What Would Holley Wear: Tournament Style

Are you planning to attend the Dean & DeLuca Invitational Golf Tournament…May 25 through May 28?  The tournament is part of Fort Worth history, and of course fashion has always been a big part of that. Remember back in the day when women were scantily dressed and even judged by men holding signs rating them from a 1 to a 10?  Thank goodness today’s tournament fashionistas dress with class and good taste….well, most of them!  And thank goodness today’s tournament man/fan is a gentleman…well, most of them!  I recently read that when going to a golf tournament the main fashion rule to remember is this — “You are at the country club as a spectator…not to be a spectacle.”

 So, two things you need to know about me:

  1. I was on the Colonial tournament committee for eight years…
  2. …and even though it wasn’t our official title, we called ourselves the “Fashion Police!”

When I think about appropriate tournament style, my mind goes straight to a “preppy” look.   The years I was on the committee, our uniform was a pair of shorts and a tournament polo shirt. How preppy does that sound? Since it is usually hot at golf tournaments, shorts are a great option.   A preppy look I love is a pair of white shorts worn with a yellow Tory Burch tunic complemented with a pair of white sneakers.  And anything J McLaughlin is absolutely perfect for the tournament.  Be sure to see all the great options they have to offer on our Pinterest board.  You may want to consider wearing a cute pair of Jack Roger’s sandals with your tournament attire!  

Another preppy style I adore is anything checked.  From off-the-shoulder tops to skirts, checks are a great tournament look.  A checked button-down shirt tied at the waist worn with a pair of shorts or midiskirt is a perfect tournament look.   Be sure to roll your sleeves up.  An off-the-shoulder top or dress is another great style for the tournament.  You will want to be sure to wear a lot of sunscreen and a big floppy hat.  With such a cute look, I’m pretty sure the guys will be “checking” you out.  Oh look…is that a “10” I see?

What says Texas gal more than something monogrammed? When I go to New York and even Kansas, you just don’t see monogrammed accessories and clothes like you do in Texas.  So sad for them…right? Monogrammed necklaces are a fashion must in Texas, so I’m planning to wear my “H” necklace from Anthropology to the tournament.  Texas trendy! My personal favorite monogram accessory is a white ball cap with my initials.  I wear it most days when I walk outside, and it will be perfect for the tournament.  

Girlfriend tip:  One of my girls said her go-to monogramming business in Ft. Worth is “Donnagrams” owned by sisters Donna Davis and Alicia McMillan. They also make flower arrangements and are party and wedding coordinators.  Be sure to check out some of their fabulous monogrammed items, jewelry, and party pics on our Pinterest board or [email protected]  

A sophisticated and cool look for the tournament would be an all-white or neutral monochromatic ensemble. The key here is to wear proper undergarments.  Trust me, when you are outside on a sunny day, you will want to make sure what you’re wearing is not see-through.  A look I’m crushing on is white boyfriend jeans (with the hem rolled up), a gray tee, and espadrilles from J. Crew.  If we are hanging out in the club house, I will wear sandals, and if we are actually outside watching the tournament, I will wear sneakers. Besides being stylish, comfort and common sense should always come first when attending an outdoors sporting event.  Right?

To compliment your cute outfits, you will want to have all the right accessories.  If you need a handbag, think about a small cross-body bag, and make sure it’s tournament approved.  Texas gals always need a little bling….right?  

Since it is so hot outside, instead of layering several pieces of jewelry, think about wearing one simple bracelet or necklace.  A look you can’t go wrong with is jewelry from Kendra Scott or Julie Voss.  If you forget to bring a pair of sunshades, no problem, just make a quick stop at J McLaughlin or Francesca’s at University Shopping Center before you head to valet parking! Wow…I think that sounds about par for the course!  Don’t you?

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What Would Holley Wear: Arm Party!

I love accessories and the way they complete an outfit.  So, two trends I want to talk about this week are “bag matching” and “arm parties!”  

 Two things you need to know about these trends:

  1.  Handbag and shoe matching has been around forever…
  2. …and layering your rings and bracelets is an art within itself!

 Let’s get started and talk about these two trends and how to work them into your wardrobe.  Here is what I found from my Pinterest research.  The bag matching trend is one of the hottest trends that was on every runway at Fashion Week.  I think it’s easily one of the trends from the runway that’s going to make it into everybody’s wardrobes for spring and summer.

