FriYay Fit: Clothes Mentor Finds

I am so happy to share that Clothes Mentor Fort Worth has partnered with Home with a Twist to be a blog sponsor!  They will be sharing with readers a cute outfit idea each week.

Have you ever shopped at Clothes Mentor?  I have found some beautiful pieces for my wardrobe at a fraction of the price in retail shops.  They make resale hot! At Clothes Mentor, they buy and sell high-quality, gently used name-brand and designer clothing, shoes and accessories that are like new—for less! … And, if you’re looking to be a #bossbabe, Clothes Mentor is the nation’s top women’s clothing franchise and they are looking to expand!

I have such great luck selling my clothes and get a pretty nice cash back bonus the same day, no waiting for my items to sell and return to the store to see what my payout is.  I have also benefitted from purchasing my favorite brands like Kate Spade, JCrew, Tory Burch, and Coach.

Here’s this week’s cute outfit…

Dress is Plenty by Tracy Reese, Size S, $22 (think summer wedding or graduation)

Kate Spade Clutch $45 (omg this is CUTE)

Lucky Brand Wedges, Size 9, $22 (wedges are always a good thing).

Call the store if you want to hold or purchase items over the phone (they do not ship items).  (817) 731-3443, 4636 SW Loop 820, Fort Worth 76109 located in Overton Park Plaza.  Open 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. most days. Be sure to tell them Home with a Twist sent you!

Friyay Fit: My Picks for Spring – Gingham, Tie Waist Pants, Lipstick, and a Podcast

My two favorite seasons are fall and spring.  Spring because everything is so fresh and new.  It’s still cool and flowers are blooming.  Pretty much by June I am ready for fall because it gets so hot here in Texas.  With just a short window of time, I have to jump onto spring like a lady bug on a hot plate!

Here are some of my favorite trends for spring:

A new handbag — every gal needs a new purse for spring that will carry  through fall.  I love the transparent and croc detail bags that are popular right now.  This small tote from Vince Camuto has me excited and it comes black, rose and cobalt blue.


Tie Waist Pants — One of my favorite wardrobe staples for work is slacks.  I do alot of moving around and it’s practical to wear slacks, a blouse and fun jacket.  I really like these lilac pencil pants from Loft with the cute tie detail.  I wore these to work recently with a black swiss-dot ruffle blouse and black sandles.  Fresh and simple.  They also have an army green color which is considered neutral and will go with anything in your closet — white, black, navy and lavender in particular.

Gingham — just keeps coming back into play.  This iconic vintage-inspired pattern is popular in shoes and accessories, too.  But, I love it in these Talbots black and white gingham ankle pants.  I wore these to work with a tshirt and hot pink blazer.




Lipstick — I love this new drug store brand lipstick from Revlon – Kiss Cushion lip tint.  It has a soft sponge tip and goes on really smooth, almost like a lip balm, but covers like a stain.  I’ve been using 240 Berry Lit, a very pretty pinky pink that makes my lips look fresh and moisturized.

A new podcast I found from Trader Joe’s my favorite place to shop.  They talk about their brands, food trends, sustainability, wine and cheese, how they choose their products and more.  It’s pretty interesting.

And, it reminds me I need to record a new podcast episode myself.

So, that’s wrap for this week’s Friyay Fit where I round up things to inspire your weekend.  Have a good one!

Friyay Fit: Home with a Twist Featured in Voyage Dallas

I began my first blog, Buzz In Around the Hive, about six years ago as a way to journal my experience as a caregiver to my parents. Sprinkled in between stories of the joys and challenges of caring for aging parents, I shared recipes, ideas for home decor and entertaining, the milestones of being Miss Bee’s mother and a few stories including, Mr. Bee, my husband.

My mother, Earnie, was a big inspiration for my blog material. With her permission, I would share comical things she said or did. She always laughed and found the funny in most everything, even heartache. When Mother died very suddenly in 2013 from a brain aneurysm, my world stopped turning. I missed her daily presence in my home where we lived together as a family for six wonderful years. She was my “zip.” It took me a LONG time to find any reason to write. I had no motivation. My muse was gone. About two years later, I slowly found the desire to write. But, even then, it didn’t seem like anything I was sharing was interesting.

