Say “I Do” to Tres Leches Cake Parfaits

I wanted to share a recipe for Tres Leches Cake parfaits.  For the bridal shower I helped co-host, I volunteered to make the dessert.  I knew Tres Leches cake was the bride’s favorite, but I didn’t want to serve it the usual way, sliced on plates with a fork.  So, I made parfaits. I used a Martha Stewart recipe for Tres Leches Cake.  I baked it the night before the party and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.  A few hours before the party, I made the whipped cream and assembled the parfaits in small, stemless wine glasses. At the bottom of each glass I put a small dollop of whipped cream, then a small square of cake, more whipped cream, another square of cake, topped with whipped cream.  I sprinkled a garnish of toasted coconut and a touch of nutmeg.  I found a set of adorable bride and groom cupcake toppers and stuck them in … Continue reading “Say “I Do” to Tres Leches Cake Parfaits”

Travel themed Bridal Shower

My co-workers and I sent off one of our own to be married to her beloved.  She spent most of this past year traveling from Texas to Florida to be with him.  So we decided a travel-themed shower would be fun. We used a vintage suitcase and a small bouquet of flowers with a tag for the front porch decor. In the living area, where guests gathered, we featured a map mounted on foam board.  Since her shower was on Valentine’s Day we googled cities in the US with a Valentine them in the name and made little hearts and attached them with red and white push pins — Candy Town, Ohio; Lover, Pennsylvania…   We filled a vintage suitcase and hat box with travel themed gifts, maps and tour guides for the table centerpiece.    Refreshments were Kale and Goat Cheese empanadas, melon prosciutto skewers, Havarti and apricot bruschetta and tres leches cake … Continue reading “Travel themed Bridal Shower”

Easy, easy appetizer for spring

I helped host a bridal shower for a co-worker recently.  When I saw a recipe for Kale and Goat Cheese Empanadas, I knew she would love them. They are super easy to make and very yummy.  Check out the latest issue of Oprah magazine for this and other recipes, including brownies made with just a jar of Nutella, eggs, flour and salt! I doubled the recipe.  I took two bunches of Lacinato kale and washed and chopped the greens.  Mix in salt and pepper then saute them in olive oil, I didn’t measure but about 3 tablespoons would do it for doubling the recipe.  After about 4 minutes of sauteing, put the greens to the side to cool.  Once cooled, I added one cup of crumbled goat cheese. Then you take refrigerated pie crust dough.  I didn’t do it like the recipe said because I needed more than 8 empanadas per … Continue reading “Easy, easy appetizer for spring”

Peeling Back Time

On a recent visit to my doctor for a check up, I mentioned to her I was dismayed that my skin was finally betraying me with “dark spots.”  I guess I’ve done pretty well if I am just a few years shy of my 50th birthday and have gone this long with having no signs of sun damage. Earnie used to keep me slathered in Pre-Sun, which I remember burning like hell upon application.  Maybe I was getting my own version of a chemical peel when I was five.  Hey.  She did me a favor.  My doctor recommended a chemical peel.  When I researched the cost, I just couldn’t justify the expense even though I know it would probably yield fantastic results.  I went for an at-home version. Kate Sommerville has a Clinic-to-Go resurfacing peel kit. 16 individually packaged, pre-treated wipes.  You peel the tabbed cover off, place your fingers in the glove-like … Continue reading “Peeling Back Time”

Valentine’s Day — The Dish on Candy

Behind Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day is my second most favorite holiday.  I love red, pink and white.  I love valentine cards.  The last tip I suggested was on how to make your lips pretty for kissing. Tip #2 is to always have a dish of Valentine’s candy out for guest enjoyment.   Last year I found Gimbal’s Cherry Lovers candy at CVS.  They are just like sour cherries only in heart shapes with flavors like cherry vanilla, black cherry, cherry cheesecake, cherry cola, cherry daiquiri and cherry cola.  They look so pretty in my milk glass candy dish. Buzz over to Eighteen 25 for their free, down loadable subway art.  I purchased a frame for my desk at work specifically to interchange their subway art to celebrate the seasons.  

