What Would Holley Wear: Black and White

Do you see things in black and white?  When it comes to fashion, I do! Every time I go shopping, it seems like I come home with either something black or white.  

So two things I discovered about wearing black & white:

…It never fails to give a crisp and polished look…

…and, adding a colorful accessory adds a pop to this classic style!

 So let’s start with blouses and tops.  If you are like me, you can’t own enough black or white tops.  My favorite is a blousy top with flowy sleeves.   If the sleeves have an elastic band at the cuff, that’s even better.  That way, I can push the sleeves up, and if not, I usually roll the sleeves up.  Off the shoulder tops are a great option and the perfect complement to a pair of skinny jeans.  One of my go-to blouses is a black flowy blouse that goes with everything.



I add my signature style by tying it at the waist.  Here’s a little style tip:  I often will purchase a blouse one or two sizes larger to give me the flowy look I adore.


For a cool vacation style, think about going all black and white.  This will make packing so much easier.  From a black and white embroidered bohemian inspired dress to a pair of striped cargo pants worn with a white crop top, you will take your vacay style to the next level.  And don’t forget to pack a black and white bathing suit, cover-up, and beach bag.  Trust me, you will look fabulous….even in Monte Carlo in your chic b&w wardrobe!  

Do you like to make a fashion statement?  Then think about adding a bold accessory to your black and white ensemble.  A fun summer look is a black and white off the shoulder top or dress worn with huge statement earrings!  For a pop of color, you can’t go wrong with a fabulous pair of red fringed drops from Anthropologie.  My favorite accessory piece for summer is a tassel earring in any color.  This will add a pop to your black and white ensemble.  


A black and white striped, checked, or polka dot dress will take you to just about any summer event you plan to attend.  From sundresses to cute skirts, we have so many for you to look at on our Pinterest board.  The black and white ruffle dress from the Kate Spade 2017 Pre-Fall collection would be perfect for a summer party.  They pair it with a red handbag and red shoes which gives it the extra wow-factor!  And for a fresh office style, consider a white tailored button-down blouse worn with a black and white striped skirt. And an updated black and white pants outfit will transition from the office to drinks after work!  Make it work girl!


Do you have a dressy cocktail party to attend this summer?  If so, think about wearing a black and white jumpsuit or party pants.  Really….how fabulous does that sound?  Think about complementing a solid color dress with a pair of black and white heels….such a great way to add class to your style.



So, here’s the deal….the next time someone says to you, “you just see things in black and white,” be sure to say…“thank you!”  Because sometimes being a fashionista means taking a stand.

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]

What Would Holley Wear: One Cool Dude

It’s summertime and it’s hot!

Not so easy to pull off a cool vibe, but for some reason, men are really good at this. Ever wonder what their secret is?  Me too!

So, two things I’ve figured out about men’s style:

  1.  It’s not that complicated…
  2. …and not having so many options makes it less stressful when putting together an outfit.  

So let’s start with a summer basic for the guys…shorts.  I have to admit that I’m actually jealous that men at any age and size can wear shorts…look great and don’t have to worry about how their legs look.  Not fair….right?  There are so many options to look at on our Pinterest board. For a laid back look, be sure to check out all the options from Polyvore. Men’s shorts can go casual with an untucked t-shirt or a little preppy with a button -down shirt tucked in.  Either way, will give your guy a cool-dude edge!

For a dressier summer look for parties and weddings, linen-blend slacks and jackets are hard to beat. They add a cool and crisp look to a man’s summer ensemble.  But why not consider bold color for a summertime soiree….like a pair of green slacks, blue striped shirt, blue jacket and a plaid tie.  Or for the groom and his groomsmen, a blue gingham checked jacket worn with a hot pink striped tie, and white slacks. Really guys….how bold will you go?

Okay, I admit your guy has to be a clothes horse or have a lot of self-confidence to wear really bold colors. So, let’s talk about a more conservative summer look.  You can’t go wrong with a navy blazer, light khaki slacks, and a blue shirt.  And possibly consider a pair of white or light pink slacks.  Ties are optional, but do add a pocket square.  A light tan linen-blend blazer looks great with navy slacks or jeans.  Wear it with a light blue chambray shirt, add a pocket square and push your shirt and coat sleeves up to give yourself a cool and comfy style! And ladies, don’t forget to tell him how amazing he looks!

