What Would Holley Wear: Anthropologie

From bohemian to classic, Anthropologie seems to have a style for everyone.  We are so fortunate to have one of their stores in Fort Worth. With its artsy interior design and merchandise display, you get a “cool vibe” the minute you walk in.  

It was a blast when my friends, Laurie and Rochelle, and I recently modeled in their annual fall style show….thanks to Tamara Zrostlik, Anthropologie apparel manager.  And a bonus….we got to work with their in-house stylist, Carol Lumpkin. The style show theme was “Layers of Love,” benefiting Living beyond Breast Cancer. The outfit I modeled was a pair of grey skinny jeans complemented with an oversized white turtleneck with dramatic sleeves and draped with a plaid cardigan….plus lots of “layers” of bracelets.

Browsing Anthro’s online store can be just as fun as being in the actual store.  When you click on “Shop the Trend” you will discover this month’s trend is menswear.  Man, oh man….we are loving these looks! From a pair of plaid leggings matched with a white sweater and belted mojo jacket to a striped shirt dress, you will find some wonderfully inspired options.  A great look for the fall season is their navy double-knit blazer paired with jeans and a navy and white striped t-shirt. For a trendy pop, they added a scarf-tied yellow handbag and a pair of animal print loafers.  

At age 74, Lauren Hutton, is Anthro’s menswear muse.  The fact that they chose a “seasoned” woman to be their fall ambassador makes me love them that much more!  With over 53 years of modeling experience, Hutton ups Anthro’s game with her ageless style. We think she “brings it” when wearing a pair of striped Hepburn wide leg pants complemented with a lovely white blouse.  And of course, she looks fabulous in a grey sweater dress draped with a long belted coat. So many great looks for every age…don’t you think?

You will want to be sure to check out their jewelry selection in the store and online as well.  I was thrilled to discover one of my favorite Australian-based jewelry designers, Amber Sceats, has teamed up with Anthropologie. Her resin jewelry embodies artistic style and individuality. From her green resin hoop earrings to her Tokyo resin bracelets, “she creates a timeless tribute to abstract expression.” How artistic does that sound?  

For my everyday go-to style, I love wearing Anthro’s monogramed “H” initial necklace, because it goes with everything I own and is so on-trend!  Another necklace I’m coveting is their triple relic coin set. You can choose to make a subtle statement by wearing them individually, or opt for a trendy, layered look.  Anyway you wear them, this set will add a classic touch to your style.

Anthro Style Team

So there you have it….a quick guide to shopping at Anthropologie.  Be sure to browse online and check out more options on our Pinterest board.  And speaking of “layers of love”….think about loving yourself and make an appointment with their in-house stylist, Carol Lumpkin!  Trust me….it will be so worth it!

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What Would Holley Wear: Casual Friday

“It might be “Casual Friday”, but that doesn’t mean your sense of style should take a break”

Wow…how true is that quote?  As a wardrobe consultant, I’ve been invited to professional offices over the years to talk to their employees about how to dress casual and still look professional.  Seems like a no-brainer…right?

So, for once and for all…let’s do this and get it right!  Denim is the usual go-to look for a casual day at the office.  To give your denim a professional vibe, wear your jeans with a blazer the same way you wear your suit pants with a blazer. In other words, make your jacket work overtime! For a classic touch, add a scarf and a classy handbag.

Speaking of scarves, accessories are an easy way to add polish to a casual look.  You will definitely want to include a scarf in your fall/winter-office style. A gray coat worn with skinny jeans topped with a camel blanket scarf is so chic….add a leather handbag for extra luxe.   A camel coat, sweater, and jeans paired with a black scarf and cross body bag will definitely score brownie points with the boss!

Cardigans, wraps, and kimonos are another way to dress up your casual style.  The key here is coordinating with shoes/boots and accessories to give your denim a polished look.  A Pinterest board favorite shows a long bulky cardigan belted. By belting a cardigan, it shows off your waist and makes it look like a coat.  A day-to-night look we love shows a pair of black flared jeans topped with a floral kimono. Hmmm….looks like these wraps are working over-time!

When you are in “the trenches”, it’s good to know a wardrobe built around staples can be a life saver.  We think a trench coat should definitely be a staple in your career wardrobe. They look great over dresses and suits and ultra-classy when worn with jeans or wide leg trousers.  To give your trench coat a current look, add a few “it” accessories…like a Staud bucket bag, an initial necklace from Anthropology, and tortoise earrings from Bauble Bar.

