My Mother’s Beauty Secret

Thank you to everyone who participated in my contest giveaway for a free pair of satin pillowcases from our sponsor Morning Glamour.  The challenge to win was to share your mother’s favorite beauty secret.  I loved reading all your replies and I’m excited to share them with you.

But first, let me share a few tips from my mother.  Listen to my latest podcast here where I shared that one of her secrets was the religious use of her satin pillowcases.  Next, was her love of bright lipstick.  I share a sweet story here about her favorite shade.  And last, her insistence that I always wear sunscreen.  When all my girlfriends were sunning themselves on rooftops and lakeside slathered in baby oil, she had me covered from head- to-toe in longsleeves and Pre-Sun on any skin that was showing.  She’d say every single time, “you’ll thank me someday.”  Believe me, I’ve thanked her many times as I’ve gotten older.

Here’s the fun roundup of responses…

“Always have a great hairstylist and always wear a smile.”  Mandy H.

“Wash every night with plain soap and water, pat, don’t rub dry. Oil of Olay. Stay out of the sun. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink mostly water.” Kristen D.

“Stay out of the sun and use Pond’s cold cream.❤️” Joyce H.

“My mom has great skin at 87. She swore by OJ’s Beauty Lotion for many years.”  Helen K.

“Ironically it was pink satin pillow cases and that was 50 years ago! She went to the “beauty parlor” every Thursday and the pillow cases kept her looking good in between. 💗 pink was her favorite color. Miss her very much.”  Janice M.

“My mom didn’t really have a beauty secret that I can remember. She never wore a lot of makeup but did cleanse and moisturize with Clinique products! And wore sunscreen!”  Becky H.

“Always wear lipstick!” Rebekah B.

“My mom has beautiful skin.. Avon Moisture Rich cream is all she ever used.. plus she is beautiful inside too!”  Debra W.

“My mom loved satin pillow cases, too!❤️”  Deanna B.

“Pond’s cold cream.”  Patti M.

“Pond’s cold cream was my grandma’s secret. My mother mixed egg, mayo, olive oil and honey to make a hair mask.”  Christina R.

“Oil of Olay moisturizer every morning and night.  And, Jergens lotion for hands and never leave the house without lipstick!” Lisa R.

“Scotch tape on the 11’s between her eyebrows – her ‘worry lines’.” Carol R. (this wins the award for the most unique secret!)

“Always dab moisturizer around the eyes with your ring finger.”  Kimberly B.

“Oil of Olay.”  Leigh C.

“Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.” Ali B.

“Silk, satin pillowcases.  Mother always slept with one on her baby pillow made of down feathers.  I still have her pillow.”  G. Greenblatt

Remember you can still use promo code MG25 to receive 25% off your satinpillow case order.  Thanks for sharing!  I loved each and every response.

Easy Homemade Facial Scrub for Winter

I had the best time with my childhood girlfriends last weekend.  We each take turns planning a long weekend getaway, and this year it was my turn.  I invited them to come and spend time at my home doing local experiences.  If you want to see all the fun photos from the weekend, either visit Facebook or Instagram where I posted pics and be sure to follow me so you won’t miss out on my fun!

The highlight for me was our private poolside restorative yoga session with Stephanie Mamantov (you can find her here on Facebook).  She teaches private and group lessons around Fort Worth and in her home studio in Joshua.  I met her through classes she teaches at Fitness Connection. She brought all the equipment and all we had to do was be open to the healing properties of yoga.  She concluded the session with meditation.

It was so relaxing being outside hearing the sound of the birds, the water and the crackling fireplace.  Truly a treat to start our day!

Stephanie also shared a recipe for an easy, homemade Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar and Sugar Facial Scrub for Winter:


3 TBL raw honey

1 tsp raw apple cider vinegar

2 TBL raw organic sugar

Combine ingredients and apply to clean skin.  Leave on skin for 1-2 minutes before removing with a warm, damp wash cloth.  Can be used to exfoliate skin bi-weekly.  Enjoy this decadent and economical treatment!


If you want to schedule your own retreat, private lesson or inquire about Stephanie’s yoga offerings connect with her through email at [email protected]