Her Pink Legacy

At work yesterday I took a group of ladies for a tour of the Mary Kay Museum at the Mary Kay World Headquarters in Addison, Texas.  Mrs. Mary Kay Ash took a $5,000 investment in 1963 and built a 2.2 billion dollar business while along the way changing countless lives of men and women across the world. I snapped a few fun photos… I have a thing for oil paintings of people.  I love them.  You know when you go to estate sales and the owner has portraits on the walls of their children.  I always wonder about the people in the paintings, what their lives were like.  The stories they could tell. I thought the names of these fragrances were funny…Jan and Snare.  Who’s Jan?  And, if I wear Snare, surely Chad Everett would have noticed me when I visited Medical Center. Another oil painting and the pink, round ottoman.  I … Continue reading “Her Pink Legacy”

She’s Spicy –Organizing your spice cabinet

I’ve had it with the space I keep my spices.  The lazy Susan’s get jammed.  I never know what spices I have or don’t have.  You’re dead to me. I decided to take the door inside my pantry and make it spice central. I found a door sized rack at Home Depot for $40.  Then, I cleared out the cabinet checking the dates on all the spices.  Throwing out the expired ones.  What a waste. Two treasures I found… First, in England they call sprinkles, Sugar Strands.  I have had this jar for 6 years.  I don’t use them.  It’s sentimental. Second, I can’t recall what this spice was, but it expired in 1998 which means I’ve probably had it since 1996 and that was at the first house (3 houses ago) that Mr. Bee and I lived in when we were first married.  Yikes. I found a spice inventory on this … Continue reading “She’s Spicy –Organizing your spice cabinet”

Sleepover Biscuits

Miss Bee loves biscuits and rolls.  She could live on them.  Last night she asked if a few friends could spend the night and if I could make a pan of biscuits for dinner.  Earnie made homemade vegetable soup.  It was nice to see the girls dive into big bowls of warm, healthy soup and biscuits dripping with butter and honey. She always asks me to “make that man’s biscuits.”  That man is David Venable.  He’s a host on QVC.  I have to say his newest cookbook is pretty awesome. The book is full of recipes first made by his mother.  I am not sure that his recipe for buttermilk biscuits is any different than other recipes, but I know they come out perfect and flaky every time. How do you eat your biscuit?  Like a sandwich or in two parts?

Being Quiet in our Thoughts

I had the best weekend retreat with my church-lady friends.  We laughed, talked, shared.  We are all different, but we share one thing in common.  We love the Lord. During our Saturday evening Bible study, during the power outage while we sat in candlelight, we talked about our gifts.  Words others may use to describe us.  Things like loyal, warm, funny, smart.  We shared how taking the time to be thankful for these gifts is important.  To practice self-compassion.  We show compassion for others, but how often do we show compassion toward ourselves?  Somedays we can be so hard on us.  I’m not this, I’m not that. So, we “resolved” to set aside a minimum of 5-10 minutes each day to pray for thanksgiving.  To be quiet in our thoughts.  To learn that what seems urgent should not replace what is important.  Sometimes there’s a big difference.  To practice self-denial.  Sunday mornings come and we … Continue reading “Being Quiet in our Thoughts”

Beverage Cart Rehab

This little sad cart was what I started with… It sat next to Daddy’s chair and since he couldn’t see real well, it suffered a few spills of his favorite beverage, Diet Dr. Pepper.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with it.  It has a alot of charm.  Tiny, vintage, wooden wheels, and a removable tray top. I even tried to give it away, but no one wanted him.  Then one day when I was skimming through one of my magazines, I saw this and got a light bulb idea: I thought it looked so much like my little cart.  I took my new paint color, Florence, from the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint collection, a little of their clear wax, chalkboard paint, and a tube of Rub-n-Buff in antique gold and went to work. This is side view of the paint application and the Rub-N-Buff along the top edge. This is … Continue reading “Beverage Cart Rehab”