Trisha told me to use mayonnaise

I am the target audience for commercials.  I was driving in the car today listening to the radio and  Trisha Yearwood came on with a new recipe using Hellmann’s mayonnaise in your burgers!  Being that it’s week two of my cooking duty, I thought, “wow that recipe sounds like something I could whip up for dinner.”

You mix together 1/2 cup of Hellmann’s mayonnaise, 1/2 cup of bread crumbs (I use Panko), and one packet of Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix.  After you thoroughly mix these ingredients add in 2 pounds of ground hamburger meat and mix until well combined.  No other spices are needed because everything you need for the flavor is in the soup mix.  Shape into patties and grill until done to your specifications.

They were very tasty.  The onions in the soup mix crisped up during cooking.  They reminded me of the old fashioned pan-fried burgers my grandmother used to cook for me when I would go stay at her house.  We made them into mini sliders and used Hawaiian rolls, which added the perfect touch of sweetness.  Miss Bee ate two down in no time.  So I know this is a winner of a recipe.  There are other easy recipes on the link, including one I make often — Parmesan crusted chicken.  Thanks, Trisha!

Pinterest Recipe — Honey Garlic Salmon

Unlike the cookie recipe that I made over the weekend which we gave away to our neighbors because we didn’t like them, the recipe for Honey Salmon in Foil was a success.  I shared it with Mr. Bee and he decided to make it for dinner.

We paired it with the roasted cauliflower which you can find in an earlier blog post here and Trader’s Joe’s spinach, cranberry, blue cheese, and candied pecan salad.  It was really yummy.
Sister-out-law shared with me that when her parents retired they each took turns cooking.  Her dad would cook for two weeks, then the mother would cook for two weeks, and so forth.  I told Mr. Bee this is what we were doing now.  He’s in week one of his two week stretch.  So far, we’ve had homemade meatball subs, this dinner and last night was Miss Bee’s birthday so we went to her favorite place Red Lobster.  So, look forward to many more posts of Mr. Bee meals.

Follow me on Instagram too if you want to get updates on the animals of the Hive.  Our address is ruthieandthecats.  Here’s Wilson waiting patiently for his serving of salmon.

He’s still waiting…

Oven Roasted Cauliflower


I think I might buy stock in cauliflower farms.  Can you marry a cauliflower?  Tonight I was testing the recipes from Pinterest, and this one was in the queue — oven roasted cauliflower and it was a hit.  Like, licking my plate, wishing I had more, hit.

It was lemony, garlicky, with just a few bites of caramelized crunchy
tips from the olive oil.  And the Parmesan cheese at the end, adds just
another zest.  I think this would be the perfect side to grilled chicken or salmon.  One medium-sized cauliflower served three people generously, so if you want to make it for a dinner party you might want to cut up two heads of cauliflower.

Now go out to the grocery tomorrow and make this.  Follow me on Pinterest for the recipe, or click above for the direct link to the recipe.

How to Make a Marginal Lasagna

That title makes you want to tune in, doesn’t it?  In an effort to help me be better organized on my weekday meal planning, which I mentioned in Sunday’s post, I made the Pinterest Crock Pot Lasagna.  Here’s how The Hive residents weighed in on the results.


The recipe said to take one bottle of any pasta sauce, uncooked lasagna noodles, one 16-oz carton of cottage cheese, and 2 cups of mozzarella cheese.  Start with the sauce and make three layers.  Cook for 5-6 hours.
Results:  Worth trying again but with these modifications — use two jars of sauce.  It was a little too dry which I think is what made it cook faster than the 5 hours.  By the 5th hour, the edges were starting to burn.  And although I like my lasagna to have a little crispy cheese edges, this was burnt.  I think this extra liquid would also insure that all the noodles were soft, a few were still a little underdone.
I would also use more cheese, like double the amount.  It wasn’t very cheesy.  Lasagna is all about the cheese.  I might even use thick slices of mozzarella along with shredded.  This would give it more substance.
I think the cottage cheese amount was fine and the nine or so noodles I used were adequate.
It needed flavor.  I might add a few teaspoons of Italian herb seasoning to the sauce and maybe a teaspoon or two of sugar.  I like sweet sauce.  Chopped onion and a little garlic would be good.  In fact, I would probably take the two jars of sauce and add sauteed onion and garlic and heat it up on the stove.  Add a little red wine and the seasoning.  Let it simmer, then add it to the Crock Pot.  Obviously, this makes it a little more time consuming but I think the extra effort would yield a yummier lasagna.
Two out of three residents said it needed more umph.  Mr. Bee said it was great…on his second helping.  He’s easy to please so I am not sure he should be counted in the poll.
If you want the recipe, follow me on Pinterest and check the board “Crock Pot Meals.”

