A visit from Stylish Holley

Miss Bee is not unlike anyone when it comes to the old “what am I going to wear” while standing half dressed in the closet 10 minutes before needing to be at church.  So I enlisted the help of my friend, Stylish Holley.  She came over one afternoon after school and worked with Miss Bee going through her closet helping her to make outfits with what she already had. First, Miss Stylish asked Miss Bee what her “go-to” clothes were – things like jeans, a denim jacket, items of clothing Miss Bee would most likely wear on a regular basis.  They purged clothing that was either too small or not wanted.  Then, Holley laid out on the bed the top favorite pieces and started to build a wardrobe with them.  I sat with a cup of tea in the beanbag chair — silent and motionless.  I did blurt out a few “oh, that’s cute” every once in a while.  … Continue reading “A visit from Stylish Holley”

Smell my Finger

That never ends well, does it?  Well, now that Revlon has come out with perfume scented nail polish every handshake will end with people saying you smell pretty. Inspired by perfume bottles, Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel comes in many chic shades that once the polish is dry takes on a sweet fragrance.  I tried the Pink Pineapple, a barely there shade of pink.  Sure enough, my digits smelled like pineapple! I think the little bottles are adorable. Maybe if they are a hit, they could make the tops in clear plastic to look like crystal!

Buzz on Fashion — The Perfect White Shirt

If you are going to invest in anything new in your wardrobe each season, it must be a new white button down shirt.  I found one at Ann Taylor.  This really is the perfect white shirt. It’s semi fitted, with a great fabric that’s crisp — a blend of cotton, nylon and spandex.  The collar will stay up and it’s fitted enough that you could wear it tucked in or out with a belt.  You must own at least one fitted button down.  It’s slimming and looks great on everyone.  Plus, they have other colors — like the color “rose petal” which is really in this spring. As my stylish friend Holley says, “when you add something new to your closet it must be clothing you can wear at least three different ways.”  This white shirt will go with a pencil skirt, jeans, or under a spring sweater.  Three. Bam. If $69.50 … Continue reading “Buzz on Fashion — The Perfect White Shirt”

Skincare for the Half-Centenarian

I’m almost 50 (half a century old– yikes).  Last fall I went to the dermatologist and one of my “concerns” was brown spots which just magically appeared especially along the sides of my face.  Although I wear sunscreen on my face everyday, it’s the daily exposure to ultraviolet radiation over our lifetime that causes our skin to age — hence the brown “age” spots. She recommended the Eminence Organics skincare line.  It’s made with all organic ingredients like fresh fruit pulps, exotic spices and plants, and free from paraben, mineral oil and petroleum.  They have a line for every skin type from acne to wrinkles and everything in between.  It’s super concentrated so a little goes along way. While you pay more than what you would pay for a grocery store product, it’s not going to break the bank.  I feel at this time in my life, taking good care of … Continue reading “Skincare for the Half-Centenarian”

Pinterest Recipe — Honey Garlic Salmon

Unlike the cookie recipe that I made over the weekend which we gave away to our neighbors because we didn’t like them, the recipe for Honey Salmon in Foil was a success.  I shared it with Mr. Bee and he decided to make it for dinner. We paired it with the roasted cauliflower which you can find in an earlier blog post here and Trader’s Joe’s spinach, cranberry, blue cheese, and candied pecan salad.  It was really yummy. Sister-out-law shared with me that when her parents retired they each took turns cooking.  Her dad would cook for two weeks, then the mother would cook for two weeks, and so forth.  I told Mr. Bee this is what we were doing now.  He’s in week one of his two week stretch.  So far, we’ve had homemade meatball subs, this dinner and last night was Miss Bee’s birthday so we went to her favorite … Continue reading “Pinterest Recipe — Honey Garlic Salmon”

I’ll have a Pink Martini

I use Spotify at work so I can listen to my own blend of music.  At work, I like low key music — Michael Buble meets Sade kinda tunes.  The kind I would like to hear if I were shopping in a store.  Make me linger and sip a cocktail kind of music. Spotify introduced me to Pink Martini. An American band that sings multilingual songs, they perform on the concert stage as well as with an orchestra.  The female vocalist is China Forbes.  I want her dress. They have some great album cover designs — very retro chic     Hey, Eugene is my favorite song.     This album has the favorite Doris Day tune Que, Sera, Sera.   Many of their songs are sung in French so don’t be distracted.  Just sit and enjoy your croissant.  I dare you to not like them.

Ole’ Earnie

I got a call yesterday from one of Earnie’s church lady friends, Gloria.  She told me their sewing group, of which Earnie was a member, would be meeting next week and she was planning to make Earnie’s recipe for Mexican Fruit Cake.  Hold your horses, reader.  It’s not this… The thought of candied fruit with a congealed sauce over a nutty cake makes my gag reflex work overtime.  Earnie’s recipe is a much gentler, kinder cake. Gloria told me how much they missed my mother and since this next week is their Valentine’s Day gathering she wanted to make Earnie’s cake so they could think of her.  Isn’t that the sweetest gift ever?  I’ve been missing her so much lately.  These little treasures that come out of the blue help me to remember her spirit is still very much present.  My bestie picked up a magazine to read the other day and in … Continue reading “Ole’ Earnie”

Mr. Bee Has Left the Building

Mr. Bee is officially retired.  He is so excited.  He has a bucket list of things he wants to do: Be a substitute teacher — I would rather roll myself in honey and be fed to a pack of red ants, but if this makes him happy, then go for it. Go to Culinary School  — he says he will be making dinner for us.  Meatloaf, he reported, is his first meal.  Gives me images of Will Ferrell in the Wedding Crashers. Ma, Meatloaf!!!  Become a certified auto mechanic — he loves to work on cars.  His Porsche dealer friend said Mr. Bee could hang with him in the garage. Take a glass blowing class Learn to play the guitar Plant me a vegetable garden Be a mall Santa Claus — he has already started the beard He retired after 19 years of service from the state, and many more … Continue reading “Mr. Bee Has Left the Building”

I’m Waterlogued

I spent my entire evening playing with Waterlogue.  It’s a new smart phone app that takes your photos and creates a watercolor print right before your eyes.  It is awesomesauce.  The Hive may open a gallery with these buzz worthy jewels… Mr. Hobbes New York Poppy Farm    Take my hand   Ruthie, the Weinerful   Miss Bee with sandy toes   Porkchop and Lovie   I mustache you a question   Buttercream Frosting   Earnie and the Amaryllis   Animal Print   Reincarnation     Best $2.99 I have spent in a while.  Have a wonderful weekend. 

Oven Roasted Cauliflower

I think I might buy stock in cauliflower farms.  Can you marry a cauliflower?  Tonight I was testing the recipes from Pinterest, and this one was in the queue — oven roasted cauliflower and it was a hit.  Like, licking my plate, wishing I had more, hit. It was lemony, garlicky, with just a few bites of caramelized crunchy tips from the olive oil.  And the Parmesan cheese at the end, adds just another zest.  I think this would be the perfect side to grilled chicken or salmon.  One medium-sized cauliflower served three people generously, so if you want to make it for a dinner party you might want to cut up two heads of cauliflower. Now go out to the grocery tomorrow and make this.  Follow me on Pinterest for the recipe, or click above for the direct link to the recipe.