thankfultree033I have a vintage dresser in the entry way designated as my seasonal welcome into the home.  When I purchased this rotating card holder from Mary and Martha I had an idea on how I would use it. Perfect for Christmas cards, vintage postcards, artwork, photos, fun notes maybe for a birthday, and quotes, it has 16 clips and the top says, “Lord, let your constant love surround us.”

thankfultree034-600x803I love it because it reminds me of those spinning things restaurants used to have when you placed a ticket on it and the waitress would say “order up!”   I decided it would be perfect to post photos of people I am thankful for and notes of thanks.

The notes are compliments of Jones Design Company which is linked up to my Pinterest printables board.  I ran them off on card stock, cut them and put them into a dish next to the card holder.  Family members and guests that stop by can write their thankful message, then clip it on the tree.

This is an old photo of my sister and brothers on the front porch of the home we grew up in.  I think I might have just come home from the hospital.  And, you can see I wrote on the card “I am thankful for my family.”

The personalized leaf is also on my Pinterest board.  I ran the leaves off on card stock and went along the edges with a gold leaf paint pen.

november2015521I punched a hole in the leaf with a tiny hole-punch, then tied the leaf with gold ribbon onto a sweet, little white pumpkin.  I purchased a bag of ten pumpkins for about $5 at my local Albertson’s grocery store.  They make precious, personalized place card holders for your Thanksgiving table.  Plus, you can send them home with your guests as a party favor.