When I was with my three best friends on a getaway, I shared all these feelings I had and, with their help, I realized that my blog had revolved around a life I didn’t have anymore. I had moved on to the next chapter of my life – a life yet to be lived with infinite opportunities to redefine who Melissa is and will be next. However, it is really important to me that I stay close to those ties I had with Mother and the inspiration she gave me throughout her lifetime.

Hence, Home with a Twist. A daughter’s twist on her mother’s traditions. I will still share the same ideas with you on cooking, home keeping, entertaining, my spiritual growth and whatever else I may find interesting. It’s my twist in the tale.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
As fun as social media can be, it can also be a burden to always feel like you are not good enough. I love the quote by Steven Furtick, “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” On the days when I share quick, personal stories about me and my life, they seem to get more “likes” than the beautifully staged photos of something I’ve spent a lot of time on. People want authentic.

We’d love to hear more about Home with a Twist.
I have had such a wonderful professional career as an event producer for almost 20 years. Being able to blend my gifts of hospitality and creativity with my “day job” has been very fulfilling. But, I do look forward to retirement someday when I can blog full time.

Which women have inspired you in your life?
My mother is my inspiration. Growing up pulling on my mother’s apron strings, I learned to prepare fabulous food, entertain guests with style and design a traditional home with a retro twist. She taught me to always be kind, gracious and practice empathy. My sister is also important to me. She was fifteen when I was born, so she has always been more of a Mother figure in my life. She taught me to tie my shoes, count and do multiplication tables. She is very creative and has great personal style.

Contact Info:

Image Credit:
Rooted In Love Photography and SRC Photography

The FriYay Fit — Aaptiv Fitness App

Despite the fact that working out makes you feel amazing after you’ve finished, it’s a mind game getting motivated to keep that appointment with yourself at the gym.  I get bored easily with the same-ol-workout, so when I found the app, Aaptiv, it’s been a game changer!  And I’m sharing a free guest pass at the end of this post.

“In 2015, Ethan Agarwal was trying to stay fit during his business travels. It wasn’t easy—he found it difficult to stay motivated during runs. He wanted an audio-based guide that would be with him every step of the way. Not finding a product that suited his needs, Ethan started Aaptiv. Today, Aaptiv is the top audio-based fitness app on the Apple App Store, and the fastest-growing mobile fitness product on the market.

At Aaptiv, we believe that everyone deserves personalized fitness instruction, not just the few who can afford their own personal trainer. We’re not about six-packs, thigh gaps, or so-called “beach bodies”—everybody is welcome on our beach. We help people feel the joy of moving their bodies, the satisfaction of completing a workout, the thrill of beating a personal best, and the health benefits of fitness. We embrace all paths: a morning run, a midday yoga session, an after-work gym class, or a bedtime meditation.

Our vision is simple: we want to improve the lives of millions through fitness. Our journey begins with a magical combination of scientifically effective programming, empathetic trainers, and uplifting music. As we grow, our members can count on us to deliver the most convenient, personalized, and fun way to work out—an always-there partner that guides them to their healthiest, happiest lives.”

Basically, it’s trainer-led, music driven audio workouts.  It’s like having a personal trainer standing right there with you, coaching, prompting and encouraging you through your workout.  They have thousands of workouts loaded, and add 25+ new classes each week.  You select your skill level, interests, how much time you want to devote to a workout, type of equipment you want to use – literally, there are endless options.  Right now, I am following a Cardio for Weight Loss segment that runs for four weeks.  There are four workouts per week and after you complete each one you tag it as finished, balloon emojis set out and you get a congratulations email from the trainer that led that session!  This segment includes the elliptical, stairclimber, indoor cycling, weights, rowing and the treadmill.

If you don’t work out at a gym, there are home programs.  Want to take a run or walk outside, there’s something there for you, too.  There’s stretching and Yoga sessions and the list goes on.  The best part for me is I do something different every day and the time passes quickly because I am not looking at the clock!

If you want to give a try – use this free 30-day guest pass code .  If you decide you want to join, they are always running discounts on memberships.  I believe when I joined I signed up for a year membership at 50% off.  But, you’ve got 30-days to find out for yourself.  It’s available on the App Store and Google Play.  Let me know what you think!