Did you know it is perfectly acceptable to wear leggings to work on “Casual Friday”?  But here’s the deal: Make sure you complement your leggings with a long tunic top, or long sweater or blazer.  We are loving Spanx faux leather leggings. A Houston blogger gets it right by matching her Spanx leggings with a long white shirt topped with a black sweater.  A look I think is perfect for “Casual Friday” is black leggings coupled with a camel J Crew blazer and oversized checked scarf.

An army green jacket should definitely be one of your wardrobe staples. Typically they are a “weekend look” but also perfect for casual Friday. There are several cute fall options to check out on our Pinterest board. Think about pairing a wrap jacket with a striped sweater, scarf, jeans, and top off the look with a pair of over the knee boots. And when the weekend rolls around, just add a suede cap!   

You do know there’s business casual and then there’s weekend casual….right?  To stretch the budget, anything from frayed denim to logo t-shirts are a fun way to give your “Casual Friday” style a weekend vibe!  In other words, repurpose your plaid blazer by wearing it with distressed denim and a logo t-shirt. Meeting a friend for a cup of Joe on Saturday morning?  We think the trench coat you wore on Monday with black slacks and heels will look just as amazing with tattered jeans and loafers. Make that budget work girl!  

Get ready!  Because once you combine your great taste, style, and common sense with a few of my “Casual Friday” suggestions….it’s bonus time!!!

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What Would Holley Wear: Tailgating Style

Via Pinterest

Let’s just say it like it is….some fans never make it to their stadium seats. Why? Because they are having too much fun tailgating! From game winning spreads to catching up with old friends, sometimes there’s more action in the parking lot than on the field.  

So let’s get started and talk about our hometown team, TCU….tailgate style! A purple puffer jacket matched with a purple and white striped sweater is definitely a score! And yes, you get extra points for purple sneakers! Are you a “classy frog”? Then you will want to add a strand of pearls to your purple vest/plaid shirt ensemble.  Go Frogs!!!

Did you know that SMU Mustang fans do not tailgate….they “boulevard”! We think a pony-print skirt is perfect for this winning tradition…don’t you agree?  We also agree a red and blue plaid off-the-shoulder top would look adorable on a SMU coed.  Without question, a fashion “first-down” is layering. One of our Pinterest board favorites shows a red puffer vest layered over a navy striped t-shirt and white cable-knit sweater.  Pony-on Mustang fans!

For those cool-ish game nights, a faux fur vest will take your style into overtime.  A black fur vest layered over a grey sweater worn with maroon jeans has “Aggie style” written all over it.  “Whoop!” Though not to be out-done, a soft white and brown fur vest layered over a burnt orange plaid shirt definitely says “Hook’em Horns!”  We love our Texas rivalries!


Are you a “tailgate trendsetter?” Then you will look football-fabulous in this season’s “it” trend….a plaid blazer.  To kick off your tailgate party, wear a plaid blazer over your team logo t-shirt. A Pinterest board favorite I plan to copy shows a black and red plaid blazer layered over a red logo sweatshirt.  And just so you know, I will be wearing an Arkansas Razorback long sleeve t-shirt under my plaid jacket. “Wooo to the Pig!!!”





Plaid wraps and shirts are always perfect for game day.  The plaid button-down poncho on our Pinterest board is definitely a winner.  We are crushing on two classy plaid wraps that are worthy of an upscale Baylor Bear tailgate party.  One is a green wrap worn over a black turtleneck with green jeans. The other is a gold plaid wrap complemented with a beautiful white blouse, jeans, and animal print heels.  “Sic ‘Em Bears.”

Have you ever been invited to a tailgate party and realized you don’t own anything in the team’s color?  Don’t worry because I have a fashion solution for you…wear camel. A camel vest worn over a white sweater and jeans is so classy!  A camel coat goes with everything and looks beyond amazing with a white sweater, jeans, and booties…and think about adding a scarf in the team color.  One thing I know for sure….a classic Burberry scarf will definitely make a statement….“Game over, y’all!”

Click pic for link to these genious tailgating tips!

So, now to the good stuff….could someone pass the pigs-in-the-blanket and football deviled eggs…please? Oh, and one more thing….I hope you have “a ball” at your tailgate party!

