Man Overboard — The Newlywed Game

newlywed game panel

This is a “best of” blog post from 2016 when we played a round of The Newlywed Game with Miss Bee.  It’s pretty funny.  We hope you enjoy.  Oh, and there’s a Round Two you can find in the search menu.

I’m launching a new topic area to my blog I’m calling “Man Overboard” — a fresh perspective from the man of the house.  For my new readers, I refer to my husband as Mr. Bee.  I love all things bee — my name means honeybee.  I collect beehives.  I love when bees visit my garden.  He’s my head worker bee and my honey.  Man Overboard will give him the chance to guest host occasionally and weigh-in on topics.  I think it will be something fun to look forward to and, frankly, hilarious to hear his take on my blogging.

A few nights ago, at the dinner table, we got to talking about game shows. Much to my mother’s dismay the Newlywed Game was my fave.  She didn’t think talk like “making whoopy” was ladylike.  A close second was the $10,000 Pyramid (now it’s the $100K Pyramid.  Pish posh who wants to win just $10k).  Miss Bee had no idea what we were talking about, so we looked it up.

The show first aired in 1966.  Everyone recognizes the white lattice background with Bob Eubanks at the podium and his pencil thin mic and slicked back hair, the multicolored sheer curtains, and the swing in booths. The show probably kept the poster board companies in business with the handwritten signs on which each couple recorded their answers. Remember how the ladies would hit their husbands over the head with the poster if they got the answer wrong?

We laughed our way through dinner having her ask us questions.  It was fun for Miss Bee to see our responses.

Q.  If Momma could get rid of one thing of Daddy’s what would it be?

A.  Mr. Bee:  “old man jeans!”

A.  Me:  “dad” jeans  (we both answered correctly).  Mr. Bee never dresses himself.  I buy all his clothes, because if I didn’t he would wear old man jeans and a flannel shirt.  If you recall our first date post here, it isn’t a good look.  He’s only allowed to wear the old man jeans while working in the yard, but every once in while, they sneak outside the perimeter of the yard.

Q.  What your favorite color?

A.  Mr. Bee:  Momma’s favorite color is “Tropicana Fuschia.”

A.  Me:  Green is Daddy’s favorite color.  I have no idea what tropicana fuschia is, but it sounds pretty.  Give Pantone a call, Mr. Bee, they might want to hire you.  Actually, he is somewhat correct.  I love tropicana roses (orange with red tipped petals), and orange is my favorite color. I’m not sure about the fuschia.  I also like hot pink, and he uses the word fuschia to describe all shades of pink…

Q.  What’s a gift you’ve received from the other you didn’t care for:

Mr. Bee:  “Seed Thingy”

Me:  Seed Tins.  I swear we both answered this the same.  We high-fived. Before Miss Bee was born, I was on bed rest and on-line Christmas shopping was in its infancy.  In fact, when you placed an order on “dial up” not only did it take a year to go through, but it took just as long for the order to ship. I saw this cute little seed kit with labels and metal tins for storing seeds.  At the time, we had a pretty extensive garden and I had visions that Mr. Bee would love saving and storing his seeds to plant again and again. The kit is still sitting on his workbench, unopened.  I didn’t answer because I tell Mr. Bee what to buy for me.  So, I like everything he gifts me.

Q. Who takes longer to get ready?

A.  Mr. Bee: Oh, that’s momma for sure!

A.  Me:  Buzzer sound.  Nope, it’s Daddy.  He is as slow as dial up.  Him, “Well, I could get dressed, you just wouldn’t like what I pick out.  I like for you to pick out my clothes.”  Miss Phoebe concurred that he is slower than molasses.  He gets distracted easily.  And he does tend to mix patterns…

Q.  What color was the front door in your first home?

A.  Mr. Bee:  White

A.  Me:  Hunter green (who has a white front door?).  The funny thing is that this was his house when we got married.  Nope.  Always green.