 Socks or no socks?  Yep, that’s the question!  For summertime, no socks with shorts is the rule. Though, be sure to purchase sock liners at DSW.  Trust me, they will keep your guy comfortable and will keep him from ruining his shoes.  With light summer suits and slacks, the no sock look is perfectly acceptable…but not for church or with professional business attire.  That being said, there are so many fun socks options in stripes and prints.  Again, these are to be worn with slacks and jeans but not shorts.  

The best shoes for a man’s summer look are boat shoes and sneakers.  The main thing is you will want to keep them clean.  Be sure to take a look at the Jason Markk sneaker cleaner, exclusive at J. Crew on our Pinterest board.  The starter kit will cover their basic sneaker cleaning needs and provides all the essential tools for keeping your guy’s kicks fresh.  Is your man a multi-tasker?  If he is, be sure to show him all the shoe lacing options on our board.  It not only will give him something to do while watching a Ranger’s game on TV, but it will teach him a whole new skill! Don’t you just love a multi-tasking man?  

So, what’s left?  Accessories….of course!  From sunshades, watches, hats to belts, men have almost as many accessory options as women do.  Okay, I have to admit I’m obsessed with the men’s Timex watch from J. Crew because you can switch out with colorful bands.  So fun and keeps on ticking!  Is your guy into Fedoras and Panama hats? Then be sure to look at the choices from Tommy Bahama and Gap on our board.

My favorite accessory for men is sunshades.  The main idea here is the right fit, so don’t be bashful when trying them on to get another opinion. Ray-bans will bring a hipster style to any ensemble, and J. Crew offers an updated metrosexual style.  To complete a man’s summer look, think about adding a woven belt in a solid or a stripe.  With Gap, J. Crew, and J McLaughlin, there are so many fun belts to choose from.

Whew!  Who knew there was so much to talk about when it comes to men’s summer style?  Oh, and one more thing:  Stay cool dudes!!!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]

What Would Holley Wear: Red, White and Blue

Where do you like to spend the 4th of July?  Growing up, my family went to our lake get-away near Mountain Harbor Resort on Lake Ouachita in Arkansas.  We spent the day picnicking, and water skiing.  In the evening, everyone would take their boats out to watch the firework show over the lake.  Such great memories!  And because the lake is surrounded by 1,000 miles of shoreline in the middle of a national forest, the lake water is crystal-clear.

So my question for you is this:  Where are you planning to spend the 4th of July and do you have a “crystal-clear” idea about what to wear?  Could it possibly be at Possum Kingdom Lake or another lake-side resort?  Then of course you will want to wear a fashionable red, white, and blue ensemble when you watch the fireworks display.  Right?  Let’s be honest and admit it is hot in Texas and Arkansas in the summer.  So, I’m thinking shorts, cropped pants, and skirts.  And though you don’t have to wear a patriotic ensemble, I know you would look absolutely adorable in one.  

Back in the day, my “lake look” was overalls, short-shorts, cutoffs, and a really cute bikini. My look today is more modest and age appropriate, though you will still see the young gals sporting some of the same styles from years past.  If you have a daughter in her teens or twenties, be sure to show her some of the fun “lake looks” on our Pinterest board.  One way to give yourself patriotic style is with accessories and shoes.  What about sporting a pair of blue gingham converse sneakers with red shoe strings? Or think about wearing an American flag or Texas Ranger ball cap to complement one of your cute patriotic outfit.

And of course you will need a fun swimsuit and cover-up to wear on the party barge.  A red checked retro swimsuit with a big red sunhat, and sun glasses is a great look for laying out on the beach.  I have a feeling you will want to bring a large red and white striped Michael Kors tote to toss in your cover-up, sunscreen, beach towel, and a juicy summer novel. Another great substitute for a cover-up would be a bohemian style summer dress.   Wow…sounds like a holiday look that will transition from a day on the lake to an enjoyable evening watching a firework show!  

This year, we will be celebrating the 4th in Las Vegas! For a day time look, I’m crushing on the striped red, white, and blue striped maxi skirt on our Pinterest board.  And, a style that will transition from the plane to a day of shopping in Vegas is a white blazer, light blue jeans, t-shirt, and I plan to add a pop of color with my red Louis Vuitton twist handbag.  A bold red necklace can take you from the airport to a night out on the town. And a pair of red fringe heels say, “Hello Vegas…the party people have arrived!”  