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What Would Holley Wear: Five Day No Denim Challenge

“The Five Day No Denim Challenge”….as in, five days, five outfits, zero jeans.  I KNOW! Not exactly my idea….this challenge actually came from the Man Repeller Blog.  But please know, I really did put it to the test. So, here we go with Holley’s version! (Note: For Mrs. Twist this will be as hard as hiking the rock mountain above, but I am willing to take one for Team Holley. That’s me in the photo, not wearing jeans.)

It’s just for five days.  No big deal….right? So let’s start with Monday.  Every Monday for over 12 years, I’ve delivered meals for Meals on Wheels, Inc. That being said, jeans are my usual go-to meals delivery look….but not this Monday.  So for the first day challenge, I wore a casual black midi, a tan shirt tied at the waist, and a cute pair of Dior inspired flats from Mango….perfect for a volunteer job!

Midi skirts are a great substitute for jeans and pair perfectly with sneakers.  We are crushing on all the great options shown on our Pinterest board. For a touch of street style, a leopard-print skirt, a leather jacket, and chunky trainers are proof that sneakers are not just for the gym.  Another way to rock the sneaker style is with a gray pencil skirt and black sweater….yet another awesome denim trade!

Hello Tuesday….so far, so good!  My church circle meeting was Tuesday.  Even though we typically dress casual, “the five day no denim challenge” gave me a chance to dress up my church meeting style a bit.  I repurposed a tiered maxi skirt and wore a black blouse tied at the waist. FYI: I really wanted to drape a denim jacket over my shoulders….but I resisted! Maxi skirts and dresses are a great denim-replacement and go perfectly with flats, sneakers, or boots.

Hump Day….please insert the “yikes” emoji here!  So is it cheating if I wear a pair of green jeans?  Just kidding….I did not cheat. Since I was meeting my husband for a drink after work, I wore flowy orange polka-dot pants I purchased in New York this summer.  And guess what? It was so much fun to dress up a little during the middle of the week. Plus, I wore the same outfit to a birthday party on Saturday night….double duty!  A Pinterest board look I’m crushing on is a pair of wide-leg army green pants….shown two ways! One way shows it styled casually with a white button-down shirt and black Converse sneakers. Another option gives the pants a sophisticated vibe with a long black cardigan sweater. Flowy and wide leg pants are so on-trend and a great denim swap!

Okay, it’s Thursday and just when I thought I had this down, I had to make a quick wardrobe adjustment.  The plan was to go with an athleisure look….leggings, t-shirt, army green jacket, Converse sneakers with my black and brown tote. But here’s the deal….it 91 degrees out. So, I used my brain and decided to go for comfort. One of my favorite Pinterest board looks shows a pair of army green slacks with a white shirt tied at the waist worn with brown slides.  Such an easy look to copy! I’m also loving a pair of dark green plaid crops worn with a camouflage jacket. Sounds just as cool and comfy as jeans….right?

The words, “thank God it’s Friday,” have a whole new meaning now.  For my last day challenge, I wore a pair of white pants and my “Academy 4” t-shirt with a light-weight black rain coat.  To complete my outfit, I added a pair of black Converse sneakers….ideal for volunteering with children. For dinner out that night, I swapped-out the t-shirt for a black blouse and a checked blazer.  My favorite Pinterest board pick shows a pair of green cargo pants and a long beige cardigan paired with a Channel tote and espadrilles. Who needs denim anyway?

Okay, now I’m challenging you…. “Five Days No Denim”!  And please send me pictures of your outfits….because I just love a challenge!  

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What Would Holley Wear: Parisian Chic

Do you suffer from FGO (French Girl Obsession)?  I’m pretty sure I do.  One thing I’ve observed about French girls/women is their minimalistic approach to fashion and beauty.   Not only are their clothes low-key, but also their hair and makeup. And of course…that is exactly why I adore their chic style!

First let’s talk about a French basic…denim.  Have you ever wondered how French women spin denim into something so sophisticated?  One denim look seen on the streets of Paris during fashion week was cropped jeans complemented with kitten heels. We are especially crushing on a pair of frayed jeans shown with a white tee, Chanel suspenders, plaid jacket, Dior kitten heels and a camel beret.  A pair of flared cropped jeans and a trench coat will add a little extra French flavor to your style! So sassy and so French!