Q.  What is your spouse’s most irritating habit?

A.  Mr. Bee: Not making the bed, interrupting….ugh…gosh, I don’t know there are so many things!

A.  Me:  Whistling through his teeth like a ventriloquist.  Next time you are at a party, ask him to do it for you.  He’ll love it.  He has quite the extensive library of songs to whistle. It’s quite the party trick.  People will say, “where is that whistling sound coming from” all the while he keeps whistling with a smile on his face.

Q.  What is each other’s favorite food?

Mr. Bee:  Momma likes Mexican food

Me:  Daddy loves Sushi.  Correct on both.

Q.  What’s something you can’t help doing?

Mr. Bee:  Momma scratches head when she’s frustrated.

Me:  Daddy stares into space with his mouth open.  Correct on both.

Q.  Who’s the better cook?

Mr. Bee:  Momma, because she can bake and has a broader range of skills.

Me:  Mr. Bee on the grill

These questions are all on the internet.  Give it a try with your kids.

P.S. No posters were made, nor where husbands harmed during this story.

The Weekly Slice: Vinegar Pie Recipe

Since I took a bit of a blogging break last week, I am already behind with posting Mr. Bee’s pies.  If you want the first story on how this pie thing started go here.  Always gifted with one slice missing so we can check quality assurance…and get a slice of pie to eat.

Last week, Mr. Bee made a Vinegar Pie and gifted it to our neighbor Paul.  I met his wife Tricia almost ten years ago after we moved into our house.  I was outside gardening and she walked by and took the time to introduce herself.  She has such a warm, loving personality to match Paul’s and we instantly became friends.  They are part of our monthly neighborly gatherings with six other couples on our street.  Paul and Tricia have been in our prayers over the last year from health issues he’s so courageously battled with his strong faith and we thought Paul could use a pie boost.  It was an honor for Paul to be the first recipient of Mr. Bee’s pie journey.

12/10/2017  Old Time Vinegar Pie

Born from hard times, vinegar takes the place of milk or cream, creating this unpretentious pie that remains a favorite at Southern down-home dinners.


Prepare a 9 inch pie plate with your crust, unbaked.

4 large eggs, lightly beaten

1 1/2 cups of sugar

1/2 cup butter, melted

3 TBL apple cider vinegar or white vinegar

1 tsp. vanilla extract.


Preheat oven to 350.  Whisk together eggs and next 4 ingredients.  Pour into unbaked pie crust.  Bake at 350 for 50 minutes or until set and a golden brown.  Remove from oven to a wire rack, and cool completely (about 2 hours).

His margin notes:  Forgot to put salt in the pie crust recipe.  Put it in the filling instead.  The pie was not bad if you were out of milk or couldn’t get any.  Very similar to a buttermilk pie.  Paul Alexander texted me to say he really liked it.  Interestingly enough, he thought it tasted lemony, but there was no lemon added.  Perhaps the vinegar essence?

Next week:  Pies for the church staff party…

The Weekly Slice: A man’s journey with pie

About a month ago, we gathered with our church friends for dinner.  It was potluck, everyone bringing something, and Mr. Bee decided he wanted to bring his very first homemade pie.  He searched through all my cookbooks and decided on The Southern Living Pie Book by Jan Moon.  He made a dark chocolate cream pie and it was out of this world.  I don’t have a photo of it because the idea of a weekly pie hadn’t been discussed yet.

Next, he tried the recipe for Buttermilk Pie, but we were disappointed.  It was a little too eggy.  Mother’s recipe for buttermilk is much better.

We were sitting around one evening discussing how he liked pie and I casually asked him how many recipes there were in the book and he said 152.  “Why don’t you try making a pie a week and we can blog about your recipes?”  He said something about we didn’t need to be eating that much pie and I said, “We could always just take a slice out to try it, and gift the pie to someone each week as a good deed — random acts of kindness!”  Mr. Bee said, “It will take three years! But, what else have we got to do!”  And, so this week officially starts — The Weekly Slice:  A man’s journey with pie.  Each week we will share his journey, the recipe and who we gifted the pie to.  There will always be a slice missing, but I think that adds to the charm.

