What Would Holley Wear: Three ways to style kitten heels, khaki pants and a denim skirt

When I’m making a purchase for myself or a client, my main goal is to think of three ways to style it.  So this week, I’m sharing three of my current favorites: dressy kitten heels, khaki pants, and a brown denim skirt…plus three ways to style them.

Recently, I was gifted a pair of Prada heels from my dear friend and neighbor, Elsie Blum.  She even wore them to her granddaughter’s wedding in New York in 2009! The first place I wore them was to the Open Door gala benefiting the Samaritan House at TX Whiskey Ranch.   I copied my look from Pinterest…wearing them with an embellished skirt and a black blouse. How “TX Chic” does that sound?

For a party vibe, dressy kitten heels go great with black skinnies…just add a dressy top.  And did you know wearing fancy shoes with jeans is a thing? My husband and I love sitting at the bar at Eddie V’s, listening to jazz and sipping a glass of wine…the perfect setting for a pair of jeans and my fancy shoes.  Don’t you agree?

My favorite substitute for jeans this fall has been a pair of khaki paper-bag pants from Zara.  Though I realize the paper-bag look isn’t for everyone, please know any pair of khaki slacks or crops will do the trick.  For an everyday look, wear your pants with a button-down blouse, and when needed, add a denim jacket. Fall-bulous!!!  

The highs were in the 60s when we vacationed in Carmel by the Sea in mid-September.  All I needed to add to my paper-bag look was a checked blazer and a clear tote. A great way to style your khaki pants this winter is by adding an oversized sweater and a pair of booties.  A Pinterest look from NYFW (New York Fashion Week), features a zebra sweater with paper-bag khakis.   

Have you ever ordered from ASOS?  They are known for having trendy looks at reasonable prices.  Their brown denim midi skirt with a side buckle definitely got my attention and has been my go-to this fall.  I think I’ve mentioned I’m a style copy-cat…copying looks at a fraction of the cost. Like the look I copied, I’ve wore my skirt with a white button-down blouse tucked in and paired with animal print block heels.  

Now that it’s finally turned a bit cooler, I’m adding a denim jacket and snake print booties.  Other ideas are a bomber jacket or vest…the options are endless! This winter, I will be styling my denim skirt with black knee-high boots, and one of last year’s sweaters.  And please know, brown leather and corduroy skirts are great substitutes for denim.

There you have it….3 items styled 3 ways!  So the next time you go shopping…challenge yourself to think of 3 ways you can wear it before you make the purchase!  

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What Would Holley Wear: Five Wardrobe Staples

I recently read about a style influencer’s five fall closet staples.  Her top five include: a denim jacket, something animal print, boots and mules, a go-to pair of denim, and a cozy cardigan.  And of course…I have five more to add to the list: an army green cargo jacket, checked blazer, loafers, leggings, and a blanket scarf or poncho!   

Let’s start with a denim jacket which goes with everything and is particularly popular this season, paired with sweats.  So after a brisk walk, grab your denim jacket and meet a friend for coffee. Easy breezy…right? My fall staple addition is an army green cargo jacket.  Again, it works well as an athleisure look and yet is sophisticated enough for work.

 Style influencers love animal print, which never goes out of style.  From a scarf to boots, it definitely adds a cool vibe to your fall style.  I think the same goes for fall plaids and checks, so be sure to add them to your fall staple list.  I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I can’t live without a checked blazer…a staple that gives so much bang for the buck!  

Influencers definitely have mules and booties on their list!  I’m loving a pair of lace-up booties a stylist featured during Nordstrom’s anniversary sale.  She wears hers casual with a t-shirt and leggings….such a cute weekend look. Mules are perfect for fall and can go casual with jeans or dressed up with slacks.  

As far as shoes go, my fall staple is a pair of loafers…so classic.  And BTW….I’m loving a pair of camel driving loafers by Mercanti Florentino from DSW.  It makes me so happy to know snakeskin shoes are trending again this fall. A pair of Steve Madden’s pointed toe snakeskin loafers just might be on my wish list….just saying!  

When blogger, Allie Provost, talked about her “Come to Jean-us” moment, I have to admit it made me laugh.  But don’t you think that’s a great way to describe the moment you find the perfect pair of jeans? Allie’s jean favs are from Madewell and American Eagle.  A fall staple that’s a great substitute for jeans is leggings. Like denim, leggings go with just about everything and can be dressed up or down. A good brand to try is Spanx, and Dillard’s has a great selection.   