Mrs. Twist Flips!  When I saw Holley’s post I had to share that I found these kitten heels at Target.  Don’t they look alot like the Dior inspiration!


For me, striped tops are a classic French style, and I have to admit, I love stereotypes.  Soooo…show me a girl wearing a striped tee while riding a bike in Paris, and I’m totally in awe!  I love how an American blogger shares her French style riding a pink bike wearing white skinnies and a green striped top….she even matches her shoes and purse to her pink bike.  French perfection….right?

A French girl must:  Bright red lipstick! Ooh la la!!!  

If I were visiting Paris one of my style goals would be to look so French, tourists would ask me for directions! BTW….does anyone know how to say “y’all” in French? An easy way to accomplish this look is by wearing a monochromatic ensemble.  What shouts “French Cuisine” more than a yummy peach blazer and crops complemented by a straw boater hat? Sounds like the perfect look for the French Riviera….Oui!   

Jeanne Damas, a Parisian “it girl,” exudes that elusive French style. In fact I love her style so much, I dedicated a section to her on my Pinterest board, “Feeling French”!  One of her trademark looks is wearing dresses and skirts that emphasis her long legs. Be sure to check out a few of her Paris Fashion Week front-row looks.   Another French icon and muse, Ines de la Fressange, reveals her long legs and classic style wearing a green floral dress. Don’t you just love their subtle sex appeal?  

Parisian Nostalgia:  Be sure to take a look at two photos I made in Paris over 13 years ago.  Their Parisian style is so classic and timely, you would think the photos were taken this year.

Another thing I adore about French women is they “appear” to live a life that includes consuming lots of croissants and no regular exercise.  Call me crazy, but I’m starting to wonder if my DNA test will prove I’m 100% French! That being said, I will not be talking about French fitness style, because I’m pretty sure there is no such thing.  

And finally…who doesn’t love a beret?  Even though a beret is not exactly considered French…for me, it completes my French fantasy.  The good news is berets are back in style and or not just a cute souvenir. A classic look on our Pinterest board shows wide leg trousers paired with a sweater, YSL handbag, boots, and complemented with a black beret….of course!  And a red beret worn with a plaid jacket is not only classic French but also on-trend.


Since it doesn’t look like a trip to Paris is in the near future for me, I think I will just mosey on over to la Madeleine!  Who wants to meet me for a coffee and a croissant…or two?!?!?

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What Would Holley Wear: Sneaker Style

I have a “sneaky” little feeling you are loving the sneaker trend as much as I am….right?  What’s your go-to sneaker style? My Converse sneakers have definitely been my sneaker style this summer, especially at the airport and on vacation.  

Speaking of the airport, you can’t beat the comfort and practicality of a loafer sneaker.  Not TSA approved? Yikes…then you will definitely want to wear shoes you can easily slip on and off.  Dolce Vita’s black and white woven slip-on will give your sneaker ensemble a sophisticated look. We are also crazy about Steve Madden’s selection of quilted slip-on loafers….especially the pink ones!  And slip-on Converse sneakers are not only airport friendly but also super cute.

Printed sneakers are another way to add a comfy flair to your everyday style. From plaids to animal print, these fun kicks will easily transition into fall. With a pair of Chiko or Converse plaid sneakers, this casual trend never looked so hip.  Though, if I’m perfectly honest, I have to admit animal print sneakers are my absolute favorite! A grey blazer, t-shirt, and jeans paired with animal print sneakers is a great fall transition style.

Have you ever worn sneakers to work?  For years, working women have been wearing sneakers when walking to and from the train in cities.  The difference today is they wear them all day long. Think about saying hello to Monday with a plaid pantsuit and white Converse sneakers.  Want to look effortlessly chic at the office? Then you will certainly want to match a pair of sneakers to your skirt or dress. And be sure to check out all the cute options on our Pinterest board!  

Do you have an “out of the office” style?  I figured you did! A cool way to update this look is by wearing a pair of light blue jeans, black sweater, and black Converse sneakers to your next meeting at Starbucks.  And we’re loving the photo on our Pinterest board that shows a working girl wearing a checked dress while trading out her heels for sneakers….so out-of-the-office smart!

Do you count your steps?  Good for you! When I visited New York this summer, I made a special trip to the Allbirds store in SoHo to see what the shoe buzz was all about. After trying on and purchasing a pair of their gray loafer sneakers, let’s just say….I’m a believer! Besides being water resistant and ultra-comfortable, you do not have to wear socks with them! How awesome is that? Not only do I wear them when I’m counting my steps, but also with jeans and a blazer….the perfect sneaker for any season.