If you want to go all out on matching your bag with your outfit, think about a monochromatic look.  You can do this by pairing up colors from the same family but with different shades or by pairing the exact same color of clothes and bag but in different textures.  If you are not into a monochromatic look, don’t worry because there are other ways to match your bag. One of my favorite bag matching tips is to match your bag with a dominant color in your outfit. Sounds like a match made in Heaven!  

Matching your bag to your shoes is an old styling trick that has been around forever.  But the last several years, it became a fashion “don’t” to match your bag and shoes.  The way I see it, another word for trend is “option”….right?  Since we all have options to choose from, I have always chosen the style option of matching my handbag and shoes.  For me it’s a classic look and thank goodness I will be back on trend again and a fashion “do!”  

Are you daring and bold?  If so, I think you will love the printed bag and printed outfit matching trend.  You can actually match your printed dress or outfit with a printed bag.  Sounds like fun but also a bit challenging. Unless it is a set from the same line, like Kate Spade, this trend can be tricky.  If you are gifted at print-mixing, consider coordinating with another print that complements the outfit.  One way to try this is with an animal print handbag or possibly with striped or polka dot bag.  Just remember, you want to be sure the prints have some of the same color combinations.  

One of my favorite ways to add a bag to an outfit is with personality.  Did you know there are bags that actually make a statement or have eyeballs staring back at you?  I bought a fun bag at Zara in New York last fall and it has a big “NO” written in chrome letters on the front flap.  You may be wondering what the “NO” stands for, and I have to admit, I have “NO” idea…it just makes me smile.  Be sure to check out my Pinterest board, “Fun Fashion,” for more fun fashion looks!

 So…what is more fun than a party?  I can’t think of anything, and that’s why I love the “arm party” trend.  And what says “let’s party” more than a stack of bracelets?  One way to stack is with the same color tones, as in all gold, all silver, or all one color.  I like to stack 3 bracelets at the most, but stacking more is acceptable.  The main fashion rule of thumb to remember is to stack with uneven numbers.  With trial and error, you will discover your own stacking limit.

A classic way to host an arm party is with a watch.  I have 2 watches that I like to interchange.  One is an Ebel estate watch in stainless and gold that I like to wear with thin gold bangles.  Another watch I own is a Skagen stainless watch.  It is a fashion watch, and I complement it with thin silver bracelets.  A fashion rule I abide by is to stay in the same metal tones.  In other words, wear silver with silver and gold with gold.  I’m a little OCD with this and even try to coordinate the hardware on my handbag strap, buttons, zippers, and shoe trim with the same tone.  Yikes!

If you are a rebel…then don’t hesitate to mix it up because there are no hard rules when it comes to fashion trends.  And remember, the main idea of a party is to have fun….and eat cake!  Right?  

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What Would Holley Wear: Florals, Ruffles and Pleats Oh, My!

Oh, my!  The spring and summer trends have been in all the fashion magazines since January! So here’s the deal with fashion trends….they come and go, and it’s up to you to pick the one that suits you the most.  Have you ever read an article in a fashion magazine informing readers on what trends are out and secretly thought to yourself you never knew they were in?  

 Two things you need to know about me:

  1. I do love the beginning of a new fashion season and all the new trends…
  2. …but I only choose a few to see what trends suit my taste and style.

Let’s talk about florals first.  Of course florals have been around forever, but last year they made a huge comeback.  Remember when you only wore florals in spring and summer?  They are now considered a fall and winter fashion staple and were seen in magazines and on the runways with leather jackets, sweaters, and boots.   I purchased a floral midi skirt at the end of summer and love the fact that I can wear it year-round.  In the fall I wore it with black tights, a sweater, bomber jacket, and booties.  In the spring and summer, I will tie it at the hem on one side, wear it with a white t-shirt and a pair of flats or sandals.  It’s about time floral became a year-round pattern…right?

Another trendy floral look is pant suits and yes, the jacket and pants match.  Though, I don’t see myself wearing this trend, it looked super cute on young style stars at New York Fashion Week.  Some women wear their floral pantsuits with platform heels, and others wear the suit with platform sneakers.  Sound too trendy for a Texas gal?  Then think about wearing them as separates.   Floral pants are a great spring transition piece worn with a button-down blouse, and topped with a denim jacket.  A floral trend I invested in this spring is a flowy blouse.  I can wear it with a pair of jeans, front-tucked or half-tucked. Since I am more prone to wear black and neutrals, a few floral pieces will go a long way with me.  That being said….here’s to flower power!!!