One of our nights out on the town will include happy hour at the Sky Fall Lounge at The Delano (a non-gaming hotel).  There is outdoor seating at this fabulous 42nd story bar and since the interior is all-black, an all-white ensemble will be perfect contrast for this scene!  After happy hour, our next stop will be the Michael Jackson show by Cirque du Soleil at Mandalay Bay.  “Billie Jean” eat your heart out!  

Are you “too sexy for your shirt?” Really?  I figured that much….so I’m pretty sure you will want to check out The Chandelier bar at The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino…as featured in the June issue of Bazaar Magazine.

So what would Holley suggest you wear to such a posh bar during the 4th of July holiday? Something bold and red….like a red off the shoulder dress, or top, or possibly a daring red jumpsuit! Oh my goodness….I’m starting to think you really are “too sexy for your shirt!”

With your great taste and style, just be ready to “do a little turn on the catwalk” when you make your entrance into the Vegas lifestyle!    Because one thing I know for sure…..there will definitely be fireworks!!!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]

What Would Holley Wear: Polka Dots and Stripes

What says “summer fun” more than a polka dot or striped outfit? If you said, “nothing”, then I totally agree with you!  I consider these two prints neutral patterns, just like black and white are considered neutral colors. They go with just about everything and can be incorporated anywhere from a work outfit to a fun day at the beach.  

 First, a fashion story from my past:   As a young sales manager with a big insurance company, my husband qualified to attend his first partner’s meeting hosted in Maui, Hawaii in 1987.  This meeting involved intense wardrobe planning for cocktail parties, business luncheons, black-tie dinners and even poolside parties.  We were in our early 30s, and to say this first manager’s meeting was epic for us would be an understatement.  

Remember the 70’s band, The Spinners?  Well, they were the headline band at the last night’s dinner.  I will never forget when the curtains opened, and they started performing.  And I will never forget the adorable cocktail dress I wore, a black and white polka dot dress with an open back from Sakowitz in Houston. But the icing on the cake was in the middle of their performance the lead singer pointed to me and said, “I’m dedicating this next song to the lovely lady wearing the polka dot dress.”  And that’s when they sang “Working My Way Back to You Babe!”  To this day I don’t know if it was my polka dot dress that got their attention or my signature dance moves.  But I’m thinking….probably the dress!

So let’s start with how I would incorporate a polka dot look into my wardrobe today….some 32 years later.  For a fun summer church dress, I’m loving a black and pale pink polka dot dress with bell sleeves, as seen on our Pinterest board.  A fabulous party look I love is a sheer white polka dot blouse worn with the sleeves rolled up and paired with black embroidered pants.  Kind of makes me want to host a party!  

When it comes to trends, a striped off the shoulder top is “the look” for this summer. Where can you find this look?  Everywhere!  Some of the young girls are wearing a cropped version. I like an off the shoulder look that is long enough to wear with jeans, covers my rear, and can be tucked in.  

A striped skirt is another really cute way to add some pizazz to your style. A perfect summer dress would be a blue vertical striped off the shoulder embroidered dress…perfect for running errands or a beach vacay! And think about mixing stripes and florals or even stripes and polka dots for a double dose of summer prints…such a fun way to add personality to your ensemble.  

Were you ever voted “Miss Congeniality?”  True story….I actually was!  If you want to win some popularity votes, think about adding one striped or polka dot accessory to your wardrobe.  I’m not kidding….strangers will stop to ask where you found your adorable polka dot bag or your striped clutch.  Be sure to take a look at the multi-colored striped Rebecca Minkoff clutch and Balenciaga shopper tote on our Pinterest board.  And of course…a pair of striped or polka dot shoes are always attention-getters!  

Do you like to sleep in comfy pajama pants?  My favorite pair are my black and white polka dot PJs.  A cute pair on our Pinterest board is a pink striped set from Victoria Secret.  Besides cute PJs, swimwear in stripes and polka dots are so in style this summer. Who remembers the “Tweeny-Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” song?  To be honest, that is definitely not the look for me these days, but a cute polka dot or striped sarong skirt worn over a “not so tweeny-weeny” bathing suit would be a great swimsuit cover-up option.

 I so hope you will consider adding at least one of these popular patterns to your summer wardrobe!  And if you do…I think there’s a really good chance you might be voted “Miss Congeniality!”

