What Would Holley Wear: Margo’s Ageless Style

My Aunt Margo is one of the most fabulous women I’ve ever known!  From her Lalique crystal collection to her style…she is one posh lady!  When I was growing up, she and her family traveled “via jet-plane” from Connecticut to south Arkansas every summer to visit my grandparents and my family.  

 So, in honor of my fancy Aunt…this article is dedicated to Aunt Margo!  

One way I would describe her style is “fearless”!  So, let’s get started and talk about what makes a style fearless.  I have to say bold colors are a key factor.  When I think about Margo’s style, the colors green and orange are at the top of the list….the perfect complement to any redhead!  

I’m loving a pair of green driving shoes from Gap on our Pinterest board…just add jeans, a white blouse and a fabulous green statement piece. And I can also see Margo looking stunning in the fabulous green brocade coat on our board…perfect for a party.   Another great Pinterest combo is an orange jacket paired with a green handbag complemented with an orange and green printed scarf.  The icing on the cake would be a pair of orange David Webb earrings!  Beyond fancy!

Another fearless style is animal print.  I’m loving Kate Spade’s faux fur leopard print tote on our board.  And a pair of animal print shoes will definitely take you on a walk on the wild side!  For cool nights out, the lace-up leopard print poncho from Chico’s is a must have for Aunt Margo.  Wild thing!!!

And when it comes to style, Margo definitely has an artsy and contemporary vibe.  Maybe that’s because she is a lover of the arts.  A color blocked ensemble would be the perfect look for a day at the museum or a chamber music concert.  A head turning look on our board is a long black vest worn over a yellow pantsuit.  A stunning necklace completes the outfit….classy and contemporary!

One way to highlight your passion for style is with a statement piece.  The women I know who wear large fashion pieces are my style heroes.  Trina Turk’s over-sized circle bib necklace from Bloomingdale’s would look amazing on Margo.  And I can also see her wearing a Marni multi-color chain necklace.  Plus, there are so many fun and affordable pieces from Chico’s and Anthropology. Oh dear…countless choices!!!

Speaking of jetsetters, Aunt Margo and Uncle Dick have lived the dream!   So let’s talk about what to wear on a global adventure.  When I think of travel, I think comfort should come first. Eileen Fisher pretty much has the market cornered with a relaxed and flowy style that’s perfect for travel.  Her angle-front wrap cardigan would be the perfect cover-up for the plane.  And her comfy sandals will take you from busy European streets to a lush beachside resort.  


A beautiful linen design I recently discovered on Pinterest is Vivid Linen…perfect for tropical vacays. Another fabulous look for a world traveler would be a kimono worn over slacks or jeans.  Wow…these styles actually take me back to a time when I was sitting in my grandparent’s living room watching my aunt and uncle’s travel slides!


Also, an avid reader with a master’s degree in library science, Margo has an impressive collection of books in her home library in Cary, North Carolina. One of her most prized books is by my paternal grandmother’s cousin, David Donald, who won a Pulitzer for his book, The Life of Lincoln.

And just like a prize winning book, Aunt Margo’s passion and zeal for life has always been a prize and gift to me!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected] 

What Would Holley Wear: Aunt Pat Style

Growing up, one of my heroes was my Aunt Pat.  She was the Mother of three daughters, had a PhD in Literature, and was a professor at the University of Missouri.  She was an inspiration to me and left this world way too soon.  

One fond memory of Aunt Pat was her perspective on aging. Instead of saying someone was in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, etc., she would say they were in their “5th row, 6th row, or 7th row,” etc. The more I have thought about her view point over the years, and the older I become, I have to say her insight was genius.  

 So, two things you should know about me:

…I am in my 6th row of life…

…and I love fashion just as much now as I did in all of my former rows!

But, like a lot of things with aging, I’ve had to adjust my style…a little.  So with Aunt Pat as my inspiration, this article is about how ladies (at any age) can wear the latest looks and trends.  My hope is that it will inspire women to stay stylish, current, and row appropriate!  Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration.

So, let’s start with a maxi or midi skirt or dress.  Here’s the deal…these skirts and dresses are age defying! I’m not kidding.  Every year women spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on products and procedures trying to look younger, when all they really need to do is wear a maxi or midi. Why?  Because they hide so many signs of aging and give you a youthful vibe.  Plus, both looks will elongate you, and who doesn’t want to look a little younger and a little taller?


Another row-defying and trendy style is wide-leg pants.  I recently purchased a pair of wide-leg floral pants at Zara and wore them to a wedding shower with a green button-down blouse tied at the waist.   This fall, I plan to do a little print mixing and pair them with a red and white striped shirt from H&M and top it off with a denim jacket.  A pair of culottes is another way to stay in-style and not look frumpy.  I love a pair of vertical stripped culottes I purchase this summer at Dillard’s.  For a casual look, I like to wear them with a white button down and jean jacket, and for a dressier look, I pair them with a flowy blouse with an attached sash, and add pop of color with orange suede block heels….so “row appropriate”!

Another way to add an age defying edge to my style is with a blazer.  A great place to find a current and updated blazer is at Zara (and there’s a Zara at Northpark Mall in Dallas).  My uniform is a black blazer, and white shirt worn with jeans.  The key is to wear your shirt half or front tucked, with or without a belt.  Skinny jeans are another “row defying” look.  My favorite pair of skinnies are from H&M. They are long, which works great for me, and there is a lot of give, but they do not stretch out. Unlike capris that cut you off, full length jeans will make you look taller, and slimmer.  So, on the count of three….everyone say bye-bye capris!  

The absolute best way to give yourself an updated look is with accessories. The way I see it, sunshades can either say, “I’m frumpy,” or “Grandma’s hip”!  If you want to throw caution to the wind….go for a pair of Dior shades.  Or if you are like me and tend to lose or break shades, then check out the selections at Urban Outfitters and Free People…trendy and inexpensive.  Your handbag can also erase years/rows.  Think about investing in a designer bag like Chloe or Gucci, but if you are frugal, just know Target and Dillard’s have great options.  

Updating your jewelry is always age-defying, and you do not have to spend a lot of money.  Here’s a little secret…a few of my favorite places to purchase fashion jewelry are TJ Maxx and Old Navy.  And both J Crew and Anthropology have a wonderful selection of large statement pieces.

For more age-defying looks, be sure to check out my Pinterest board, Ageless Style!    

Isn’t it exciting to know that no matter what “row” of life you are in, there are so many style options to choose from?  The way I see it, Aunt Pat really was ahead of her time and row appropriate…of course!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]