Like florals, ruffles have been around forever, but this year they are back with a vengeance!  In past years ruffles were mostly seen on shirts, but now you will find them everywhere from sweaters, skirts, and even pants. One of my favorites on our Pinterest board is a beautiful white ruffled blouse from the Zaza Bellagio blog spot.  They paired it with a black linen blazer, gray jeans, a statement necklace, and an incredible studded belt. Though the trendy look I covet the most are the ruffled skirts seen in all the fashion magazines and on Pinterest.  A look I can see myself wearing is a ruffled grey textured skirt with a white blouse tucked in, worn with 3-tone color blocked shoes. InStyle Magazine suggests a ruffled skirt be paired with pointy-toe sling backs and a simple knit top to give it an Audrey Hepburn level of sophistication.  Am I starting to “ruffle” some feathers?  

25 Ways to Wear a Pleated Skirt

InStyle calls pleated skirts “fashion’s it-skirt of the moment,” and I could not agree more!  I purchased a gray shimmer pleated skirt on sale at H&M in December.   I have transitioned it into my spring wardrobe by pairing it with a pink flowy blouse, black strappy kitten heels, and fun tassel earrings.  My go-to wedding guest look this spring will be a mauve pleated skirt, a black off the shoulder top with bell sleeves, black heels, and a black Lucite evening bag.  The best thing about both skirts is they will transition through spring, and I will bring them back in the fall.  Click here to see 25 Ways to Wear a Pleated Skirt on our Pinterest board.

Just like the “lions, and tigers, and bears” from the Wizard of Oz…” florals, and ruffles, and pleats” …or any trend for that matter can seem a little scary at first.  But as you travel down the fashion road, be brave, have heart, and mostly use your brain when choosing a new trend.  Oh, my!!!

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What Would Holley Wear: Dapper Edition

Webster’s definition for dapper is:  Neat and trim in appearance and very spruce and stylish. Spruce kind of sounds like a tree…don’t ya think?  So, I decided to go with the Urban Dictionary’s definition:  A compliment made to someone who looks incredibly smart, sexy and stylish.

So two things you need to know about women:

 #1.  You had us at “incredibly smart”…

 #2.  …and top that off with sexy and stylish, and we’re all in!

Here’s the deal guys…style/sprucing may not be your thing but for us, it’s everything. So, let’s get started by talking about the typical dapper look…”Suits, Vests, and Ties!” Remember the days of the 3-piece suit in the 70’s and 80’s? Today’s 3-piece suit has a different look, and the vest does not necessarily match the suit.  A sweater vest under a suit jacket not only adds another texture but serves the purpose of keeping you warm. And remember, when wearing a vest to keep the bottom button unbuttoned.  News you can use…right?

The shoes and belt you wear with your suit should complete your outfit. The belt should be fairly thin and the same color as your shoes.  The main thing to remember here is to make sure your shoes are clean and polished. I know this for a fact because I’m married to a man who knows how to polish a pair of shoes.  He actually shined shoes when he was a little boy. Sometimes he would take the shoes home and deliver them by foot to his clients the next day.  If you think shoe shining only exists at the carwash and airport, just know there is an array of shoe polish kits you can order online.  Be sure to check out KIWI Shoe Shine Valet at Amazon.com — a perfect Father’s Day gift.  

“The difference between being a man and a gentleman is having clean fingernails and shined shoes.”

Do you remember the days when men wore a suit to church, work, and to dinner?  I actually miss those days.  Do you?  So often I’ll see a lady dressed up and out with her man who is wearing cargo shorts and an untucked shirt.  Please know, I love the untucked look on a man, but I really think a couple’s outfits should complement each other. So, if you are “that guy,” I want to challenge you to dapper-up your style a bit.  

A few rules to remember are the suit jacket should be long enough to cover the pants zipper and rear.  Sleeve cuffs should be exposed about half an inch.  For a more current look, opt for a charcoal or grey suit over black because dark grey is more versatile and goes with more colors.  If a suit is totally out of your style realm, then at least consider adding a blazer to your wardrobe.  To me, a man’s blazer is the most versatile piece in his wardrobe.  It can be worn with slacks and a button-down shirt and tie.  Though, my favorite look is when a blazer is worn with jeans, a crisp button-down shirt, no tie, and polished shoes. How dapper is that?