 I totally agree with the influencer’s selection of cardigans, because they are this fall’s number one trend and pair perfectly with jeans, leggings, sweats, and pajamas.  To add some extra coziness to your fall staple style, I’m recommending a blanket scarf or poncho. And think about mixing your fall prints by wrapping a plaid blanket scarf over a striped t-shirt.   

And here’s the best part….I bet if you take a look in your closet, you already own most of these fall staples!  Happy fall y’all!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]

What Would Holley Wear: Welcome to the Weekend Bentonville and Eureka Springs

Welcome to Part 2 of our northwest Arkansas weekend adventure.  Besides relaxing at the beautiful Airbnb cabin, the best part was having our son, Chris, join us!  And let me just say…there’s nothing like having a New Yorker as your Arkansas tour guide!  

If you know me, you know how much I love cool places….and Bentonville, Arkansas did not disappoint.  In fact, I came up with a new motto for Bentonville: “If it ain’t hip…it ain’t happen’n!” Crystal Bridges Museum has put the town on the international map with its amazing American art, architecture, grounds, and Frank Lloyd Wright home.  

The high was in the 40s the day we visited, so I wore layers…jeans, boots, green cargo jacket, and a khaki coat.  Speaking of cargos, Tuckernuck’s breathable and waterproof jacket combines style for both town and country living.  A museum browsing Pinterest look I’m loving features a blazer worn with jeans, and fur-lined Gucci mules, belt, and handbag.  And here’s a little tip…you can order Gucci look-alikes at Amazon Fashion. How hip does that sound?  

Another “happening” places in Bentonville is the 21C Hotel…a boutique hotel with modern art exhibitions integrated into all the areas of the property.  We loved lunching at their restaurant, The Hive. From glowing honeycombs to swarms of bees…it’s the coolest! Jeans topped with a checked blazer and paired with booties is a great look for this ultra-cool beehive!  

Warning:  You might think you are in Brooklyn, New York when you step into Onyx Coffee Lab.  And there’s another one nearby in Rogers, Arkansas…just as hip! So what would Holley suggest you wear to a hipster coffee lab?  I’m loving how a style influencer styled a green military jacket with a black tee and distressed cropped jeans. Eat your heart out Brooklynites!   


We also spent a day in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  From the scenic Pig’s Trail drive to browsing at art galleries and souvenir shops…it lived up to the hype! A must see is Thorncrown Chapel designed by E. Fay Jones.  When you are climbing steep hills and lots of steps, comfortable shoes are a must. I wore a pair of brown driving loafers from Target…perfect for climbing and sightseeing.  To complete your fall wardrobe, add a cardigan and take a tote to hold all your trinkets! 

I don’t know about you, but I love weekend destinations that are within driving distance.  But if a 6 hour drive sounds a little overwhelming, just know there are direct flights from DFW to the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport.  Doesn’t get any easier than that!  

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What Would Holley Wear: Airbnb Mountain Retreat

We just returned from a 4-day weekend in northwest Arkansas, which was also our first Airbnb experience.  Our home away from home was a modern cabin on Beaver Lake located near Rogers, Arkansas.

So first let me say this….even Chip & Joanna Gaines would have been impressed with our mountain cabin.  With its rustic modern charm, it was the perfect setting for soaking up some peace and quiet and a beautiful view.  Our favorite cabin feature was the roll up garage door that opened on to a wrap-around porch. Such a fun way to enjoy indoor and outdoor living to the max.  

So what would Holley suggest you wear on a weekend mountain vacation?  Absolutely anything you want to! Though I do have a few stylish suggestions.  First let’s talk about loungewear. A pair of Donna Karan’s lounge/pajama pants from Dilliard’s are ultra-soft.  I wore mine with a soft gray cardigan from Target. Another option is a plush cardi from Soft Surroundings….the perfect dose of coziness.

Here’s a sample of how we spent time at our cozy cabin:  sleep…hike…drink coffee…eat…read…drink wine (in no particular order)!  Sweat pants are perfect for this scenario….layered with a hoodie or cardigan over a long sleeved t-shirt.  How relaxing does that sound? A QVC Pinterest look I’m smitten with features grey sweats layered with a cozy cardigan.  For house slippers, Birkenstocks shearling lined slippers are perfect for an indoor/outdoor retreat.