Today’s brides and bridesmaids have absolutely got the sneaker style down. We love how Kate Spade gives a classic pair of Ked’s a heaping dose of sparkle. A rubber-soled sneaker is not only suited for the sidewalk but also the dance floor.  So the next time you plan to dance the night away, whether at a wedding reception or a honky-tonk, think about wearing some sparkly Keds.  


If you are getting a “kick” out of this article, then that tells me you are ready to jump into the sneaker trend!  Have fun and enjoy your new kicks!

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What Would Holley Wear: Seaside Chic

“Dear Beach, I think of you all the time.”

These are my exact sentiments about Carmel by the Sea.  We will be going there next week for our end-of-summer vacation!   Our home away from home is a 1920’s cottage located between town and the beach….so lovely and quaint.

As soon as we arrive and unpack, we will take a short stroll up the hill to the bar at Cypress Inn, owned by Doris Day.  The bar is known to be the best dog watching spot in town. So, what do I suggest you wear to a dog-friendly bar? Something casual and chic….of course!  Loeffler Randall’s rainbow straw tote and rick-rack slides perfectly complement a green ruffle skirt. To complete the outfit, add a pair of green raffia hoop earrings by Oscar de la Renta….both chic and canine friendly!   

Since we will be there on a Sunday, we plan to attend service at Church of the Wayfarer (United Methodist Church).  A maxi dress or skirt is a great look for a seaside church service. How lovely is Sarah Vickers’s, (Classy Girls Wear Pearls blogger), blue print maxi dress matched with a scarf-lined wicker bucket bag?  Pretty lovely…right? Another stunning blue on our Pinterest board is a striped maxi skirt worn with a white short-sleeve ruffle top and a Cult Gia wooden ark bag. I’m thinking a pair of Bermuda blue tassel earrings would complement both dresses.  Can I get an Amen?

Who doesn’t love happy hour….especially at Clint Eastwood’s restaurant, Hog’s Breath?  Sitting outside and watching the sheep graze with the ocean view in the background is the ultimate.  A few happy hour looks on our Pinterest board feature blue ruffle skirts. And think about wearing a hat for al fresco dining!  Another happy hour look I love is a pair of white wide-leg pants complemented by a yellow off-the-shoulder top and blue espadrilles….and of course, Clint approved!

Seaside stripes are the perfect look for the 17 mile drive and lunch at The Lodge at Pebble Beach.  A colorful striped off-the-shoulder dress is definitely “on par” for sipping a cocktail at the bar. And a blue striped maxi dress and straw hat are beach vacation perfection!   Want to look coastal chic? A striped cross-back maxi is the ultimate…don’t you agree?

Did you know there are more than 80 prestigious art galleries within one quaint square mile in Carmel by the Sea?   Part of the fun is stopping by wine tasting rooms in between gallery hopping. For a fun day of art browsing, I’m loving yellow slacks worn with a flowy white blouse, complemented with a colorful striped clutch. A chic wine tasting style on our Pinterest board shows blue checked crops paired with a white shirt tied at the waist and a white Staud bucket bag.  Hmmm….I’m guessing its 5 o’clock somewhere!

When dining out in Carmel your style will look casually-chic with a lace or crochet outfit.  One of my all-time favorite Pinterest looks is a black lace top paired with white wide-leg jeans, Gucci sandals, a striped wicker tote, and Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses…a perfect look for dining out in Carmel.  A white crocheted skirt paired with a black flowy blouse tied at the waist and strappy heels is unquestionably “Carmel classy”!

Photo: Mike Barton

But let’s be honest….the main reason you go to Carmel by the Sea is for the beach….right?  So what do I suggest you wear to watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean? Absolutely anything you want to.  Though, I do have a few suggestions! Take a large beach bag for your sparkling rose’ and champagne flutes, and be sure to bring a few beach chairs.  

“Dear Beach, let’s plan to meet again…same time, same place next year.”


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What Would Holley Wear: Southern Girl Style

Southern girls are classy and have great taste….right y’all?  The truth is they always seem to look put-together no matter what the occasion, and “I reckon” it’s because of their Southern upbringing!  