The icing on the cake when it comes to men’s style is ties and pocket squares.  Like the blazer, there are some style rules for ties.  Remember your tie should always be darker than your dress shirt and should reach the waist band of your trousers or slightly shorter.  And it’s important to remember the width of your tie should match the width of the jacket lapel. A pocket square adds an extra level of polish, but make sure it doesn’t match your tie in either pattern or fabric choice.  To see the dozens of ways to tie a tie and fold a pocket square, check out this week’s Pinterest board.

But more than anything, remember these words from ZZ Top:

“Clean shirt, new shoes.  And I don’t know where I’m goin’ to.  Silk suit, black tie, I don’t need a reason why. They come running just as fast as they can….Cause every girl crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man.”

Don’t forget each week, Holley updates our Pinterest board just for you with fresh inspiration and ideas.  There is a lot of eye candy on this week’s board for everyone to enjoy!  Be sure to follow the board so you automatically have access to new content!

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What Would Holley Wear: The Neutral Camel

Camel is my favorite neutral color because it goes with everything from colors to stripes and even animal prints.  

 A little fashion story from my past:

 About 15 years ago I fell in love with camel after seeing a Marc Jacobs camel pleated skirt paired with a grey sweater on the cover of Vogue Magazine.  I copied the look with a camel pleated skirt from Club Monaco.  But this is the thing….up until that point, I thought camel was a boring color and too “plain jane.”  But not anymore….now I see it as a very classic color!

So let’s talk about some of the many style options to pair with camel. Since we are in the middle of springtime, one of my favorite looks is camel and white.  I love the picture of the beautiful camel cape, white slacks, and stacks of gold bracelets on our Pinterest board.  Another fabulous combo is suede camel culottes, and a beautiful Victorian white blouse worn with snakeskin pumps.   A look to keep you warm on those cool spring evenings is a Catherine Robinson cashmere wrap in camel…of course.  Shoes in a nude or animal print are the perfect combo for a camel and white ensemble.  For drama, add a bold statement necklace or stacks of bracelets.  Does that sound classy or what?

Since we never know what the weather will be like from one day to the next, we still need to think about light-weight spring coats and sweaters. Again, this is when camel becomes the perfect spring transition piece. What is more classic than a trench coat?  If you said, “nothing,” then you are right!  Whether worn with slacks, leather pants, or jeans, a classic trench coach gives any outfit a sophisticated look. Even think about adding a matching scarf to give your outfit a monochromatic look.  If your wardrobe is more on the causal side, this is when you will want to wear your jeans and camel coat or jacket with a pair of sneakers. Such a great way to transform a classic piece of clothing into a trendy look.  

Another great look to pair with camel is animal print.  Animal print will take your classic camel outfit for a walk on the wild side.  Okay…maybe not too wild, but it will add a little spunk to your outfit!  Think about incorporating animal print into your camel ensemble with a handbag or scarf.  Both accessories will go with your jackets and white pieces.  Also, consider adding animal print with your shoes.  There are so many choices; heels, flats, and sneakers.  If you are really daring, wear a pair of animal print pants with your camel trench coat or jacket.  And to that, I say…you go girl!  

A look I love is camel with stripes. That kind of sounds French… doesn’t it?  Ines de la Fressange, French model, style icon and former muse to Karl Lagerfeld has that chic French look that I adore. Be sure to check out my Pinterest board, “Ines,” to study her effortless style.  She is also the author of Parisian Chic, which includes all of her favorite haunts in Paris. I’m pretty sure you will want to add her book to your reading list.  The best thing about a chic French look is that it never goes out of style because…just like camel…it’s a classic.

If you love color, just know you can pair every color with camel. My favorite combo is paired with red.  You can add red with a pair of pants or a dress topped off with a camel blazer or sweater.  A subdued option would be to add a hint of red with a handbag or shoes.  The good news is this….whatever color you choose to pair with your camel ensemble will be the perfect pop of color for you.


Ines de la Fressange defines her book in three words: “eclectic, honest, and happy.”  That’s how I see the color camel…eclectic, honest, and it makes me so happy!

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What Would Holley Wear: Kentucky Derby Style

Have you ever wondered what Kentucky Derby and Church Lady Style might have in common?  It reminds me of the chapter title from a book I recently read…”When Prayer Meeting Becomes Cocktail Hour.”  Plus, I’m pretty sure there’s as much praying going on at a race track as there is at church…maybe more!