For a morning hike, I suggest leggings, sneakers, and an army green cargo jacket.  My hiking go-to is a Longchamp backpack I purchased several years ago at the Little Bird consignment in Aspen, Colorado.  Another way to find gently used ones is on Ebay and Poshmark…a staple that never goes out of style! And I’m loving Roolee’s selection of backpacks…be sure to take a look at our Pinterest selection!    

To complete a mountain retreat look, a plaid shirt goes with everything….from jeans and boots to leggings and sweats.  Our Pinterest board features a great selection of plaid shirts, vests, and cardigans from Walmart. BTW…I think everyone needs to add something plaid to their fall wardrobe.  Don’t you agree? 

Be sure to take a look at the Pinterest photos of our Airbnb mountain cabin.  Because I’m pretty sure you will want to book with them right away!!! And stay tuned for the rest of our mountain weekend adventure in Bentonville, Rogers, and Eureka Springs….coming soon to a blog near you! @homewithatwist.com

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What Would Holley Wear: Transitioning with Fall Colors

Yay…it’s time to transition into fall!  Though not with sweaters and layering…but with vibrant autumn hues.  So this week, I’m sharing my five favorite fall colors.  

Okay…it’s still warm in Texas, but “orange” you glad the highs are only in the 90s?  We are smitten with how Parker & Hyde’s orange clutch complements a pair army green jeans.  One of my favorite style influencers admits she had a major moment when she coordinated a bright orange top with her favorite Madewell jeans.  And when it turns a little chilly, an orange cardigan paired with white jeans looks very sophisticated. 

So do you know what hotdogs and fall hues have in common?  Mustard….of course! Keep wearing the yellow sundress or skirt you wore all summer, and top off your ensemble with a jean jacket.  Plus, it’s perfectly acceptable to continue carrying a wooden or wicker bag. For early fall, wear a mustard yellow blazer or kimono with jeans for a fun night out on the town.  Once it gets a little cooler, add a yellow cardigan to your jeans and t-shirt ensemble….the ultimate in comfort. 

Brown is back….luxurious…and has your fall style written all over it.  Talk about luxury, Valentino’s brown rockstud city sandals will have you stepping out in style.  And be sure to take a look at the selection of Valentino dupes from Amazon on our Pinterest board.  Louis Vuitton’s giant monogram tote in brown is perfect for fall market shopping, and I’m pretty sure it will even hold a few small pumpkins!  

Olive green has always been one of my favorite colors, and it’s perfect year-round.  So of course I’m loving Talbot’s olive green V-neck sweater and matching loafers paired with white jeans.  For those “wishful” cooler days, a green trench coat or cargo jacket is definitely “fall-bulous” paired with jeans or slacks.    

Burgundy is not only a beautiful fall color, but it even sounds delicious…don’t you agree?  We think Staud’s burgundy bucket bag looks yummy and could easily double as a luxe wine carrier.  If you are looking for a stunning wedding guest dress, a burgundy fall maxi is a show stopper.  FYI:  Since my husband is a wine connoisseur, I asked him for a few burgundy recommendations.  So here’s our first ever WWJD (What Would Johnnie Drink):

…Gevrey-Chambertin ‘La Justice’ 2012 

..Pouilly Fuisse White Burgundy 2011

..Louis Jadot Nuits-Saint-Georges 2016

Wow…who knew there were so many scrumptious fall colors to choose from?  Cheers to a fabulous fall!  

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What Would Holley Wear: Neutral Chic at the Beach

For a fall beach vacay, we are taking beach style up a few chic notches with neutrals.  Not only does this give your beach look a sophisticated vibe, but it also makes for easy packing.  Plus a bonus….neutrals easily transition into fall! 

So we just returned from Carmel by the Sea, and our home away from home was a 1920’s cottage located between town and the beach.  The walk to town meant climbing a steep hill, so comfy shoes were a must. Sam Edelman’s espadrille loafers in leopard print would be perfect for a climb to town.  Or a pair of tan Gucci espadrilles would definitely bring the chic to your beach vacay. 

This year, we went after Labor Day, and the highs were typically in the 60s.  Doesn’t that sound heavenly? Speaking of Heaven….for a day trip to Big Sur, I  suggest wearing a jacket. A linen blazer layered over a white V-neck tee paired with white jeans is without question Cali-cool.  And of course a striped blazer paired with crops and white sneakers is perfect for whale watching!