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]

What Would Holley Wear: Mountain Vacation

For the past decade, my husband and I have taken a week’s vacation in Aspen, Colorado every summer.  We love to hike, eat out, go to concerts, read books, and John likes to cook in our apartment.  We always stay at Aspen Square Condominiums which is across the street from The Little Nell and one of the best locations in town.  The people who work there are so friendly and welcome us with open arms every summer.  

 So, two things you need to know about Aspen shopping:

  1. Most of the stores are high-end retail…
  2. …and their consignment shops are second to none!

So let’s get started and talk about my two favorite consignment shops in Aspen! The first one is The Little Bird (on Cooper Street), which is high end fashion resale.  My treasure while shopping there several years ago was a sheer black Fendi blouse.  Last year, I found a great pair of new black leather fashion sneakers that I wore on our recent trip there!

Another favorite consignment store in Aspen is Susie’s Consignment (on Main Street).  They, too, have designer clothing but also items from stores like Zara and J. Crew.   In other words….more affordable.  On this trip, I purchased a beautiful black, sheer Theory blouse.  It will be a great addition to my year-round wardrobe!  

Speaking of consignment stores, my Fort Worth favorite is Crystal Tag on Vickery.  The owner, Karen, is a lovely lady and very pleasant to work with.  I have purchased and sold items at her store.  I also take my clothes and my client’s clothes to Arborlawn United Methodist Church, 5001 Briarhaven Road.  The church offers a “boutique style” shopping experience for those in need to select clothing for women, men and children.  It is a wonderful mission that serves our community.  

But back to Aspen….”What does Holley wear in Aspen?”  I have to admit, Aspen is not your typical mountain town.  Some of the wealthiest people in the world have vacation homes there and of course, expensive taste. So, I do my best to blend in with my “creative” style and budget. Truthfully, the women who actually live and work there are very down to earth. Khaki shorts and jeans are their go-to looks. A local Texas store where you can recreate their “mountain style” is the Sundance Store in Southlake Town Square.   And since my husband and I walk/hike every day, I take a pair of black Nike pants, long sleeve t-shirts, a jacket, backpack, sneakers or hiking boots.  Layering is always a good idea when on the trail.  

Our tradition on the day we arrive is to unpack, and then head straight to Hotel Jerome to have lunch and a Bloody Mary at the outdoor Terrace Cafe. The food and beverages are delicious, and the style and people-watching are a bonus.  On our recent trip, I wore an ethnic print maxi skirt, blue chambray shirt, a navy tassel necklace, a pair of brown Sam Edelman sandals and carried a large Goyard tote.  I also wore this outfit on the plane and brought a denim jacket.  Later that week, I wore the same skirt with a white flowy blouse tied at the waist to The White House Tavern…..which, by the way, is one of our favorite restaurants in Aspen.

Another favorite, is Kitchen…be sure to check out the pictures of their beautiful view and interior on my Pinterest board “Mountain Vacation.”   

We love going to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning. The people, adorable pups, delicious food, and music lure us in every time!  Since I like to look “Aspen chic,” I wore a perforated yellow midi skirt I purchased last year at H&M, repurposed the blue chambray top, and wore a pair of blue denim espadrilles.  Having my Goyard tote on hand was an added bonus for all my market purchases!  Since it is still cool at nights in early June, my go-to look was a pair of jeans, button-down shirt, and a black blazer or a linen army green jacket.  Some nights I wore my leather sneakers from Little Bird and some nights, I wore a pair of Coach Espadrilles I purchased at TJ Maxx.  

Besides shopping, hiking, and eating out, there are so many fun things to do in Aspen.  The link to “72 hours in Aspen” on our Pinterest board will give you a lot of ideas.  And if you go, be sure to visit the John Denver Sanctuary….a very special and serene place.  It’s off the beaten path and just like Aspen, it’s guaranteed to give you a “Rocky mountain high!”  

From Mrs. Twist:  As I read this post from Holley this week, I am thinking what an invaluable resource Holley would be if you are packing for a trip and don’t know what to wear!  Reach out to Holley with your destination and activities planned and let her research the best wardrobe ideas to make your travel plans a breeze! Check out her style on our Pinterest board for more ideas.

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]

What Would Holley Wear: Classical Music Concerts

We have a framed print in our home that says “Fort Worth, Texas – Cowboys & Culture”….such a great description of Fort Worth.   In January, I wrote about what to wear to the rodeo.  Now, I’m writing about what to wear to Ft. Worth’s most famous cultural event…The Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. And for a bonus, I’ve included some additional Fort Worth classical concerts and venues.