 So, two things you need to know about me:

  1. I did grow up going to Oaklawn Race Track in Arkansas…
  2. …and I also grew up going to the Methodist Church (and still do).  
Ellen Palmer — Best Hats in 2016 Derby!

So, here’s the deal….you can gamble and drink one day…go to prayer meeting and ask for forgiveness the next day…and wear the same outfit for both occasions.  If you are from the South, I’m sure you totally relate to this.  Because Southern ladies are proper, modest, and dress appropriately whether they are sinning or praying.  And to all of that I say….bless their hearts!  

The hat is a stand-alone piece of fashion at the Derby.  Some are beautiful, some are comical, and some look like pieces of art.  And even women like me who don’t like to wear a hat, will wear one to the Kentucky Derby because I’m pretty sure it’s considered a sin if you don’t.  Like the Derby hats, the hats worn to church, especially on Easter Sunday are the crowning glory for any Easter ensemble.  

For many years, I have been a guest of a dear friend to the Hat’s Off to Mothers Luncheon benefiting Easter Seal of North Texas.  Like Derby hats and church hats, the beautiful hats are show stealers at this event.  True confession:  I like to wear a fascinator because it doesn’t mess up my hair. This year the Hats Off to Mothers luncheon is Thursday, May 11 at 11:00 a.m. at Ridglea Country Club (for more information, contact Megan Smock at [email protected]). If you love seeing beautiful hats and dresses, this is a luncheon you will not want to miss!

So let’s talk about Derby Style and what to wear.  I have to be honest and admit that I have never been to the Kentucky Derby, but I have done my research.  Besides the hats, the ensembles the women wear are classy, and the men’s outfits are dapper.  Most of the women choose to wear dresses or skirt. Florals and spring colors seem to be the most popular.

The young women still wear high heels, but flats have made a come-back. Makes sense…right? Wedges or block heels are a great substitute for stilettos and help the ladies keep their balance while sipping mint juleps. Print mixing is so on-trend, and a floral skirt with a striped top or a striped jacket will be perfect at this year’s derby.  Another great derby look I love is a fitted green floral skirt with a ruffle, a white blouse, and nude heels. How derby-lious does that sound?


It blows my mind that this legendary event hosted at a race track is one of the few places you still see women wearing beautiful dresses and hats…except at church, especially on Easter Sunday when everyone makes an extra effort to look elegant and ladylike.  Growing up, my mom made me a new “Easter dress” every year.  After church, my siblings and our cousins would go across the street to our grandparent’s house for the annual Easter parade and egg hunt.   My favorite Easter dress was when I was 4 years old.  I wore a beautiful white organza dress, complemented with a matching parasol and purse, and of course an adorable Easter hat.  So fancy!


Holley and her sister

Just like a lot of things these days, church dresses are becoming a thing of the past.  So here’s my plan:  Because I’m so passionate about the “church-dress,” I’m thinking about organizing a march.  The march would consist of women wearing beautiful church-like ensembles. Hats and parasols would be optional….but not makeup.  The ladies would be carrying signs that read:  “Get Dressed Up or Go Home,” or possibly, “Make America Stylish Again.”  Oh my goodness….does that make me sound radical?  Bless my heart!

All that being said, I truly love traditions like the Kentucky Derby, Hats Off to Moms, and Easter parades….because traditions actually take you back in time, which is kind of like a mint julep…refreshing!

Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration. 

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What Would Holley Wear: Puttin’ on the Pink Edition

In honor of next week’s Puttin’ on the Pink luncheon and fashion show, I am dedicating this article to the color pink! The event is hosted by The Kupferle Health Board, and the fashion show is sponsored by Highland Park Village.  

So, two things you need to know about this event:

  1. It is an amazing fundraiser with proceeds benefiting mobile health outreach to underserved women.
  2. …and the fashion show is over-the-top spectacular!!!  


If you are attending, I hope you are planning to arrive via a vintage pink Volkswagen van. You will definitely want to arrive in time for a complimentary pre-luncheon pink cocktail and fabulous boutique shopping!   