So, what does your beach tote say about you?  I’m loving one on our Pinterest board that says….“I have 99 problems, but a beach ain’t one!”  How true is that? From Loeffler Randall’s cruise tote (comes in tan and black striped) to Saks Off 5th large straw tote, a basket bag is all you will need for your beach vacay!  “A-Tisket, A-Tasket”….look who’s got the cutest beach basket!  

“Lights, Camera, Action!”  Have you caught up on Series 2 of Big Little Lies, and did you know parts of it were filmed in Carmel by the Sea?  So what would Holley suggest you wear “on location”? Hmmm…how about an off-the-shoulder top paired with tan paper-bag pants belted with a scarf for a little bicycle jaunt to Mission Inn.  And for lunch at Bernardus Lodge and Spa in the valley, how chic is a Mango striped shirt dress complemented with a Loewe basket bag? Witherspoon, party of 3….your table is ready!  

There’s only one way to describe the view at the Pebble Beach Golf Course….breathtaking!  In June of this year, it was home to the US Open PGA Tour. So I’m thinking white jeans and a light-weight taupe sweater is a great look for the golf course.  A Pinterest favorite features white crops and a white tee topped with a long striped shirt/jacket and a pair of matching espadrilles. Sounds “par for the course”….don’t you agree?

Could there possibly be anything more chic than wearing neutrals on a fall  beach vacation? I don’t think so!  

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What Would Holley Wear: The Power of Purple and Lillybee Promo Code

While Holley’s away, enjoy a “best of” post for all you TCU purple fans with updated purple finds!

So, how do you get a man to wear purple (this is not a joke)?  The answer: Turn him into a TCU fan!  Everyone from Fort Worth knows the power of purple, and it has been said many of them even bleed purple.  Since purple is the University’s color, I thought it would be fun to talk about ways to incorporate purple into your fall wardrobe….even if you are not a Horned Frog fan.

So, two things you need to know:

…TCU’s colors:  purple – represents royalty and white represents a clean game

…and the purple hue adds instant drama or a pop of flair right where you need it!

Let’s talk about what to wear to a tailgate party and football game since it’s that time of the year. You can never go wrong with a purple and white TCU jersey and pair of jeans or shorts.  You may want to consider adding a little extra style with accessories, and a purple Goyard tote will even impress the college girls.  If you want to stand out in the crowd, think about wearing a denim midi skirt with your purple and white jersey tied at the waist….just add a pair of TCU cowboy boots.  Really…who wants to be a Plain Jane sitting on the sidelines?  Not me!


Are you an invited guest to one of the private suites at the Amon G. Carter Stadium this season?  Really?!?! That’s definitely a game changer, and you may want to think about taking your style to the next level.  A pair of black leather pants and a crisp white blouse layered with a purple trench coat would be perfect for a fall game.  

Or, maybe you just want to add a purple accessory. Then think about a purple handbag paired with black slacks, white blouse, camel coat, and nude pumps. Both of these ensembles can be dressed up or down…just be sure to ask your suite host what the dress attire will be.  

Besides TCU cowboy boots, there are so many fun purple boots and shoes to choose from this fall.  An awesome preppy look is a pair of purple Hunter boots…waterproof, practical for a rainy days on campus, and really cute.  I’m currently crushing on a pair studded purple Valentino heels. Not exactly realistic for my lifestyle, but a girl can dream…right?  A more practical look for me and my everyday style would be a pair of purple loafers or driving shoes.  I’m loving a pair of purple suede driving shoes by Tods.  They would look great this fall with a pair of black or dark denim jeans. 

Check out these adorable flats,  wedges and rainboots from Lillybee in all your school colors. They also have cross body bags. For Home with a Twist followers they are offering a special 20% off everything discount code HOME20 through October 31.  Think Christmas gifts and they have all school colors, not just TCU.

And for the gym and running around town, a cute pair of Nikes with purple trim will definitely put points on the style score board!  

Speaking of a “running around town” and a casual look, purple skinny jeans would be a great addition to a fall wardrobe.  Think about adding a creamy white blouse tucked in and, for a pop of fun, add a pair of animal print sneakers or booties.  We are loving Taylor Swift’s purple skinnies, worn with a camel jacket, green plaid scarf and shirt.  And if you are in to high-end designer style, you may want to copy Sofia Vergara’s look on our Pinterest board…Rag and Bone jeans, purple blouse, Yves Saint Laurent shoes, and a Prada bag.  Sounds royal!

