Monday Motivation: Eleven Things to do on Sunday and Shipt Coupon Code

One of my favorite things, as I approach the weekend, is knowing I am going to have free time to relax and make my own schedule.  Sunday, in particular, is a day I want to make sure is free of commitment so I can mentally prepare for the work week ahead.  When I came across this post for “Eleven things to do on a Sunday to prepare for a better week” I knew I wanted to share it with you in my mission to help make Monday the best day of the week — not your least favorite.

Here’s a recap (for the full article visit here and you can also find it on my Pinterest board).

  1.  Create a to-do list writing down everything you need to get done for the week.
  2. Once you know what you need to do prioritize your to-do list so you accomplish what’s most important first.  The rest is easy which will give you confidence to complete the remainder of the list.
  3. Go grocery shopping for the week.  Or, in my case, I use Shipt grocery delivery.  I make my list at Target (depending on your area you have several grocers to choose from), send it to Shipt and they do the shopping, delivery and drop off on my kitchen counter or porch.  Here’s a coupon code to use for $50 off your annual delivery fee (with unlimited deliveries as long as they are $35).  I haven’t been grocery shopping in over two months and it’s been a huge time saver.  You can also use their service to have groceries delivered to a friend or college student.
  4. Spend time decluttering.  I go through unopened mail, tidy up the house, take out the trash, stack up books and magazines from my weekend reading.
  5. Do meal prep.  This is when I place my Shipt delivery order for the week.  I have my groceries delivered on Monday after I get home from work and I have everything I need for meals for the week.
  6. Do laundry.   No one wants to run out of underwear mid-week and the weekend is a perfect time to look through your closet to determine what you will be wearing based on what you have put on your to-do list.  Have a funeral to attend on Tuesday, make sure your dress is clean and pressed.  This is also when I put on a new set of clean sheets for the week ahead.
  7. Clean out your email inbox.  I delete, delete and delete all those emails I don’t need or have already read.  Also sort into folders to save important emails for later reference.
  8. Get outside.  Right now it is cool in my area and I have really been enjoying sitting on the patio, sipping coffee and reading books.  Hazel loves to go for walks with me on the weekends because we aren’t rushed to get home.
  9. Take a look at your budget.  Do your mobile banking, check balances and make deposits for the week.
  10. Get enough sleep.  Weekends are perfect for napping — my favorite hobby.  It’s not indulgent to take naps.  There’s a whole lot of science out there to support the important of getting rest.  I think of a nap equal to how we re-charge our devices:  It’s necessary to operate.
  11. Enjoy the time off.  Monday will be here before you know it.

What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend?  Have a great week ahead!

Motivation Monday: Flowers on your desk, a mantra and a blanket of humanity

I found this Monday checklist from Business Insider. You can find the full description and suggestions for each task on their site.

I was intrigued by number 13 — “blanket of humanity” on your emails.

“It’s tempting to power through all your emails in the most efficient way on Monday mornings. But before you hit send, read them over to ensure that they’re friendly and clear. “Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes. It’s relatively easy to appear curt when you’re in a hurry, along with the impersonal nature of emails and texts. You want to mitigate false starts and misinterpretations,” Taylor says. One way to do this: Start the email by saying “Hi” and “I hope you had a great weekend.”

Want to know what successful people do on Sunday nights?  They have a post on that, too here.

Another idea I like to plan for Monday is to make time to leave a little early for work and stop at the grocery for a bouquet of flowers to enjoy on my desk for the week.Lastly, everyone needs a mantra.  Years ago, we made the life changing decision to be caregivers for my parents when they came to live with us.  During that time I met with a therapist to help me work through the transition of adding this new role to my already busy life as a wife, mother and employee.  One of the best take-aways she suggested for me to try at night before I go to bed was to say to myself “life won’t always be like this.”  It was a positive message for me to imprint in my brain so that it would hear a message of hope and relief.  We tell ourselves everyday negative messaging and as a result our brain hears nothing else and we start to believe we aren’t good enough, pretty enough, smart enough… This Monday morning message from Empowering Women Now is the perfect mantra.  Print it off and put it in a prominent place.

Make your Monday the best day of the week!

Monday Motivation: Take a bath, cook with garlic, self-care checklist

I’ve rounded up three ideas for inspiration to get you motivated for the week.

First, take a bath…I’ve blogged about the positive effects of using Epsom salts for foot soaks here, but let’s also add it to your tub.

Via Pinterest

Roasted garlic.  It makes the house smell like you have been cooking for days.  It is super easy to do and you can use it for so many recipes, including spreading it all over french bread, or on the base of your pizza dough.  Simply Recipes has the step-by-step directions and a video tutorial, too.

Lastly, how about a self-care checklist.  One of our readers, Stacy, said she printed last week’s “night before Monday” checklist and taped it to her bathroom mirror.  Maybe this will inspire you as well.

Via Pinterest

Have a great Monday out there, folks!

Monday Motivation

Years, and years ago, my Sunday night ritual was to watch the television show Murder, She Wrote.  Jessica Fletcher was my routine for easing into the work week solving the lastest crime in Cabot Cove (frankly, if that many murders happened in that little fishing town, I’d move). When the show was canceled, it threw my globe off its axis.  This weekly bonding with Jessica helped me prepare for the Monday morning blues.   According to a study conducted by the University of Vermont, Monday was named the worst day of the week with moods improving through the rest of the week and peaking on Saturday.

But, on the flip side, according to a study conducted by The Association for Psychological Science Monday is the best day of the week for setting new goals.  It’s referred to as the “Fresh Start Effect.” New research in Psychological Science suggests that we may be more likely to actually follow through with our professional and personal goals if we start on a Monday rather than a Thursday.

To help us approach Mondays, we have coined terms like “Move-it Monday“, Meatless Monday, “DeStress Monday.

I am seeking the positive route — Motivation Monday!  Here is a terrific idea I saw on Pinterest that I think could inspire us daily, but especially on a Sunday evening if we are facing a busy professional and personal week ahead. I have pinned it to my Joie de Vivre board (a collection of ideas to help me find “Joy in Life” in 2018).

This really could be adapted for everyday, but I think particular care should be focused the night before on a day you are worried about facing.  I love the last two suggestions.  “Pray” –  for gratitude of what your day did afford you and pray for grace to get through to the next day.  “Read” – you can start reading the book from Mrs. Twist Reads This!

I’d love to hear your ideas on how you can transform Monday to be the best day of your week!