Have you heard the saying “she’s pretty as a peach”?  Well of course you have! Because you were either born and raised in the South or got here as fast as you could!  In fact, I chose this sweet Southern color for my flower girl and bridesmaid dresses….August 14, 1976.

From romantic silhouettes to pretty floral prints, we are major crushing on the peach dresses and skirts on our Pinterest board.  The floral dress shown with a pair of silver and peach pom-pom wrap sandals and matched with a peach Chloe’ handbag is beyond stunning. Another favorite is a ruffle-wrapped skirt worn with a white top tied at the waist…such a fun way to add a little boho to your Southern charm.  “Oh my goodness gracious,” I can feel my heart fluttering!

If you are truly Southern, then I know you just love a scalloped trim.  Kate Spade offers a blue scalloped clutch…lovely for any summer soiree’.  Do you have an event to attend this summer you need to get all “gussied-up” for? Then think about wearing a white lace dress with scalloped bell sleeves, and add a pink YSL bag. We are also crushing on the blue eyelet scalloped dress modeled by blogger, Sarah Vickers (Classy Girls Wear Pearls).  The half-moon wicker clutch and scarf tied around her wrist give her ensemble an extra touch of Southern sweetness.

Though if I had “my druthers,” casual outfits are more my style. The large yellow checked scalloped sweater from Anthropology is super cute and reminds me of a bright summer day.  If you have the legs for a mini skirt, we think a white scalloped mini skirt from Nordstrom’s paired with a blue checked shirt and Kate Spade bow handbag will look “just darling” on you.

If you see a Southern lady wearing an off-the-shoulder top, you will know one thing for sure…“she’s got gumption”!  And what says sassy more than a gingham off-the-shoulder top? A pink gingham top worn with pearls has “Southern girl” written all over it.  Print mixing has every Southern girl’s stamp of approval…point proven with a white floral off-the-shoulder top mixed with a blue floral skirt.   All of the one-shoulder tops on our board definitely show Southern sass. My top pick is a blue checked one-shoulder top paired with an asymmetrical floral skirt…so Southern and so sassy.

I’m pretty sure monograms are considered a Southern fashion staple.  From jewelry to handbags, we Southern gals are all about monograms. A recent gift from my Houston bestie, Linda Brewer (the original Steel Magnolia), was a gold trimmed canvas monogramed tote which I designated as my summer carry-on travel bag.  Just perfect for trips to the beach!

The French design brand, Goyard, offers the ultimate tote.  “I do declare”….I’m starting to wonder if they have a Southern girl on their design team.  Did you know they give you the option of having your designer French bag personalized to fit your Southern style?   To all that, I say…“bless their sweet French hearts”!

“Well, I s’wanne”, (a saying I often heard my Mississippi grandmother use)…All this talk about Southern fashion makes me want to make a pitcher of margaritas and go sit out on the porch.  Oops…I meant to say a pitcher of lemonade. Well for goodness sake….y’all know what I mean!


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What Would Holley Wear: Market Style

One of my favorite summer activities is going to farmer and flea markets. When I’m visiting another city, it’s sometimes the highlight of my trip. And though I love fresh produce and flea market trinkets, I also find going to market a fun style watching opportunity.  

“To market, to market to buy a fat pig.  Home again, home again, jiggety-jig”!

My hometown favorite is the Farmer’s Market at Clearfork, and the bonus is we can walk there. So, let’s talk about some of the cute farmer’s market outfits on our Pinterest board. Overalls have made a huge comeback.  To give them a current look, think about wearing them with an off-the-shoulder peasant shirt. And be sure to roll up the hem and pair them with a cute summer bag and sandals.   A bag we are coveting from Tuckernuck is their macramé basket tote….perfect for market shopping!

Denim shorts, skirts, or jeans worn with an embroidered peasant top are another market look I adore.  All you need to add is a pair of sandals and don’t forget to bring a reusable shopping bag for your purchases!  There are two denim dresses on our Pinterest board that would be perfect for a day of shopping at Magnolia Market in Waco.  A lace-up chambray dress or a blue denim dress shown with a yellow pom-pom bag are made for market shopping. And the best part is both dresses pair perfectly with canvas sneakers….so comfy!

When we visit our kiddos in Kansas, the Overland Park Farmer’s Market is one of our favorite destinations.  My observation of Mid-Western style is easy and casual. So what does Holley suggest you wear to a summer market in Kansas?  One idea is to wear a striped skirt or dress and carry a wicker or wooden bag. We are also loving adorable striped jumpsuits on our board….so market fresh!

