A Fun Way to Serve Ice Cream – in a Watermelon

I follow the Satellite Sisters podcast – which if you are looking for a fun way to connect with other women who feel like friends – please listen to their show. Recently, as they were sharing their plans for celebrating the 4th, they talked about a longtime family tradition of filling a watermelon with ice cream. I don’t have anything else going on so I thought I would give it whirl. First, I took a small roundish watermelon, washed the rind, and cut it in half lengthwise starting at the stem. I scooped out all the watermelon down to the rind and saved it for another day (I love watermelon in the summer!). You won’t need the other half so just save it too, or give it to a neighbor. We also cut off just a little of the end so the roundness of the watermelon half would make it … Continue reading “A Fun Way to Serve Ice Cream – in a Watermelon”

Porch Pretty – a Welcoming 4th of July

The single-best way to welcome your guests to your door, and celebrate the seasons, is hanging a chalkboard in your front porch entryway. A simple childhood learning tool, the schoolhouse chalkboard is a great go-to if you are busy, don’t have the extra money to dress up your front porch every time a holiday comes around, or have the space needed to store all the seasonal decor. I purchased my chalkboard from Magnolia, but you can find a similar one here on Amazon.  Then, visit Pinterest and search “chalkboard art.” I’ve made it easy for you – just head over to my two links on Pinterest for ideas -Chalkboard inspiration here and July 4th inspiration here. The flags are from my favorite hardware store Jabo’s Ace. They are on sticks so you can easily stick the flags into flower beds or flower pots. Store them away to use for Memorial … Continue reading “Porch Pretty – a Welcoming 4th of July”

What Would Holley Wear: All American Style

There’s something about a red, white, and blue outfit that brings me joy!  You too?  Maybe it’s because these fun colors bring back so many cherished childhood memories!  That being said…let’s talk about matching today’s styles with family traditions.   As a child, celebrating July 4th meant eating watermelon at my grandparent’s picnic table in their backyard.  For a hot summer day, I’m suggesting a sundress or something sleeveless.  We think Mara Hoffman’s red checked maxi dress looks so cool and comfy.  Another great option is a Draper James blue checked sundress or Tuckernuck’s cute gingham dress trimmed in red rick-rack.  Oh, and one more thing…how far can you spit a watermelon seed?  Just wondering! Give me a sparkler and I’m the happiest kid on the block!  To add “sparkle” to your July 4th style….cute accessories are the way to go!  A pair of sparkly cobalt earrings paired with Loeffler Randall’s … Continue reading “What Would Holley Wear: All American Style”

The Taste Project – A Delicious Way to Fight Hunger

My graduate school class this summer is focused on Food Insecurity.  I wish everyone could take this class to have a better appreciation for how much food we waste both in our homes and in the retail food industry, and the number of people right here in Texas who don’t have enough to eat. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines food insecurity as a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life.  It is essential to know that though hunger and food insecurity are closely related, they are distinct concepts. Hunger refers to a personal, physical sensation of discomfort. In contrast, food insecurity refers to a lack of available financial resources for food at the household level. One of every six Americans, equating to over fifty-four million people including eighteen million children- faces the reality that they may not be able to provide for their next meal.  Food insecurity affects eight-hundred million … Continue reading “The Taste Project – A Delicious Way to Fight Hunger”

National Iced Tea Month: Refreshing flavors for Summer!

According to the National Calendar Day – it’s National Iced Tea Month.  Yay for me!  I drink unsweetened iced tea everyday — all day long.  I’ve been an iced tea drinker since way back, and even though I am a Southern girl, sweet tea is not my thing.  Add a spring of mint and a lemon slice and my heart sings! My sister-in-law was asking me recently for some ideas on refreshing non-alcoholic drinks for the summer.  Although, I have 415 recipes on my Pinterest “Just a Sip” page, it is much easier to find a flavored tea and no need to buy a bunch of ingredients to add to the expense.  An added bonus — black tea has many health benefits. About a month ago, I signed up to receive a series of Tea: 101 emails from the Republic of Tea on how to brew the perfect cup of tea.  I … Continue reading “National Iced Tea Month: Refreshing flavors for Summer!”