1958 in Moscow, Russia, USSR the International Tchaikovsky Competition

So, two things you need to know about the Cliburn competition:

  1. “…The Cliburn Competition is a cross between the Miss America Pageant, the Olympic Games, the Academy Awards, and The Pulitzer.”  – The Boston Globe
  2. …And for some patrons, it involves not only attending multiple concerts but also attending multiple parties!

Since our youngest son is an invited guest to all the concerts and parties this year, he asked me to accompany him to a few of the events.  Chris is a Vice President of an artist management firm in New York and the manager of Vadym Kholodenko, first place winner of the 2013 Cliburn competition. All that being said….sounds like a fashion opportunity to me!

But here’s the deal, just like casual looks you see at rock and country concerts, the same basically goes for classical music concerts these days. So, if you are not inclined to be “all fancy,” then no problem, but do know I have some ideas for you!   And if you are a little fashion OCD like me, then you will want to hear about some of my ‘hip” style options for attending classical concerts.  

Let’s start with a casual classical concert look first….Fort Worth Symphony’s Botanic Gardens Series.  Such fun concerts in the park for all ages!  For comfort, my suggestion is to wear shorts, capris, and midi skirts.  A cute look I adore is a striped midi skirt worn with a white t-shirt and sandals or sneakers.  If you have great legs, by all means,  please wear shorts, and be sure to check out some really cute styles from J. Crew and Madewell.  Besides enjoying a great concert and firework show, the main idea is to be comfortable and wear what flatters you the most.

Another option would be a bohemian look.  Okay, I realize a classical outdoor concert is not exactly Coachella, but maybe it’s the closest you’ll get to concerts from your youth.  A current look I love is a flowy midi or maxi floral duster.  These can be worn over skirts, jeans or shorts.  Maybe you will even want to accessorize with a head scarf.  If so, be sure to check out the head scarf tutorial on our Pinterest board.  

My favorite Cliburn Series venue is at the Live Oak Lounge in the Fairmount district.  It’s a cool neighborhood bar with a concert stage.  The classical musicians performing at this venue tend to have a youthful vibe (such as Sybarite5),and the atmosphere is very hip and cool. So what should you wear?  White jeans, a cute summer dress, or a maxi skirt would all be great looks for this scene.  

The Cliburn Series and the Chamber Music Society have a wonderful selection of concerts at the Kimbell and the Modern Art Museum.  Since these concerts are hosted in architectural masterpieces, why not dress on the artsy side.  Think about wearing something color blocked or a geometric ensemble.  A color blocked dress worn with pumps will give you a sophisticated concert-goer look.  For a casual contemporary style, think about wearing a geometric patterned top with a pair of black culottes.  And to all of that, I say….Andy Warhol, eat your heart out!    










You can’t go wrong with wearing a LBD (little black dress), or a black and white ensemble, or even a monochromatic look to a classical concert hosted at Bass Hall.  All three looks will transition from a Cliburn pre-party to the competition.  It is so easy to dress your look up or down with accessories, and you may want to consider adding a statement piece of jewelry to your classic look.  

I bet you had no idea how “hip” classical concerts could be.  It seems like Huey Lewis had it right all along….It really is “hip to be square!”


Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]


What Would Holley Wear: Tournament Style

Are you planning to attend the Dean & DeLuca Invitational Golf Tournament…May 25 through May 28?  The tournament is part of Fort Worth history, and of course fashion has always been a big part of that. Remember back in the day when women were scantily dressed and even judged by men holding signs rating them from a 1 to a 10?  Thank goodness today’s tournament fashionistas dress with class and good taste….well, most of them!  And thank goodness today’s tournament man/fan is a gentleman…well, most of them!  I recently read that when going to a golf tournament the main fashion rule to remember is this — “You are at the country club as a spectator…not to be a spectacle.”

 So, two things you need to know about me:

  1. I was on the Colonial tournament committee for eight years…
  2. …and even though it wasn’t our official title, we called ourselves the “Fashion Police!”

When I think about appropriate tournament style, my mind goes straight to a “preppy” look.   The years I was on the committee, our uniform was a pair of shorts and a tournament polo shirt. How preppy does that sound? Since it is usually hot at golf tournaments, shorts are a great option.   A preppy look I love is a pair of white shorts worn with a yellow Tory Burch tunic complemented with a pair of white sneakers.  And anything J McLaughlin is absolutely perfect for the tournament.  Be sure to see all the great options they have to offer on our Pinterest board.  You may want to consider wearing a cute pair of Jack Roger’s sandals with your tournament attire!  