The Friyay Fit — Going to a Book Signing

Mother was a longtime patron of the library.  I don’t think I ever saw her not deep into a book.  She loved to read all genres and was always a member of the Friends of the Library.  So, she would have been thrilled to go with me to the North Richland Hills Library for their “Behind the Book” series.  I will blog more about it another day, but I wanted to share “my fit” I had to meet Tess Gerritsen, author of her newest release I Know a Secret from the Rizzoli & Isles TNT series.

My most favorite thing to wear is jeans.  If I could wear jeans everyday of the week I would, especially if you find a designer that feels good when you wear it.  I discovered CJ by Cookie Johnson years ago and own several pair of her skinny jeans in distressed washed and indigo.  I also love the frayed or released hem style that, according to designers, is a trend that will be around awhile.

If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in new clothes or feel really confident in your current wardrobe line up, I suggest instead focusing on adding just a few new accessories.  Two items I picked up for fall are from Cabi  — the Deidre Scarf and the Secret Garden cuff.  The scarf is big enough to wear as a belt and I wore it tied in a knot loosely around my neck.   Here is a fun Pinterest article on “125 Catchiest Scarf Trends for women in 2017.”   I adore the hinge cuff bracelet.  It has the most interesting, heirloom looking encrusted jewels — including a honeybee! The orange tee is also from the spring line of Cabi, but you could find any color tshirt to coordinate since animal print is considered neutral.  Doesn’t a leopard fit in anywhere?  For a Cabi catalog contact [email protected]  I’ve been a long-time customer of Cabi and the clothing is gorgeous and very well made.

The other thing I love are loose, long cardigans.  The cardigan I am wearing is a linen blend from Ann Taylor several seasons ago, but here is a similar style that is on sale at Ann Tayor now.   I like linen blend because it’s dressier so it can go with most everything in your closet.  Navy is supposed to be the go-to color for the fall especially with olive.  And belted cardigans are really popular right now, too.

Next, shoes.  I purchased these Apt. 9 block heel sandals from Kohl’s last spring and they are still available at $24.99!  They come in brown, denim and black and make a perfect transition shoe into the fall.

Next, you need a tote to carry all your books home from the library. I love my Vera Bradley quilted denim back pack that I purchased last spring for 50% off! It’s perfect for work because I can put a change of shoes for the long walk to my office from the parking lot and it still has room for my lunch box along with essentials like my wallet, phone, eyeglass case and makeup bag.

And to finish the outfit off, you need a good lipcolor.  I love LipSense — the color that lasts until you take it off.  A great color is “She’s Apples” a warm, matte orange red.  If you’re on Instagram follow LizzieLucasLips to see more beautiful shades and ideas for wearing lipcolor or email [email protected]

So, that’s my fit for Friday.  I hope you are inspired for the weekend ahead!

Friyay Fit — Workout Wear

Bringing you a fun idea for kicking off the weekend!  This week we will dish on fitness wear. I don’t like to spend a lot on my workout wear, but I do want it to fit properly and make me feel good when I am wearing it.  I especially don’t want to be constantly tugging and pulling up my pants. Also, if I have to dash to an appointment or run errands after leaving the gym, I want to look stylish.  I’m sharing a few outfits from Old Navy Active.   They have wear for all kinds of activity — running, gym and studio and it’s my #1 source for purchasing new workout wear.


I have these Go Dry Compression Capri leggings and they are really comfortable.  The fit is slightly below the waist, but I feel like they hold everything in.

You can wear this with a pink, navy, green or black tank making it very versatile to go with other tops you may have already.


But, if you wanted to pick up a tank to go with the pants, I love graphic tees.  And, this one is adorable.


And, to finish the look this hoodie comes in pink, turquoise and black.  It’s lightweight, soft and not bulky so it’s perfect to put over your tank.  I took Miss Bee to the movies after a workout this week and the hoodie came in handy because the theater was freezing.



I think it is so important to feel pretty when you work out.  Don’t just put an over sized t-shirt over black leggings.  How can you see how beautiful your body is, or the definition in your arms you are working hard for if you are covering it all up?  If you want to feel dynamite on the inside, you also need to project that same image on the outside!