My Secret Confessions…

I came across a journal from 2016 when I was doing a “30-day prompt” challenge.  Across the top of the page was “Don’t judge me, but…”  I thought my responses were funny…and not surprising…

I’d rather spend the day in my pjs, in bed watching TV than doing anything else. (Still true, especially if it’s raining).

I hide cake in my room from other people in the house (Not currently true, however I will not deny that it has happened recently…)

I hate to get my teeth cleaned.  (Still do.  I have no trauma related to visiting the dentist when I was little, and I have a great dentist now.  I think it’s the scraping and the buzzing that bother me.)



I only use sunscreen intentionally when I know I am going to be out in the sun for extended periods of time, but I don’t wear it everyday. (Still true.)

I’d rather putter around my house than go to a party or out with friends. (I LOVE being in my house. It’s like a big phone charger for me.  I get my energy and creativity from being around my things, cooking, baking, reading and being with my family).

I buy books then don’t read them. (Now it’s false.  I have really enjoyed reading again.  I have read more books this year than I ever have.  Yay me!).



I keep everything in the house neat and organized, but my own desk and dresser top, why?  (Ugh.  Still true.  It’s my nemisis. Why?)

What would be your secret confession?

2 thoughts on “My Secret Confessions…”

  1. Okay, like you I love my nest!!! And my peeps! When I heard a few conversations in my office about the weekend plans people had- going to a popular district in Dallas, taking a long 3-mile run with their spouse, etc. – I was thinking there must me something wrong with me. I’m such a homebody. But when I read your explanation, it’s like a “charger”, that makes sense to me. I could toodle around all day- rearranging, decorating, planting, reading in a cozy spot or just hangin’ with the fam. As a matter of fact, I may turn my formal living area into a ‘ladies lounge’ this weekend… thanks for the inspiration!

    1. You are welcome! Why should we feel guilty for finding pleasure in our homes. We spend so much time outside of our “safe place” it makes sense that’s where we’d rather be in our free time!

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