Another preppy style I adore is anything checked.  From off-the-shoulder tops to skirts, checks are a great tournament look.  A checked button-down shirt tied at the waist worn with a pair of shorts or midiskirt is a perfect tournament look.   Be sure to roll your sleeves up.  An off-the-shoulder top or dress is another great style for the tournament.  You will want to be sure to wear a lot of sunscreen and a big floppy hat.  With such a cute look, I’m pretty sure the guys will be “checking” you out.  Oh look…is that a “10” I see?

What says Texas gal more than something monogrammed? When I go to New York and even Kansas, you just don’t see monogrammed accessories and clothes like you do in Texas.  So sad for them…right? Monogrammed necklaces are a fashion must in Texas, so I’m planning to wear my “H” necklace from Anthropology to the tournament.  Texas trendy! My personal favorite monogram accessory is a white ball cap with my initials.  I wear it most days when I walk outside, and it will be perfect for the tournament.  

Girlfriend tip:  One of my girls said her go-to monogramming business in Ft. Worth is “Donnagrams” owned by sisters Donna Davis and Alicia McMillan. They also make flower arrangements and are party and wedding coordinators.  Be sure to check out some of their fabulous monogrammed items, jewelry, and party pics on our Pinterest board or [email protected]  

A sophisticated and cool look for the tournament would be an all-white or neutral monochromatic ensemble. The key here is to wear proper undergarments.  Trust me, when you are outside on a sunny day, you will want to make sure what you’re wearing is not see-through.  A look I’m crushing on is white boyfriend jeans (with the hem rolled up), a gray tee, and espadrilles from J. Crew.  If we are hanging out in the club house, I will wear sandals, and if we are actually outside watching the tournament, I will wear sneakers. Besides being stylish, comfort and common sense should always come first when attending an outdoors sporting event.  Right?

To compliment your cute outfits, you will want to have all the right accessories.  If you need a handbag, think about a small cross-body bag, and make sure it’s tournament approved.  Texas gals always need a little bling….right?  

Since it is so hot outside, instead of layering several pieces of jewelry, think about wearing one simple bracelet or necklace.  A look you can’t go wrong with is jewelry from Kendra Scott or Julie Voss.  If you forget to bring a pair of sunshades, no problem, just make a quick stop at J McLaughlin or Francesca’s at University Shopping Center before you head to valet parking! Wow…I think that sounds about par for the course!  Don’t you?

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation. 

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What Would Holley Wear: Arm Party!

I love accessories and the way they complete an outfit.  So, two trends I want to talk about this week are “bag matching” and “arm parties!”  

 Two things you need to know about these trends:

  1.  Handbag and shoe matching has been around forever…
  2. …and layering your rings and bracelets is an art within itself!

 Let’s get started and talk about these two trends and how to work them into your wardrobe.  Here is what I found from my Pinterest research.  The bag matching trend is one of the hottest trends that was on every runway at Fashion Week.  I think it’s easily one of the trends from the runway that’s going to make it into everybody’s wardrobes for spring and summer.

If you want to go all out on matching your bag with your outfit, think about a monochromatic look.  You can do this by pairing up colors from the same family but with different shades or by pairing the exact same color of clothes and bag but in different textures.  If you are not into a monochromatic look, don’t worry because there are other ways to match your bag. One of my favorite bag matching tips is to match your bag with a dominant color in your outfit. Sounds like a match made in Heaven!  

Matching your bag to your shoes is an old styling trick that has been around forever.  But the last several years, it became a fashion “don’t” to match your bag and shoes.  The way I see it, another word for trend is “option”….right?  Since we all have options to choose from, I have always chosen the style option of matching my handbag and shoes.  For me it’s a classic look and thank goodness I will be back on trend again and a fashion “do!”  

Are you daring and bold?  If so, I think you will love the printed bag and printed outfit matching trend.  You can actually match your printed dress or outfit with a printed bag.  Sounds like fun but also a bit challenging. Unless it is a set from the same line, like Kate Spade, this trend can be tricky.  If you are gifted at print-mixing, consider coordinating with another print that complements the outfit.  One way to try this is with an animal print handbag or possibly with striped or polka dot bag.  Just remember, you want to be sure the prints have some of the same color combinations.  