Have you ever considered bringing some purple to the party?  Well, we think you should.  For a casual party look, a purple maxi worn with a denim jacket would be adorable.  And if you really want to make an entrance, a purple jumpsuit will absolutely score points!  An elegant party look is a purple printed kimono worn over slacks…a classy way to add nobility to your style.  The kimono trend just happens to be one of my favorite fall looks because it can also be worn as an everyday look over a pair of jeans.  This look will definitely take you into overtime!

Here are some new looks from Cabi this season – a gorgeous dress to wear with a denim jacket to the game, then out to dinner with the drapey sweater.  And, I love the two pullover sweaters — can’t you just see these with boots and jeans at a tailgate! Connect with Cabi stylist Stacy Stoltz to add these lovelies to your purple gear!

Wow!  Who knew there were so many ways to add luxury and nobility to your style with just one color?  Seems like there really is power in the color purple…right?   

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]

What Would Holley Wear: How to Get A+ Teacher Style

My favorite 2nd grade teacher, Lindsey Leeman, teaches at the Academy of the Arts at Bransom Elementary in the Burleson ISD.  Lindsey recently asked me to share some ways to update an everyday teacher look.  

Accessories are key to giving an outfit that extra pop!  Since staying on budget is important, I’m sharing accessory ideas from Amazon Fashion.  With belts, scarves, and jewelry…Amazon has the latest trends and designer dupes. My favorite trend is layering necklaces, so I’m sharing two ideas from Amazon.  One is their 2 piece initial necklace and the other is their 3 piece coin pendant necklace. Don’t you just love a trendy teacher?  

When it comes to comfort, Tieks and Rothy’s are great for standing in all day and offer so many fun colors.  Speaking of an array of colors to choose from, Amazon has a wonderful selection of Sam Edelman shoes. Because comfort comes first, I’m recommending a pair of their ballet flats.  And because cuteness is a close second, a pair of their leopard print flats is anything but boring.  

If “A” is for apple…then “I” is for it-bag!  One of the best ways to up your style game is with a trendy tote.  Since blue is one of Bransom’s school colors, I’m suggesting a blue Stylesty shopping tote for Lindsey and her teacher pals.  BTW…it’s a designer knockoff from Amazon Fashion and comes in many school colors! To give it a preppy vibe…think about having it monogramed!  For monogramming in Fort Worth, we recommend Brown Bag Etc. at 2702 Hulen Street.

Clear and wooden bags have been all the rage and are perfect for teachers.  Be sure to check out the selection on our Pinterest board. I love how Vince Camuto’s clear tote with a dark cinnamon pouch can go classroom-casual or be dressed up for a school board meeting.  Without a doubt, a bamboo bag is a show stopper, and I think teachers, like Lindsey, deserve the limelight…don’t you agree?

Cardigans and blazers are two of my favorite fall trends and pair perfectly with slacks, skirts, or dresses.  We love how a cardigan adds polish to a jeans ensemble….ideal for a casual Friday and the weekend. A checked blazer will definitely add a cool vibe to your class room style!  Hmmm….sounds like someone is getting a check-plus!

Were you ever voted class favorite?  A popular Pinterest look I’m giving bonus points to features a striped midi skirt worn three ways….with different blazers, shoes, and handbags.  And just like teachers count on substitutes….so does your style. To change things up, think about substituting a denim jacket for a blazer. How classroom-cool does that sound?

Oh my goodness….did I just hear the bell ring?  I think that means it’s time to update your back-to-school style.  Besides…who doesn’t want to be a class act?  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization, vacation attire, and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]  Be sure to check out Holley’s updated Pinterest board.

Let’s Ask Mrs. Twist — Are White Jeans Okay after Labor Day?

letI love it when readers send me questions!  Like this one…

“I would love to know… is it okay to wear white after Labor Day?” A.H. 

Back in the day, Mother (and the fashion/home decor police) had two rules — never more than one mirror per room; and never wear white after Labor Day.  Pish posh.

Fast forward to present day and to quote Madea –“Hallerlujah!” A resounding absolutely “yes” you can wear white 365 days of the year!  I consider white to be a neutral like black or grey.  It’s the perfect backdrop for any color.  Plus, in Texas where it stays close to 1,000 degrees until December, anything goes.  It’s not the color it is what you put with the white that makes it a seasonal outfit.

I went to Pinterest and found some inspiring ways to keep your white jeans in-play during the fall and winter.


White jeans with a lightweight sweat shirt.