So, what would Holley suggest one wear to such a posh event? Something pink…of course! One of my favorite looks is a light pink Zara pant suit, black and white striped blouse, and grey pumps.  For a little pizzazz, think about adding some bling and a cute hat.  Maybe you would like a way to repurpose your silver metallic pleated skirt from the fall.  May I suggest wearing it with a white button- down blouse, a light pink coat and a grey pump.  A great look to copy is the tweed pink skirt set worn by Amal Clooney as seen on our Pinterest board.  I’m pretty sure George would even approve!

Maybe your favorite shade is bright pink or actually hot pink!  Again, I love that pant suits are back on trend, and I’m crushing on the fuchsia one Blake Lively wore with strappy black sandals.  One of my favorite hot pink dresses is an Alexander McQueen crepe wool dress with tulip sleeves.  It’s a dress that can go from the office to a charity luncheon and to a cocktail party in the evening.  The Kate Spade floral flounce dress is also a winner and perfect for church, luncheons, and showers. Sounds like a party to me!



Do you own a pink accessory?  If not, I’m pretty sure you will want to purchase something pink after you see our Pinterest board.  To make a major statement, consider a bold necklace.  Two of our featured necklaces include a bright fuchsia link necklace from J Crew and the Sienna layered choker necklace from Anthropology.

Both options could possibly complement one of your pink ensembles, and they would look stunning worn with an all-white outfit.  A fashion rule to remember is when you wear a large statement necklace, keep your earrings simple.  Think about a wearing pink stud earring that matches a statement necklace.  And vice versa, if you wear large earrings, you won’t need a necklace at all.  A pair of earrings that would be a great pop for a pink ensemble are opal Galactic earrings from Bauble Bar.  And if you are planning to host an “arm party,” wear a stack of pink bangles, an odd number…of course.  

 Another way to add a pop of pink to your spring wardrobe is with a purse.  Kate Spade has a beautiful scalloped satchel that looks great with black, white and grey, or consider wearing it with a pink monochromatic ensemble.  But again, if you like your colors a little on the hot side, then know you can’t go wrong with a quilted Chanel or Louis Vuitton handbag, both in hot pink.  Be sure to be on the “watch out” for a trendy time piece. If you are the girly-girl type, then I’m pretty sure you will love the pale pink Ted Baker watch on our Pinterest board.  

The way I’m adding a pop of pink to my wardrobe this spring is with a pink coat.  My favorite way to wear it is with a pair of jeans and sneakers, or I can style it up with black slacks, a white blouse, and black heels.  It also complements my grey and white jeans. Wow…I love it when I have so many style options! Even though pink seems fancy, flirty, and feminine….it can also be casual and fun!  A pair of glittery flats that wink back at you will look adorable with a pair of white jeans and a black and white striped t-shirt.  And be sure to add a pair of pink shades and a Panama hat!  


Do you like to pamper yourself? Well then….what sounds more luxurious than soaking in a pink bubble bath while sipping a pink mimosa?  I’m pretty sure nothing!   All you need now is a really cute pair of pink pajamas. Between florals, stripes, and satins seen on our Pinterest board, you have an array of options to choose from.  And of course you will want to consider adding a pair of slippers and an eye mask.  

Oh my goodness….is this starting to sound like a chapter from the Pinkalicious book series?   I hope so!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation. Contact Holley at [email protected] 

The Soles of Spring: Comfortable and Fun!

Yesterday, I dished about my aging feet here.  It doesn’t have to leave you depressed though, because I am back today with hope!  I’ve done some personal shopping for you with cute and comfortable shoes for this spring. My favorite places to shop for shoes are DSW, Kohl’s, Target and Sole Society.

Aerosoles Wedge Sandal from DSW.  Comes in white, black and red.  These are so comfortable.  I own this black pair.  I love the jute detail and the sole is really cushiony.  I have worn these with skinny and cropped jeans, and a denim pencil skirt.  But, I would not wear these with a maxi and midi skirt because I think they would be too frumpy.  In my opinion, you need a heel for both those types of skirts.

These Vince Camuto mules are chic and would look fab with a midi skirt. From Sole Society, the “Franine” comes in this pretty blue, red and black.

If you want something dressier for a dress or the full skirt, these Kohl’s Apt. 9 sandals are the perfect sandal.  Block heels are on-trend this spring — they are everywhere!  With a 2-inch heel these are just high enough to make your calves look sculpted without making you feel uncomfortable.  A block heel gives you more support, similar to a wedge.  I like the cognac color, but they also come in black, denim (too cute) and white.  I am not a fan of white shoes, unless they are sneakers.