One of my favorite ways to add a bag to an outfit is with personality.  Did you know there are bags that actually make a statement or have eyeballs staring back at you?  I bought a fun bag at Zara in New York last fall and it has a big “NO” written in chrome letters on the front flap.  You may be wondering what the “NO” stands for, and I have to admit, I have “NO” idea…it just makes me smile.  Be sure to check out my Pinterest board, “Fun Fashion,” for more fun fashion looks!

 So…what is more fun than a party?  I can’t think of anything, and that’s why I love the “arm party” trend.  And what says “let’s party” more than a stack of bracelets?  One way to stack is with the same color tones, as in all gold, all silver, or all one color.  I like to stack 3 bracelets at the most, but stacking more is acceptable.  The main fashion rule of thumb to remember is to stack with uneven numbers.  With trial and error, you will discover your own stacking limit.

A classic way to host an arm party is with a watch.  I have 2 watches that I like to interchange.  One is an Ebel estate watch in stainless and gold that I like to wear with thin gold bangles.  Another watch I own is a Skagen stainless watch.  It is a fashion watch, and I complement it with thin silver bracelets.  A fashion rule I abide by is to stay in the same metal tones.  In other words, wear silver with silver and gold with gold.  I’m a little OCD with this and even try to coordinate the hardware on my handbag strap, buttons, zippers, and shoe trim with the same tone.  Yikes!

If you are a rebel…then don’t hesitate to mix it up because there are no hard rules when it comes to fashion trends.  And remember, the main idea of a party is to have fun….and eat cake!  Right?  

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What Would Holley Wear: Florals, Ruffles and Pleats Oh, My!

Oh, my!  The spring and summer trends have been in all the fashion magazines since January! So here’s the deal with fashion trends….they come and go, and it’s up to you to pick the one that suits you the most.  Have you ever read an article in a fashion magazine informing readers on what trends are out and secretly thought to yourself you never knew they were in?  

 Two things you need to know about me:

  1. I do love the beginning of a new fashion season and all the new trends…
  2. …but I only choose a few to see what trends suit my taste and style.

Let’s talk about florals first.  Of course florals have been around forever, but last year they made a huge comeback.  Remember when you only wore florals in spring and summer?  They are now considered a fall and winter fashion staple and were seen in magazines and on the runways with leather jackets, sweaters, and boots.   I purchased a floral midi skirt at the end of summer and love the fact that I can wear it year-round.  In the fall I wore it with black tights, a sweater, bomber jacket, and booties.  In the spring and summer, I will tie it at the hem on one side, wear it with a white t-shirt and a pair of flats or sandals.  It’s about time floral became a year-round pattern…right?

Another trendy floral look is pant suits and yes, the jacket and pants match.  Though, I don’t see myself wearing this trend, it looked super cute on young style stars at New York Fashion Week.  Some women wear their floral pantsuits with platform heels, and others wear the suit with platform sneakers.  Sound too trendy for a Texas gal?  Then think about wearing them as separates.   Floral pants are a great spring transition piece worn with a button-down blouse, and topped with a denim jacket.  A floral trend I invested in this spring is a flowy blouse.  I can wear it with a pair of jeans, front-tucked or half-tucked. Since I am more prone to wear black and neutrals, a few floral pieces will go a long way with me.  That being said….here’s to flower power!!!

Like florals, ruffles have been around forever, but this year they are back with a vengeance!  In past years ruffles were mostly seen on shirts, but now you will find them everywhere from sweaters, skirts, and even pants. One of my favorites on our Pinterest board is a beautiful white ruffled blouse from the Zaza Bellagio blog spot.  They paired it with a black linen blazer, gray jeans, a statement necklace, and an incredible studded belt. Though the trendy look I covet the most are the ruffled skirts seen in all the fashion magazines and on Pinterest.  A look I can see myself wearing is a ruffled grey textured skirt with a white blouse tucked in, worn with 3-tone color blocked shoes. InStyle Magazine suggests a ruffled skirt be paired with pointy-toe sling backs and a simple knit top to give it an Audrey Hepburn level of sophistication.  Am I starting to “ruffle” some feathers?  