City girls have definitely got their own kind of market style.  Earlier this summer, we did a little market browsing on Newbury Street in Boston.   I was thrilled to find a scarf that complemented my blue plaid jacket. One of my favorite people/style watching places is the Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea in New York.  The energy you feel is definitely bohemian! A Brooklyn-like style I’m loving is a red floral dress paired with a wicker backpack overflowing with flowers.

New York City is famous for its pop-up street fairs.  On a recent trip, I discovered an awesome flea market on Lexington Avenue in mid-town.  The fashionistas who shop in mid-town have a style that rivals the stars at NY Fashion Week.  From thrift store sundresses adorned with designer belts, handbags, and shoes….there is only one way to describe their style…“New York market-chic”.  

Who wears short-shorts?  Okay…I have to admit, knee length shorts are more my style!  No matter what length you choose, think about wearing a cute pair of checked shorts at an outdoor market.   And please know, a checked midi skirt or dress will keep you just as cool and comfortable. Our Pinterest board also features floral dresses and skirts that are ideal for your trinket-trips!  

 Wow…I don’t know about you, but all this talk about market style is starting to make me feel a little jiggety-jig!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]   Be sure to check out Holley’s updated Pinterest board here.

What Would Holley Wear: Posh in the City

“Start spreading the news…I’m leaving today…I want to be a part of it…New York, New York”

So I just returned from a four day trip to New York.  From dinner hosted on a penthouse terrace to drinks at a jazzy speakeasy….it was definitely a posh weekend!  

One of the highlights of my trip was dining on the 10th floor outdoor terrace at a dear friend’s penthouse in midtown.  So, what do you wear to a penthouse dinner party in mid-July? Something penthouse posh….of course! For this special evening, I wore a floral tiered maxi skirt with a white off-the-shoulder top tied at the waist and brown sandals.  Be sure to take a look at the penthouse terrace views on our Pinterest board!


 Whether you are going to a museum or taking a leisurely walk on the High-Line, one of the best ways to look posh in New York is with neutrals.  A pair of wide leg khaki pants paired with an oversized white shirt and white bucket bag will give you an updated contemporary look. To add a fresh summer vibe to your city style, think about carrying a white handbag or tote.  Two of my favorite totes for city shopping are a large white Goyard and a Tory Burch canvas tote….both perfectly posh!

Please know, sneakers are not only perfect for city strolling but also super trendy. A pair of sneakers is exactly what you will want to pair with a dress when strolling street markets.  We think the black and white polka-dot dress paired with black sneakers and a wicker handbag on our Pinterest board is super city-sleek! Another way to accomplish a casual city look is to wear a dress with animal print sneakers.  Because you know what they say about the city….“It’s a jungle out there”!

My second night in New York, Chris took me to a fabulous speakeasy. Tomi’s is a jazz bar where you enter below street level, walk down a dingy hallway, and ring a door bell to enter….a very hip New York experience!  To add a little “sex and the city” style to your New York nightlife, we suggest a floral V-neck wrap dress. If you want to get out of the sweltering heat, just grab an Uber, and that way you can stay cool, look fresh, and wear your strappy heels.  How posh does that sound?

For a Sunday church service, brunch, and a Broadway matinee a white and brown ensemble is so sophisticated.  To up your cosmopolitan style, think about wearing a white linen dress with ruffled shoulder straps complemented with a brown belt and macramé Staud bag.  We are loving a pair of flowy brown pants, oversized white blouse and a wicker bag with a scarf. And you can’t miss with khaki crops or culottes….yet another way to keep your New York style current and on-trend.  

FYI….a white ensemble will always give you posh points!  My favorite “up-town girl” pick shows a lady wearing a strapless white jumpsuit with a light camel jacket draped over her shoulders.  We’re obsessed with a head-to-toe white pants outfit featuring a bright green handbag….the perfect pop of color. There are so many great looks on our Pinterest board that will take you from an artsy lunch at The Whitney to the fabulous bar at the Four Seasons.  Don’t you just love posh points?

Whether your city travel style is casual or posh….be sure to check out all the options on our Pinterest board!  And “start spreading the news”!!!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected]   Be sure to check out Holley’s updated Pinterest board here.