by a beautiful pair of gold earrings…it’s all in the details!  A fabulous city look on Pinterest shows an oversized camel turtleneck with a black leather skirt, leggings, and over-the-knee boots….so city-chic!

Cable sweaters are always in style, and today’s version is no exception.  A new twist for cable sweaters is wearing them tucked in a skirt or pants, with or without a belt.  My favorite Pinterest board pick shows a belted brown suede pencil skirt complemented by a tucked-in creamy cable knit sweater.  A great ensemble to duplicate would be a black pleated midi skirt paired with a cable sweater….we are loving the orange cable on our board!  For me, the ultimate Pinterest look shows a large chunky sweater half-tucked in leather pants and draped with a camel coat…a great way to show-off your sense of style!

One of this season’s trendiest sweaters is a long cardigan sweater.  To give it a preppy look, wear it over a pair of dark-wash jeans with a crisp white blouse and add a suede clutch.  A long cardigan paired with jeans or sweats is so comfy. Did I mention we are loving all the gray cardigans featured on our Pinterest board?  Just add jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of comfy kicks!

So, here’s the plan….grab a sweater, and meet me in my back yard for an amazing wood burning fire!  Don’t you just love sweater-weather?

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]  Be sure to check out Holley’s updated Pinterest board here.


What Would Holley Wear: Balenciaga in Black

“Balenciaga alone is a couturier in the truest sense of the word…the rest are just designers.”  Coco Chanel

FRANCE – CIRCA 1927: Cristobal Balenciaga (1895-1972), spanish couturier. France, 1927. LIP-12272. (Photo by Lipnitzki/Roger Viollet/Getty Images)

The Kimbell Art Museum did it again!  They brought a once in a lifetime art exhibit to our city….“Balenciaga in Black.”  This stylish exhibit explores the creative genius of Spanish fashion designer, Cristobal Balenciaga. You can view his masterful pieces from the Galleria Collection and the Balenciaga archives at the museum’s Piano Pavilion now through January 6.   

Since the color black served as the guiding principal for the legendary dressmaker, we were inspired to follow his lead.  Like his Galleria Collection, let’s start with black cocktail dresses and party styles. Our favorite Pinterest board pick is a lace dress with layers of ruffles at the hem designed by Oscar de la Renta.  You will definitely want to view some of the gorgeous black cocktail dresses from Neiman Marcus on our Pinterest board!

To give your all-black style a contemporary vibe, we suggest wearing a pantsuit.  An “uptown girl” look on our Pinterest board features a black pantsuit complemented with a lace blouse.  For a sophisticated party look, we are loving black leather pants paired with an off-the-shoulder sweater….just add purple heels for a pop of color and a little sass!  Ready or not party season…here we come!!!

Haute Couture:  The definition of “haute” is…fashionably elegant or high class, and “couture” translates literally from French as dressmaking.  If you are planning to attend this year’s Jewel Charity Ball and want to look fashionably elegant, we suggest a black evening gown.  A gorgeous dress from Nordstrom’s by Eliza J features a lavish satin bow elegantly draped over the single shoulder of a luxe black-velvet gown.  And we are sharing more “high class” styles on our Pinterest board.

Orlew Lauger, Kimbell Art Museum docent, recently gave our P.E.O. chapter a private viewing of the Balenciaga collection.  To pay tribute to the master, our members wore black to the luncheon and tour. My ensemble included a pair of black waxed pants, a black blouse with bow cuffs, and a black blazer….all complemented with black booties and handbag.  And of course…our P.E.O. chapter members saluted Mr. Balenciaga in a most fashionable way!

Though wearing all black is very elegant, it can also be worn in a casual way.  How comfy are a pair of black leather leggings, sweater, and jacket matched with black sneakers? And for a pop of fun, add a black and white checked scarf! We are also loving a black teddy-bear jacket worn with leather pants and black Nike’s.  With black you can easily achieve a casual, yet classic look!

Considering the amount of time, money, and skill allotted to each piece, “haute couture” garments are also described as having no price tag.  That being said, I highly recommend you visit the Balenciaga in Black Exhibit, because without a doubt….it’s priceless!


Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]  Be sure to check out Holley’s updated Pinterest board here.

What Would Holley Wear: Grateful, Thankful, Blessed

This year, John and I are celebrating Thanksgiving twice!  First we celebrated in Kansas City with Andy and Melissa, and our four grandchildren (ages 1 to 11).  And next week, we head to New York to celebrate with Chris and our New Jersey cousins. Spending time with family….it doesn’t get any better than that!  

Not only did we celebrate Thanksgiving early in Kansas but we also celebrated Eli’s 1st birthday and Pop’s 65th birthday!  When we are with our grandchildren, comfort is more on my radar than style.  My KC Thanksgiving/Birthday weekend style consisted of jeans, sweaters, and flat boots.  From playing on the floor with a 1 and 3 year old to playing cards with a 9 and 11 year old….I make sure my style is always “grandmother friendly”!  By the way…guess who loved their birthday cake the most?