25 Ways to Wear a Pleated Skirt

InStyle calls pleated skirts “fashion’s it-skirt of the moment,” and I could not agree more!  I purchased a gray shimmer pleated skirt on sale at H&M in December.   I have transitioned it into my spring wardrobe by pairing it with a pink flowy blouse, black strappy kitten heels, and fun tassel earrings.  My go-to wedding guest look this spring will be a mauve pleated skirt, a black off the shoulder top with bell sleeves, black heels, and a black Lucite evening bag.  The best thing about both skirts is they will transition through spring, and I will bring them back in the fall.  Click here to see 25 Ways to Wear a Pleated Skirt on our Pinterest board.

Just like the “lions, and tigers, and bears” from the Wizard of Oz…” florals, and ruffles, and pleats” …or any trend for that matter can seem a little scary at first.  But as you travel down the fashion road, be brave, have heart, and mostly use your brain when choosing a new trend.  Oh, my!!!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation. Contact Holley at [email protected]

What Would Holley Wear: Dapper Edition

Webster’s definition for dapper is:  Neat and trim in appearance and very spruce and stylish. Spruce kind of sounds like a tree…don’t ya think?  So, I decided to go with the Urban Dictionary’s definition:  A compliment made to someone who looks incredibly smart, sexy and stylish.

So two things you need to know about women:

 #1.  You had us at “incredibly smart”…

 #2.  …and top that off with sexy and stylish, and we’re all in!

Here’s the deal guys…style/sprucing may not be your thing but for us, it’s everything. So, let’s get started by talking about the typical dapper look…”Suits, Vests, and Ties!” Remember the days of the 3-piece suit in the 70’s and 80’s? Today’s 3-piece suit has a different look, and the vest does not necessarily match the suit.  A sweater vest under a suit jacket not only adds another texture but serves the purpose of keeping you warm. And remember, when wearing a vest to keep the bottom button unbuttoned.  News you can use…right?

The shoes and belt you wear with your suit should complete your outfit. The belt should be fairly thin and the same color as your shoes.  The main thing to remember here is to make sure your shoes are clean and polished. I know this for a fact because I’m married to a man who knows how to polish a pair of shoes.  He actually shined shoes when he was a little boy. Sometimes he would take the shoes home and deliver them by foot to his clients the next day.  If you think shoe shining only exists at the carwash and airport, just know there is an array of shoe polish kits you can order online.  Be sure to check out KIWI Shoe Shine Valet at Amazon.com — a perfect Father’s Day gift.  

“The difference between being a man and a gentleman is having clean fingernails and shined shoes.”

Do you remember the days when men wore a suit to church, work, and to dinner?  I actually miss those days.  Do you?  So often I’ll see a lady dressed up and out with her man who is wearing cargo shorts and an untucked shirt.  Please know, I love the untucked look on a man, but I really think a couple’s outfits should complement each other. So, if you are “that guy,” I want to challenge you to dapper-up your style a bit.  

A few rules to remember are the suit jacket should be long enough to cover the pants zipper and rear.  Sleeve cuffs should be exposed about half an inch.  For a more current look, opt for a charcoal or grey suit over black because dark grey is more versatile and goes with more colors.  If a suit is totally out of your style realm, then at least consider adding a blazer to your wardrobe.  To me, a man’s blazer is the most versatile piece in his wardrobe.  It can be worn with slacks and a button-down shirt and tie.  Though, my favorite look is when a blazer is worn with jeans, a crisp button-down shirt, no tie, and polished shoes. How dapper is that?



The icing on the cake when it comes to men’s style is ties and pocket squares.  Like the blazer, there are some style rules for ties.  Remember your tie should always be darker than your dress shirt and should reach the waist band of your trousers or slightly shorter.  And it’s important to remember the width of your tie should match the width of the jacket lapel. A pocket square adds an extra level of polish, but make sure it doesn’t match your tie in either pattern or fabric choice.  To see the dozens of ways to tie a tie and fold a pocket square, check out this week’s Pinterest board.

But more than anything, remember these words from ZZ Top:

“Clean shirt, new shoes.  And I don’t know where I’m goin’ to.  Silk suit, black tie, I don’t need a reason why. They come running just as fast as they can….Cause every girl crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man.”

Don’t forget each week, Holley updates our Pinterest board just for you with fresh inspiration and ideas.  There is a lot of eye candy on this week’s board for everyone to enjoy!  Be sure to follow the board so you automatically have access to new content!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation. Contact Holley at [email protected]