Sour Cream Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas

Remember last week when I made the creamy chicken chili?  Well, I had tons of leftovers that I put into the freezer.  I decided to use the rest to make enchiladas.  I made up my own recipe last night and I have to say they were pretty tasty.

I took a 8-oz container of sour cream and a can of Hatch Green Chili Enchilada sauce and whisked them together in a bowl.

Then I took corn tortillas and filled them with onion, the chicken, Mexican blend shredded cheese and rolled each one placing them in a 9×13 greased dish.  The dish fit 10 enchiladas.  I poured the sour cream mixture over the top, topped with shredded cheddar cheese and baked for 45 minutes at 350 degrees.  I served them with a southwestern chopped salad.

I still have chicken left from the original recipe!  So, one meal will now turn to three when I use the rest to make grilled tacos.

Have a thrilling Thursday. 

Another great soup recipe to add to your list

I made Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili last night…another recipe I got off of Pinterest.

I have to say, mine didn’t look like the photo.  I followed the directions perfectly, but it needed more liquid.  It didn’t affect the taste at all.  It had the perfect amount of spice and was rich and creamy. Since it was thick, I modified it by making some saffron rice and ladled the soup into bowls of rice.  Mr. Bee loved it.  It makes alot, so I put the rest in the freezer to make chicken enchiladas for another weeknight dinner.

If you’re interested in the recipe access it on my Pinterest board — The Queen’s Food.

Awesome New Soup Recipe

Miss Bee’s favorite thing is soup.  When I saw a recipe for Cheese Tortellini and Italian Sausage soup on Pinterest I gave it a try.  Unlike the barfy oatmeal, this was a winner.  Mainly because you can dump everything in the slow cooker and do nothing.  My favorite meal.  It was so good.  Mr. Bee had three bowls and said it could rival a restaurant-style soup any day.  I made a batch of Beer Bread and had sliced apples as a side.

Brown in a skillet one package of Italian sausage.  I used Johnsville.  Drain on paper towels.

Into a greased slower cooker set on low:

one package of cheese tortellini (any brand is fine)
Cooked sausage
one bag of spinach
2 cans of Italian-style diced tomatoes
2 cans of chicken stock

On top of soup ingredients, placed one block of cream cheese cut into cubes.
The recipe says to cook for 5 hours, stirring only twice.  I think I cheated and stirred it three times.  I think the more you stir it the more likely you are to tear up the pasta.  The cheese melts and makes the soup all creamy.

Follow up thoughts:  Needs salt and pepper which I added at the end.  I did use no-salt tomatoes, so be sure to taste the soup first.  Also, I would suggest chopping the spinach first.  I just tossed in a bunch of spinach with stems on and it was a little harder to eat.

I think this would be the perfect dish for when you’re taking dinner to a friend in need.  Have a great hump day!

A Plowman’s Lunch

Mr. Bee is always good about sharing his English heritage with Miss Bee.  I suggested that this past Sunday after church we make a trip to Central Market to get food to have a “plowman’s” lunch.  Miss Bee has made several trips to England in her short life and enjoys these lunches at the local pubs.

Coined a “plowman’s” lunch because it’s a portable food that farmers can tie up in a cloth or pouch and carry it with them back to work.  It usually consists of cheese, chutney, bread and maybe a piece of fruit.