I am loving all the striped sweaters, ponchos, and wraps in stores and on our Pinterest board.  For our Kansas Thanksgiving dinner, I dressed up my “comfy grandmother” look a bit by wearing gray jeans with a creamy white turtleneck complemented with a striped poncho.  With my snakeskin boots from Zara, I was ready for “turkey-time!” Be sure to take a look at all of the fall/winter striped sweaters and wraps on our Pinterest board!


Fall floral dresses and skirts are another great look for a Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends.  We are loving a floral dress from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale on our Pinterest board. With a pair of black suede booties, it makes for the perfect fall/winter ensemble.  Wanting to add a pop to your holiday style? Then think about wearing a statement blouse or sweater with a floral skirt and boots!

Next week we are heading to New York to celebrate Thanksgiving with our son, Chris, and our New Jersey cousins.  We have dinner reservations at Jasmine’s in mid-town. Yep….we are having Chinese for our New York Thanksgiving dinner!  Since I’m loving this season’s suede and leather skirts, I plan to wear a brown faux suede midi skirt with a grey turtleneck sweater and my black Eileen Fisher moto jacket.  And one more thing….I’m pretty sure my outfit will pair perfectly with Peking duck and sparkling wine!

For the remainder of our New York trip, we will be busy sightseeing and doing a lot of city walking.  The key wardrobe factor here will be flat knee-high boots. Plus they will go great with everything I’m taking…my suede skirt, jeans, and a pair of faux leather pants.  Our Pinterest board features so many cool city looks to copy from boots to leather pants and skirts. I’m especially loving a pair of leather pants topped with a wool rust coat layered over a white sweater and worn with flat booties!  How New York-ish does that sound?

After celebrating my favorite holiday twice this year with family….I’m reminded how “grateful … thankful … and blessed” I am.  With that, I would like to share a thanksgiving toast with each of you….“may your lives be filled with both thanks and giving!”

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]  Be sure to check out Holley’s updated Pinterest board here.

What Would Holley Wear: Fall Crops and Culottes

This week we are sharing our favorite ways to wear fall/winter culottes. Once a spring and summer look, culottes have made a big come back and now work year-round.  

Want to give your culottes a “too cool for school” vibe?  Then think about wearing them with a leather or denim jacket.  Two fab Pinterest board looks show camel culottes paired with a leather jacket…one dressed-up with heels and one worn casual with sneakers.  An ultra-trendy style shows a pair of camel culottes with a white turtleneck sweater topped with a denim jacket. And for an extra pop, they added snakeskin booties!   How cool is that?

I have to admit…I’m loving all the fall leather culottes.  For a sophisticated seasonal look, you can’t miss with layers of brown leather…jacket, culottes, and booties.  Another classic look on our Pinterest board shows a pair of black leather culottes topped with a camel sweater and coat.  And my favorite board pick is definitely a striped sweater and black leather culottes.

Doing a double take?  Then take a look at a cute pair of khaki culottes shown two ways….one with a black sweater and one with a white sweater.  Basically, they swapped out the tops, shoes, and handbags….an easy switch-a-roo! There are so many ways to wear black culottes!   One Pinterest board feature shows black culottes with an adorable cropped sweater with elbow patches. Another classy look matches black culottes with a gray turtleneck and knee-high boots.

Looking for the perfect fall transition style?  Then look no further because the answer is denim culottes.  Show me a pair of frayed denim culottes, and I’ll show you one of this season’s “it” trends!  For a casual weekend look, wear a cable sweater with your denim culottes. When the weather starts turning a bit cooler, adding a vest, sweater, and boots will do the trick.  To up your “casual Friday” style, think about wearing a blazer or trench coat with your denim culottes…a bonus for sure!

What’s your favorite fall color? One of my fall favorites is olive green, and I’m loving a Pinterest post featuring olive green culottes, printed t-shirt, leather jacket, and sneakers.  To give a pair of green culottes a dressed-up vibe, top off your outfit with a leopard print coat! Another way to incorporate this fall color into your wardrobe is with an olive green vest.  A long vest worn with white cropped jeans and an animal print clutch is a great intro to fall. And remember….white after Labor Day is the norm these days!

Did you know that culottes make for a great party look?  One way to accomplish this is by wearing them with a blouse or sweater with statement sleeves.  Style star, Olivia Palermo, never misses a fashion beat. Her black culottes matched with a white statement blouse tell me one thing….the beat goes on!  And fashion maven, Jenna Lyons, marches to the beat of her own drum as well. She creatively styles white wrap culottes two ways….one with a sheer pearl embellished top and another with a white off-the-shoulder top.  Drum roll please!

From Labor Day throughout the winter season, culottes are now considered a fall/winter fashion staple.  And I don’t know about you, but I just love how an old classic has become a new trend!

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