These are adorable —  from Target.  Merona low-heel block sandals in four colors — red, taupe, black and blue.  They have a suede-like texture. I wore these the other day with a t-shirt dress and denim jacket.



Grey for summer — perfect with white jeans!  From DSW, these Steve Madden wedges are just the right height, and wedges are very comfortable because your weight is evenly distributed.


Sneakers — my go-to for running errands are Skechers.  I wore pairs similar to these on our vacation to Turkey a few years ago.  My feet were always comfortable.  In fact, most days I wear my Skechers and I find these give my feet the rest they need for when I must wear work shoes.

I also like Chuck Taylor Converse slip-on shoes from Kohl’s.  I have these in white and navy. They are perfect with jeans, shorts, a t-shirt dress and even a pencil skirt.  White sneakers are totally okay to wear especially if you have put a self-tanner on your legs.

And, these Denim Wedges from DSW are worth the risk of spraining my ankle.  Denim shoes are also a hot trend for spring, and the added touch of the embroidery, wow.  These tall wedges make you look like you have legs for days.  Okay, so maybe your leg might be in a cast, but still, your one leg would look hot!

If you go to Pinterest and type in “Block Heel”, you will see so many ideas. Happy shopping!

What Would Holley Wear: The Mod Squad Edition

Each week I think Holley can’t possible out-do the previous week’s post.  But, this may be my all-time favorite!  You know I love retro and the 60’s is my decade!  It’s got something for everyone.  Have fun!

My first memory of the mod look dates back to the 1960’s when Twiggy became the first super model.  And then there was the 70s television show, The Mod Squad.  Do you remember how cool they were and how mod their clothes were?  And really…what girl did not want to be just like Peggy Lipton?

Two things you need to know about me:

  1. I was obsessed with the Mod Squad when I was in high school,
  2. …but truthfully, I was more “The Brady Bunch” type.

Yeah, baby!!  Yeah!  Anyone with a sense of humor can’t forget Mike Meyers as Austin Powers! Talk about the ultimate throwback to the 60’s! A current mod look typically has a lot of color and sometimes a sense of humor.  From accessories to coats, there is so much color and fun in this style.  If you like to live on the edge… just a little, think about adding one mod piece to your wardrobe.  A groovy handbag or piece of jewelry will give you that 60’s vibe.  Just like Powers, man of mystery, don’t be afraid to take your groove style to the next level.  Oh, behave!

When I think of today’s mod look, my brain goes geometric….which by the way is the closest thing to math I relate to!  One of my favorite mod looks is a geometric design in black and white.  A handbag that I love on our Pinterest board is a geometric black and white bag by Pierre Hardy.  It would be a great bag to wear with a dress in a bright solid color.  A black and white chevron coat seen on the streets of Paris is the ultimate in geometric design.  But don’t you think just about any look on the streets of Paris is fab?  

So where do I suggest you wear a mod look?  To the Modern Art Museum…of course!  I so hope you had the opportunity to view the KAWS exhibit at the first of the year.  To say the least, it was over the top, colorful, and so much fun.  The new exhibit by Stanley Whitney is also a must see.  Even if you think you don’t like modern art, I know you will love all the colors in the Whitney art.  Did you know it has been proven that color can lift your spirit and make you happy?  I hope that will encourage you to wear some bold colors when you visit the Modern.  Or even consider wearing a black and white outfit and don’t forget to take a selfie in front of the art!

Hello lovely….have you been to the new Neiman Marcus?  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about the new store!  I’m a very frugal shopper, but Neiman’s is my go-to store for inspiration.  By the way, it is so much fun to style watch at the Café and see what designer look the models will be showing that day!   On a recent visit, the model was wearing designs by Etro….so beautiful and so much color!   In December 2016 Neiman’s presented a trunk show by the designer, Libertine….nothing like an ultra-expensive outfit with a sense of humor! Be sure to check out our Pinterest board to see some of the fun designs like the spaghetti and fork swing coat and the “Hello Lovely” sweater. Almost sounds like going to the museum…right?

If you could choose one fashion super power, what would it be? Mine would be color blocking! Sometimes I like to color block by coordinating separates, which I admit can be a little tricky.  The color blocking chart and the color combination chart on our Pinterest board will show you what colors go together.  Once you get the hang of it, you will discover a whole new creative way to add a colorful modern look to your wardrobe.  And if you want to take the easy way out, just purchase a skirt or dress that is already color blocked.  Easy/breezy…right?