Mr. Bee was in charge of the cheese.  He selected a sharp cheddar and a cheese with honey and fig.  Miss Bee sounded in with a sweet cranberry infused cheese and her fave herbed soft cheese.  We definitely took liberties here with the variety.

Miss Bee and her cheese.  A funny story…. recently Mr. Bee picked up a block of Chihuahua cheese (you, know from Chihuahua, Mexico).  Miss Bee came up to the counter took a slice and inquired what kind of cheese it was.  He told her.  Her face went white and she put the cheese down.  I asked her what was wrong.  She replied, “that cheese is made of Chihuahuas”.  It took me a second and I started laughing.  In her mind she was thinking hundreds of Chihuahuas were lined up on a milking farm with milkers attached to their teeny, tiny teats. 

Back to lunch.  We sliced some Granny Smith and Fuji apples.

Purchased some hearty loaves of bread.

Jars of Branston Chutney and a jar of Hayward’s pickled onions. 

A jar of Italian honey drizzled over a slice of cheese and bread.

Oh, and that block of brown ick at the top? That’s Mr. Bee’s goose-liver pate.

It was a nice Sunday lunch.  Sitting around the table casually breaking bread and eating cheese.  It’s the perfect meal.  Filling, doesn’t heat up the kitchen and all the ingredients can be reused during the week.  Give it a try.

Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan

Awesome slow cooker recipe for Chicken Parmesan from Full Bellies.  I started with Six Sisters Stuff and visited their recipe index and found 25 slow cooker recipes.  They also have tons of freezer meals that you prep in a gallon zip lock then throw into your slow cooker.  Yummy.

So last night I made the chicken parm.  It smelled so good.  Only took 4 hours on high.  Layers of chicken, mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce.  It was pull apart, juicy and the perfect comfort food.  I served it with whole wheat spaghetti, grilled zucchini (ala Mrs. Burdette), and steamed lemon broccoli.  Earnie deemed it the best dinner she’s had at Windwood in quite a while.

Check out both sites for delish recipes.  Have a fab Friday.

Earnie’s Cooking School — Brunswick Stew

We like to come up with all sorts of engaging activites for our residents at Windwood Trail Haus.  Earnie’s homework, and activity in the Day Room on Monday, was making her famous Brunswick Stew. 

When I was growing up she made this all the time.  It never occurred to me that when I be-bopped into her room Sunday night to give Earnie her little last call cookie that she would look at me blankly when I suggested she make it for Monday’s dinner.  She said it had been so long since she made it she wasn’t sure what the ingredients were.  Actually, I don’t recall her making it since she and Ray moved in back in 2007.

Earnie has a stock pile of recipes in a box.  All kinds, mostly ones she has cut out from the paper over the years.  I suggested she take a look see in her box of recipes and maybe that might trigger it for her.  Good brain work going on here, I was thinking.  She found the recipe, although I am not sure it’s the actual one she used to prepare.  But, it’s pretty close.

Apparently, Earnie stayed up until 2 a.m. looking for the damn recipe.  Meanwhile, she was doing something to her computer.  It was about that time that I was woken up from a sound sleep hearing the musical stylings of Susan Boyle down in Earnie’s room.  I had all four cats on top of me and even they were jolted from sleep.  They flew off the bed, while I sat straight up thinking maybe I had died in the night and this was the introductory song they sing as you enter the gates of heaven.  I’m sure my hair looked a fright, too.   I didn’t see Jesus anywhere, so I figured I was still alive.  After about 3 minutes of this musical snack, I got out of bed thinking, “I know Earnie has hearing loss, but geesh, this is loud.”  I started to make my way out of the room and she must have figured out how to turn it off.  When I left for work, I left her this note:

Back to the stew…We had hot, steaming bowls of this last night for dinner with Miss Bee’s cornbread.  The cool front had blown in so it was a perfect night for Earnie’s stew.  Susan Boyle didn’t make an encore performance last night so it was a good night’s sleep for everyone.