During COVID I launched a virtual cooking school – I mean why not?  It was a lot of fun gathering with women virtually in my kitchen learning and creating. We baked cakes, made buttercream frosting, learned the art of flower arranging, how to create a cheeseboard, organize our pantries, and ways to support a grieving friend. Now, that it looks like we can safely gather in person (with masks indoors when possible), I am excited to share with you the schedule of classes for fall and holidays.

Let’s Paint a Pumpkin! I was inspired by all the painted pumpkins out there, but I was especially drawn toward Totally Tikaa’s orange and hot pink pumpkins here. I picked up a few old-school pumpkin pails for $1 at Target and gave it a try. I adore how it turned out and I want to teach you how to create these colorful delights to decorate your home. Learn more and register here.

I taught myself how to hand-letter acrylic place cards for a party I hosted to celebrate my graduation with my Master’s Degree from TCU. I can’t believe it took me this long to figure out the secret to perfect lettered place cards every single time.  At the end of class, you will leave with a set of eight place cards personalized for guests at your Thanksgiving or holiday table. Learn more and register here.

Holiday appetizers is a hands-on cooking class. Nothing gives me greater joy than teaching women new skills. Students are divided into pairs to create three different recipes. As I guide the students in the process I also share hospitality and cooking tips. Once all the recipes are ready to serve, we gather at the table to taste our creations, get to know one another, and I open the conversation up for Q&A on all things hosting. At the of night we box up the leftovers to take home and share with your family.  This is a perfect date night or girlfriend get-together. Learn more and register here.

Thumb Print Cookies – Three Ways. The quintessential cookies – buttery, not too sweet, and oh, so versatile. In a hands-on cooking class, you’ll learn how to bake this heirloom recipe and prepare three different toppings to make these sweet or savory. Plus, we’ll enjoy my mother’s Christmas Percolator Punch and listen to my favorite holiday tunes. Learn more and register here.