What Would Holley Wear: #DontStoptheFashion

If I could give the fashion world a theme for 2020, I’m pretty sure it would be #DontStopTheFashion.  Even in the middle of a pandemic, fashion continues to be available.  From magazines and Pinterest to Netflix’s hit series, Next In Fashion…there are so many ways to stay stylishly informed.   Hopefully, WWHW is a helpful tool for you as well.  But if you’ve been missing out and are wondering what the new trends are, I’m glad to share some with you.  At the “top” of my list are puffy short-sleeved tops and dresses.  Shop Bop and Saks Fifth Avenue have a wonderful selection from casual to dramatic.  Sheridan French shares her festive style with a pink and blue “bubblegum” top…pair it with white jeans and sandals.  Don’t you just love trends? So guess what’s the perfect complement to a puffy-sleeved top?  That would be wide-leg pants.  The theme here is large … Continue reading “What Would Holley Wear: #DontStoptheFashion”

The Healing Power of Exercise During Menopause

If you follow me on social media you saw a recent post of me in my swimming pool sporting a purple ala Doris Day swim cap hinting that I am celebrating a milestone. Well, that milestone is I just finished my first year of menopause. Woo hoo! It’s hard to believe after forty-two years of having a period, it just stopped last June. I held my breath the entire next year hoping I wouldn’t have to start the clock over, but it didn’t. So I can say farewell to the tampon industry. Interesting side effects replaced my periods. I have always heard about them, from older than me, friends and on television. Hot flashes. Actually, I refer to mine as “puffs” of heat. I didn’t turn beet-red or feel drenched from sweat, but I was very aware that I was the hottest gal in the room.  My puffs were more … Continue reading “The Healing Power of Exercise During Menopause”

Blueberry Butterscotch Pie – Oh Me Oh My!

Do you know what you can do with all those beautiful blueberries available in stores right now? Let’s think outside blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes, and blueberries on your yogurt – let’s put them into a pie! I am sharing bestie’s recipe for Blueberry Butterscotch Pie. She first made this for me about 20 years ago, and ever since, it has been Mr. Bee’s favorite pie recipe. When blueberries bake, they pop open and make the most delicious berry pie. I promise if you make this, first, people are going to think it came from a bakery because it’s so beautiful, and second they will for sure ask you for the recipe.  Here’s a printable for your recipe box.   Recipe: One pie crust, unbaked 1 1/2 tsp lemon juice 1-pint blueberries 1/2 cup sugar 1/4 cup flour 1 tsp cinnamon 1/8 tsp salt Topping: 1/4 cup butter small bag of … Continue reading “Blueberry Butterscotch Pie – Oh Me Oh My!”

What Would Holley Wear: You Dictate the Dress Code

So I have to ask….where did our style standards go?  I know you know what I’m talking about.  You put on a cute outfit for a night out on the town….only to be accompanied by someone who lost their sense of style.   Hopefully, your partner isn’t one of those people.  But if they are, please recommend this style tip:  A man should dress to complement his date.  For example…if you are wearing a cute summer sundress, your guy could match you by wearing khaki pants or shorts with a long-sleeved shirt (tucked or untucked) and sleeves rolled up.  How easy is that? If you are going to a dinner party or an upscale restaurant…no shorts allowed, gentlemen.  So let’s pretend you are wearing an off-the-shoulder Tiffany blue maxi dress.  And of course, you wouldn’t be caught dead without an adorable woven clutch from Bergdorf Goodman!  This is when your man … Continue reading “What Would Holley Wear: You Dictate the Dress Code”

What Would Holley Wear: 2020 Blues Edition

Okay…I’m putting it out there:  WWHW 2020 Blues Edition!  With our positive fashion attitudes and a little humor….I’m thinking we can beat this. Crying doesn’t help at all…right?  But a cute pair of blue jeans will absolutely lift your spirits.  Zara has an amazing selection of blue jeans that won’t break the bank.  For a classic look, steal Princess Diana’s style and wear light blue denim with a white blouse.  Another classic way to style your light blue jeans is with a black blazer, white t-shirt, and strappy sandals.  And BTW…styling mom jeans never looked so cool!  So, take that Covid-19! Did you know tie-dyed has made a popular comeback?  I hope you’re lucky enough to take a beach stroll this summer.  Even if you have to cancel your trip, an adorable pair of blue tie-dyed flip flops by Dolce Vita will definitely give you that beach Zen vibe.  We … Continue reading “What Would Holley Wear: 2020 Blues Edition”