For a cooler day, layer it with a blouse underneath.

Pair it with a skinny belt.  Animal print would be a perfect pop here.

For shoes either ankle boots or how about a fun pair of leather sneakers.

When you look at this do you say, “oh, that’s a summer outfit?”  No, probably not.  Take cues from the layers and the shoes.


Next up, white jeans with a coat.

Look at how stylish she is and you can clearly see it’s chilly outside.  Again, take cues from the layers.

Black heels, a fun “Holley” style handbag, a long scarf wrapped around her neck and long coat. Add sunnies and you are good to go.

Look at the lace-up details on the ankle of the jeans.


White jeans paired with a sexy, leather jacket.  The jacket keeps you warm so you just need a simple black t-shirt underneath.  Add a satchel, accessories and animal print sneaks.  Animal print is another year-round pattern that looks great with anything.

white-jeans-with-fringe-purseAnother look I love — pairing white with chambray.  Denim is a workhorse.  It’s like the crisp, white shirt Sharon Stone made iconic.  Chambray tucked into a pencil skirt or worn out with jeans (Holley would front tuck this).  A dark denim blouse would work here, too.

Add a duster sweater cardigan, fun shooties, a bold necklace and a fringe purse and this is the perfect date night look. Hot, hot, hot.

white-jeans-with-cargo-jacketLast look, this is perfect for running errands.

Long tunic top.  I love the style right now of the longer in the back tunic tops, shorter in the front.

Simple sneakers, a bucket bag and an Anorak jacket.  If you can find a jacket in camo fabric you will be on-trend.  The fun thing about a drawstring Anorak jacket is it helps to accentuate the waist. Tons of pockets for keys, chapstick, a snack and phone.

Fun sunnies and you will be boss for the day.

So, I hope this helps put aside any negative thoughts on the white after Labor Day rule.  It’s a myth.

Here’s your shopping list:

  • White jeans
  • Converse sneakers
  • Anorak drawstring jacket
  • A lightweight sweat shirt
  • A chambray shirt
  • Bucket bag or Tote
  • Something animal print — either shoes or a skinny belt

Now, go forth and be fabulous!  Mrs. Twist approved.

P.S.  This message was approved by Holley.

What Would Holley Wear: Five Favorite Brunch Spots

So earlier this summer I posted this on Tanglewood Moms:  Where are your favorite brunch spots around town? And without fail, “the moms” came through with great selections!

Let me start first with our go-to Sunday brunch place….The Kimbell Café.  Typically, this is where we go after church on Sunday.  And speaking of a work of art, an embroidered wicker handbag is the ultimate pairing for a lovely museum brunch.  Add a white skirt or dress, and checked flats to give your brunch style a vintage vibe! FYI….guess whose white bucket bag went to the Monet exhibit!

When brunching at a cosmopolitan museum, like Café Modern, abstract prints always add a touch of sophistication.  You can’t help but feel “modern” in an Anthropologie bold and graphic print skirt.  On Pinterest they feature it on two different models, both wearing it with a printed tee. And I have to admit, I just love how my mid-century bamboo bag complements the Modern’s architecture!

For a fun and active brunch, Pinstripes is the place to go!  I’m thinking something “striped” for this fun environment.  BTW….striped pants paired with bowling and bocce make for a great combo.  And just so you know, a pair of striped pants is “right up my alley”! Another fun bowling alley/brunch look is a rainbow striped top worn with white jeans.  Sounds like a “strike” to me!  

My favorite Monday brunch/lunch place is McKinley’s Bakery!  My new style obsession is paper-bag pants, which are so comfy and ideal for my Monday “MOW’s” delivery.   I recently purchased a pair of paper-bag khakis at Zara’s 5th Avenue store in New York, which go great with my rattan slides from J McLaughlin.  And one more thing…they pair perfectly with a slice of McKinley’s coconut cream pie…yum!  

If you had to “press” my husband for his favorite brunch spot that would be Press Café.  With its off-the-trail location next to the Farmer’s Market, and Johnny’s Bike Shop…it definitely has a laid-back California feel.  Anything bohemian is ideal for this setting….from floral maxis to a flowy kimono worn with jeans. How Cali-cool does that sound? 

And one more thing, whoever came up with the idea of “brunching” is a super hero….in my humble, yet accurate opinion!  Don’t you agree?

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization, vacation attire, and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]  Be sure to check out Holley’s updated Pinterest board.