Earnie was my Zip

I am sure you’ve noticed my less frequent blog posts lately.  Since Earnie passed away, I’ve kinda lost my “get up and go.”  Fun, inspiring ideas don’t pop up as much.  She was such a big part of my daily life, and the subject material for my blog. I have to take one day at a time.  Some days are fun and I am able to do business as usual.  But, there have been alot of moments lately where I am quiet.  Thinking about Earnie.  Missing her.  A part of me is missing.  A big part.  Most days, Earnie was my mother.  But there were frequent days when she was like my child.  She needed my constant attention, physically and emotionally.  I loved every minute of it.  She made being her caregiver a true joy.  So, when you take all that away, it’s hard for a person to recover and jump back … Continue reading “Earnie was my Zip”

Quick Tip — labeling your food

Quick tip for storing food in the fridge.  Found these labels at The Container Store: A package of 70 labels in three sizes.  Erasable and easy to remove.  Tonight we had tomato basil soup and Miss Bee didn’t finish all of hers.  I poured the rest in a container, slapped a label on it with today’s date and off you go in the fridge.  That way I don’t have to answer the age old question, “How old is this?  Do you think this is still good?” 

Open Cubicle — A take on an office party

When you’re an event planner and work with other event planners, you’re always trying to come up with ways to have…an event.  So, today was our annual “open cubicle” —  our spin on an open house.  We each prepared (or for the gals that don’t cook, bought) a fall nibble and set our dish on the credenzas outside our cubicle doors (we each have our own enclosed offices, but they don’t have doors, weird).  We started at the front of the office and had a progressive feast down the hallway.  Here’s our parade of food for the fall frolic…  Trader Joe’s pumpkin macarons and a cute little acorn cookies inspired from Pinterest.   Egg soufflé tarts from the Black Rooster Bakery Homemade pumpkin cream cheese roll. Cheryl rocks at this.  Notice her fall framed foliage. She got points for her décor.   These are the best ever.  They are breakfast cookies made with corn … Continue reading “Open Cubicle — A take on an office party”

Awesome New Soup Recipe

Miss Bee’s favorite thing is soup.  When I saw a recipe for Cheese Tortellini and Italian Sausage soup on Pinterest I gave it a try.  Unlike the barfy oatmeal, this was a winner.  Mainly because you can dump everything in the slow cooker and do nothing.  My favorite meal.  It was so good.  Mr. Bee had three bowls and said it could rival a restaurant-style soup any day.  I made a batch of Beer Bread and had sliced apples as a side. Brown in a skillet one package of Italian sausage.  I used Johnsville.  Drain on paper towels. Into a greased slower cooker set on low: one package of cheese tortellini (any brand is fine) Cooked sausage one bag of spinach 2 cans of Italian-style diced tomatoes 2 cans of chicken stock On top of soup ingredients, placed one block of cream cheese cut into cubes. The recipe says to cook … Continue reading “Awesome New Soup Recipe”

Wrapping with Style

In the next episode of Hoarders… Our beautiful, marble topped, Victorian dresser.  This was in Miss Bee’s old room.  Before we made the switch this summer to her new, improved, kickin’  it teen-style room.  We have now passed a law that dressers are not allowed in The Hive. So, help, me. Instead, she has Elfa in the closet to store all her belongings.  Once I cleared off all the stuff (this was a half-day affair) I got to thinking that this would make a perfect place for all my gift wrapping supplies!  I. Am. A. Genious! Gift wrapping was stored all over my house.  Some in the hall closet that is just supposed to be for linens. Some in the attic stuffed in a box that I had no idea what I had.  And random ribbons from floral arrangements were stuffed in a kitchen drawer. Here’s how I made it … Continue reading “Wrapping with Style”

The Birds and the Bees… and the Sunflowers

When Daddy was alive he loved to plant sunflower seeds and watch them grow into flowers.  When he was pretty close to loosing his vision completely, he still enjoyed going outside to water and tend to his plants.  We never planted any seeds at our house.  Life happened and we got busy. After Daddy passed away that summer we started noticing that sunflowers were sprouting up in various parts of the flower beds.  It gave Earnie great pleasure to sit in her room by the window and look out to see a little piece of Daddy in the garden. This year even more sunflowers came back.  As I was standing in the backyard this morning while Ruthie, the wienerful, was taking care of business, I was looking at how scraggly the bushes had become and I thought to myself that I needed to probably cut them back.  I was looking … Continue reading “The Birds and the Bees… and the Sunflowers”

A Plowman’s Lunch

Mr. Bee is always good about sharing his English heritage with Miss Bee.  I suggested that this past Sunday after church we make a trip to Central Market to get food to have a “plowman’s” lunch.  Miss Bee has made several trips to England in her short life and enjoys these lunches at the local pubs. Coined a “plowman’s” lunch because it’s a portable food that farmers can tie up in a cloth or pouch and carry it with them back to work.  It usually consists of cheese, chutney, bread and maybe a piece of fruit. Mr. Bee was in charge of the cheese.  He selected a sharp cheddar and a cheese with honey and fig.  Miss Bee sounded in with a sweet cranberry infused cheese and her fave herbed soft cheese.  We definitely took liberties here with the variety. Miss Bee and her cheese.  A funny story…. recently Mr. Bee picked up a … Continue reading “A Plowman’s Lunch”

Swarm of Bees

Melissa means honey bee in Greek.  When I find something that speaks bee, I pick it up.  Every once in a while someone treats me to a bee bauble.  Like yesterday, my Lolly and my Goddaughter  Annie treated me to the pink bee confection on my wrist above (yikes, my skin looks old!). It’s from Brighton’s newest collection My Flat in London. Their catalog is darling with all kinds of things I love.  Handbags, baubles, scarves.  Here are a few images from their wallpaper you can save to your computer..     And this pretty much sums up the scene at breakfast with Cindy yesterday.  I’m in black.  Cindy got eaten by the Cheetah while I was getting her more hazelnut coffee.  Nice handbags, by the way.    For the story on how my name came to bee…check out a vintage blog segment.  Have a fab Friday, darling!

Best of Earnie

Flash back Tuesday, to a best of Earnie segment from her birthday two years ago.  Pretty much sums up how I feel this week. It’s been exhausting just going through her bedroom, bathroom and closet.  I can’t imagine how overwhelming it must be for children having to go through an entire house.  My advise to those of you out there with older parents is this: Ask questions about the things in their house that are important to them.  Like where did this come from?  Why is it important to you?  There were many times over the last week that I wished I had known the story on some of Earnie’s pretty things.  Just these little bits of information may help sustain you in the days when you are missing them a lot.   If your parent is up for it, ask them if you can help them go around and mark or make … Continue reading “Best of Earnie”

Hold Me: This Container Store Party is Amazing!

Sister Bee scored an invitation for a private party preview of the new Fort Worth Container Store last night.  It was so much fun to rub elbows with 2,000 other people that love containers of all shapes, sizes and forms like I do!  I even got to meet and greet with a few of my readers…Anita H. and Patti M.  It was so fun to get to see them.   Hot guy took this pic of Cindy, me and Sister.     As we entered the store the cashier counters were transformed into a giant bar with champagne and other spirits.    We snagged a Sergio acrylic tray off the display and snapped a photo of our champagne…       All around the store were food stations.  The coolest thing was that they featured the food in all sorts of the containers they sell in the store…     … Continue reading “Hold Me: This Container Store Party is Amazing!”