The Night I Wet My Pants

Miss Bee loves scary movies.  In the last 6 months or so I have been her chaperone to see Mama, Warm Bodies and World War Z.  I always have to sit by myself in the theatre because she and her friends like to sit on the back row.  So, surrounded by my popcorn, candy and a drink I have to console myself when scream worthy moments arise.  It’s kinda like counseling.  Just tough it out. Several weeks ago I read about the new movie The Conjuring in a magazine.  I won’t reveal too much about it, but it’s based on a true story of a family who move into a farm house in Rhode Island only to be forced out again because of demons living in the home.  A real-life couple, The Warrens, who’ve dedicated their lives to helping families with these types of issues, come to the rescue. Here’s … Continue reading “The Night I Wet My Pants”

Car Go Kit

I finally had it with my mess of a center console in the Hive mobile.  While the rest of the car is clean and trash free I was making the console my junk pile with all the “I keep meaning” to take those inside stuff.  I tried to get organized with a round bag, but it wasn’t keeping everything sorted.    As I was going through Earnie’s things, I found the bag she purchased from Sister Bee from her Thirty One business.  Mother had used it for all her bible study and church things.  I thought it would be perfect and it would put a little part of her in the car with me everyday.  She had it monogrammed to say “On the Go.”  So, these are the three bags I am working with.  The red one came from Sister Bee last Christmas.  I keep it in the car with all my … Continue reading “Car Go Kit”

Bringing Cheer…Wine to a Friend

I made the Cheerwine Cake from this post for the church lady’s birthday.  Picked up a 6-pack of bottles from World Market — my new hangout.  I picked up a few other things to share with you for a blog segment on Bastille Day! Got to work making the cake.  It’s always risky trying a new recipe on a friend.  But, hey, if friends can’t tell you the cake was awful then who can you trust?  The recipe is easy peasy.  If you want it, post a comment.  BTW, I love comments.  It helps me to know I am not the only one reading my blog. You basically take a box of devil’s food cake mix and add in eggs, oil, Cheerwine, and almond extract. I had to take a sip of the cola.  It tastes like cherry Dr. Pepper married Mr. Pibb. I made a slight adjustment to the icing.  It said to … Continue reading “Bringing Cheer…Wine to a Friend”

What to Wear Wednesday

Here’s my summer time outfit I sported today… Started with my new “M” initial earrings from Sister Bee.  Love them! Add polka dot shorts from Old Navy.  I stocked up on new shorts back at the first of spring when they were on sale.  Trying to keep jogging shorts for exercise and not running errands.      Mix in a Vera Bradley paisley reversible belt. I scored several of these a few years back on clearance. I love them.  Add a bright yellow Isaac Mizrahi t-shirt from QVC…and Miss Bee’s toes.   Finish with my fun slip-on tennis shoes from Old Navy.     This spells a fun day.

Earnie’s Volcanic Lipstick

One of the first things I did when I came home from my trip with Mr. Bee was to go into Earnie’s bathroom.  I sat down at her vanity.  Her room is exactly the way she left it that Wednesday she became ill.  It’s like a ghost town.  I feel like there should be a velvet rope to prevent the general public from intruding into her space. An empty coke can, a bottle of Miralax (you know the funny story about Miralax and ear wax), her makeup.  I suddenly became very overwhelmed by all of her things.  Thinking about how sweet it was that she sat down each day at that vanity and put on makeup.  How getting older, she thought, had betrayed her beauty.  But, she was wrong.  She was still beautiful. She had the prettiest skin.  I touched each of the small, sample jars of creams she had in the drawer.  … Continue reading “Earnie’s Volcanic Lipstick”

Earnie: The Best Last Week of Her Life

  I said goodbye to my dear, precious Earnie last week.  Many of my blog entries have been about the funny things we have experienced living as Mother and daughter in the same house.  When God presented me with this opportunity seven years ago I had no idea that the journey she and I would go on together would be just as much as a gift for her as it was for me.    I am only on the tip of opening a well of emotion that stirs inside me.  My sister put it very well, “I feel like my heart is broken open.  With love flowing out.” My hurt over missing her is cushioned by the fact that I know she is with Daddy. I spoke at her funeral last week. It was my last goodbye.  Honoring all that is good about her.  Here is her story of the best last week of … Continue reading “Earnie: The Best Last Week of Her Life”

Dear Postman, Please Deliver to Camp

When I was away at summer camp, Earnie didn’t send me gifts in the mail.  Side bar:  My gift was usually waiting when I came home — a totally cleaned out and newly decorated bedroom.  The thing now is when you send your kid away for camp, they need to get mail cause all the other kids are getting mail and gifts! Some parents go overboard on the whole “I don’t want my child to feel alone during camp, so here’s $150 dollars.  Go treat your cabin to treats in the snack shack.”  I don’t go that crazy, but I do like to send her a few small things so she gets something every day during mail call.  The camp has a mail box so on Sunday when you drop little precious off you can drop their mail marked with their name and what day you want it delivered.  Camp is … Continue reading “Dear Postman, Please Deliver to Camp”

Digging Yellow — It’s Mellow

Yellow and orange are my fave colors du jour.  Here’s my mellow yellow journal. I love the wall color with the grey dresser and hot pink accents. Miss Bee’s science project.  Anatomy of a cell. Love this reddish/orange chair.       Yellow rattan chairs. Fun journal from Barnes and Noble.    Greenish yellow ottoman and hot pink.  Love.   Book I want to read. Mrs. Schumacher’s Pretzel Rods.  She’s teaching her daughter, Miss Anna, the trade.   Lemon Drop Cookies     This is an easy cookie to make.  You can change up the flavors by using different cake mixes and extracts.   1 box of lemon cake mix 2 eggs 1/3 cup oil 1 tsp lemon extract    Mix all ingredients.  Form about a 3/4 tsp of dough into a ball and roll in powdered sugar.  Bake on a cookie sheet 6-9 minutes at 375 degrees.  Dust with sifted powered … Continue reading “Digging Yellow — It’s Mellow”

Hope Springs Eternal

I’m cold.  It’s 40 degrees outside.  Rainy.  Phil was a little premature in his forecast of spring.  But, I know that soon, it will be hot. 100. Humid.  Here’s a little stroll of my backyard sanctuary.  Even though I may be cold, my little garden is in heaven.   Spinach.      Letuce.     Flowers.     What to wear.       Tomorrow:  Scenes of a Mellow Yellow. 

Epic. Cake. Fail.

This was the first recipe to try from the Cake magazine I mentioned here.  It’s the Brown Sugar Pound cake. Two things happened here.  First, when I was measuring the ingredients I measured five cups of flour.  Once ready to eat it was so bland and just plain, gah.  I have never made a cake that turned out tasteless.  So, I looked back at the recipe.  Oh.  I was supposed to put in three cups of flour (the magic number five was for the eggs).  Oops.  But, still, even if I had just put in the minimum of three cups, I think it would have still tasted, gah.  Oh, and here’s a tip.  When you use too much flour the cake never cooks all the way through.  After two hours — no exaggeration here — I finally took the cake out.  Nice burned edges, and ooey gooey raw batter in the … Continue reading “Epic. Cake. Fail.”