Arm Candy

But no matter how you decide to add color, or a geometric design, and even a sense of humor to your wardrobe, be sure to use your super powers!  

Pow – Kaboom!!!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation. Contact Holley at [email protected] 

What Would Holley Wear: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Holley is definitely your lucky charm today for rounding up some beautiful, pin-worthy ideas!  Seeing that it’s the Pantone Color of the Year, green is also popular in the home decorating realm, too.   We can’t wait to see what inspires you to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Remember “green” making my short list last fall as one of my favorite colors?  It’s back on the list again for spring, and what better time to celebrate green than a few days before Saint Patrick’s Day!

 Two things I discovered about Saint Patrick’s Day:

  1. There is a legend that wearing green on this day makes you invisible…
  2. …and leprechauns can’t pinch you because they can’t see you!

Here’s the deal….if I’m wearing green, I don’t want to hide.  Because there are so many beautiful and bold green choices this spring.   So to that, I say…bring it on, leprechauns!

So, what will Holley be wearing on Saint Patrick’s Day?  In December, I purchased a Kelly green sweatshirt on sale at Urban Outfitters.  I’ve worn it over a black blouse with a black laser-cut midi skirt, added a necklace, black tights and booties.  It also looks great with a black and white checked midi skirt and a black and with black, white and gray jeans.  Isn’t it awesome to know how many different ways you can wear a sweatshirt?  

 But here’s the deal…if it is in the 80s on Saint Patrick’s Day, I won’t be wearing a sweatshirt.  My plan of action will be to wear white jeans with a flowy green top, nude flats, and I’ll add some flair with an animal print clutch.  And if I want to dress up a bit for a night out on the town, I will wear a green embellished Lafayette tunic top with my white jeans, and heels.  I love midi and maxi skirts, and what looks more like a breath of fresh air than a green skirt, white t-shirt, flats or sandals, and a little green bling?  Hmmm….I hope that doesn’t sound like a lot of blarney.

Who remembers Mr. Green Jeans from Captain Kangaroo?    Back in the day there was no such thing as green jeans…at least not in South Arkansas.  Though I remember Captain Kangaroo always being up to some shenanigans!  I have to give him credit for being fashion forward and introducing green jeans to the world!  So in honor of the Captain Kangaroo Show, let’s think about celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day by wearing a really cute pair of green jeans or pants.  A polished look I love on our Pinterest board is a look from Talbot’s…green slacks, a printed blouse, and topped with a navy striped jacket.

Another cute spring and summer look would be to wear green jeans with a black and white striped shirt, white blazer, and sneakers or sandals.  Pinch-free…right?

Do you love prints?  If so, you will love all the green prints on our Pinterest board.  From slacks and skirts to jackets, there are a lot of cute options.  For a preppy look, think about wearing a pair of green checked pants, white blouse, and grey pullover sweater.  All you need to complete the outfit is a bold necklace, and a pair of animal print shoes.  Another great “green” option for this time of year is a coat.  Be on the lookout for a green coat or jacket to wear this spring, and be sure to transition it to your fall and winter wardrobe!  Who knows, a green coat could actually be your lucky charm!  

Are you looking for the perfect dress to wear to a spring or summer wedding?  There are so many fabulous green cocktail dresses and evening gowns to choose from.  The icing on the cake will be your accessories, such as a stunning Judith Leiber clutch worn with an Erickson Beamon envy bracelet.  Or think about complimenting your green dress with a two-tone necklace, like the striking blue and green necklace by EK Thongrasert.  


So, what makes you green with envy?   Nothing makes me more envious than a green Gucci handbag.  Just think of all the ways I could complement my outfits with one of these beauties. One of my spring favorites is a green floral bag with a silver chain shoulder strap.  And of course you can never go wrong with a classic Gucci bag with a bamboo handle.  Talk about a “pot of gold”….a beautiful green Gucci handbag is what I hope to find at the end of my rainbow.  

They say the odds of finding a four leaf clover are 1 in 10,000.  What do you think the odds are you will remember to wear something green on Saint Patrick’s Day? 

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation. Contact Holley at [email protected] 

Be sure to check out Holley’s Pinterest style board updated weekly.