Amelia’s Egg Custard

Bible study met at our house Monday so they were the recipients of Pie #3 Amelia’s Egg Custard Pie.  It was delicious.  It reminded me a lot of Mother’s rice pudding, but without the rice.  And, of course, his crust is made from scratch (he’s an overachiever that way).

Amelia’s Egg Custard Pie


8 large egg yolks

1 cup sugar

2 TBL butter, melted

1 tsp vanilla

1/8 tsp salt

1 cup whole milk

1 cup whipping cream

1/4 tsp. freshly grated nutmeg

Prepare crust in a 9-inch pie plate.   Do not pre-bake.

Preheat oven to 350.  Beat eggs and next four ingredients at medium speed with an electric mixer until blended.  Stir in milk and whipping cream; pour into prepared crust.  Sprinkle with nutmeg.

Bake at 350 for 45 minutes (our pie took a little bit longer about 60 minutes) or until a knife inserted 1 inch from the edge of the pie comes out clean.  Remove from oven to a wire rack, and cool 1 hour.  Serve warm, at room temperature, or cover pie, and chill until ready to serve.

Amelia’s Egg Custard 3/152

Next week’s sweet endeavor:  Vinegar Pie.

With Love, From Mr. Bee: Postcards from England Part Two

Mr. Bee is finishing up his trip home this week visiting in England.  If you want to see postcards from the first part of his trip go here.

This second leg of his trip was dedicated to visiting his Uncle Trevor Austin. Trevor is technically a cousin (he was the cousin of Mr. Bee’s mother Irene)/Godparent, but he’s always been more than that to Mr. Bee so we all call him Uncle Trevor.  When you think of a proper English gentleman, Trevor is the real deal.

Trevor is holding Hettie, a champion King Charles Cavalier. Trevor’s daughter, Lucy, has been raising and showing KCCs for over 15 years and has shown at Crufts, Great Britain’s national dog show.

Visits to Trevor and Kathleen’s home always involve car shows, museums, tea and working in his extensive rose garden.

One of the things that Trevor is known for is “coffee” breaks at 11 a.m., two and 4 p.m., then dinner.  A visit to Denbies Winery in Rover netted Mr. Bee a delicious meal with a slice of parsnip and pecan cake for dessert.

And a variety of ciders…

This Shandie was accompanied by a “freshly made Lincolnshire Haslet”, basically a giant sausage ball.

Afternoon “tea” consisted of a dandelion and budock soda, a sandwich and small piece of “stinking bishop” cheese.  Very English, you know. Remnants have to been securely wrapped as it is in fact well named.

One of Miss Bee’s favorite spots to visit when she has traveled with Mr. Bee to England is the Lord Roberts.  A little corner store with a post office, coffee, a few groceries and the most whimsical selection of toys.  Miss Bee loved to walk with Uncle Trevor for an ice cream and toy.

And, of course, Mr. Bee enjoyed a Ploughman’s lunch.  This was one of the grandest presentations of a ploughman’s I have ever seen.

A ploughman’s is traditionally a meal that a farmer would stop to eat for lunch, with food that is portable enough to take back to work — like a big hunk of cheese with a piece of bread.

And a visit to this side of the family always involves tea with his cousin Una. Just look at the presentation on her china with hand crocheted linen cloth.

An afternoon stroll through the village to the butcher for a pork pie…

We sent Mr. Bee with a list of things we wanted him to bring back for us to enjoy.  Miss Bee wanted a sampling of English candies.

And I wanted a fresh box of PG Tips loose tea with Kipling’s Battenburg cake.

The last bit of beauty he captured was this Mother Swan nested over her babies.

I am so glad Mr. Bee had this chance to see and spend time with his family and recall all the fond memories of his childhood.

With Love, From Mr. Bee: Postcards from England

Mr. Bee is visiting his family in England for the next several weeks.  His sweet Auntie Nan died and he wanted to go home to see his family since they will all be together for Nan’s funeral.  Nan lived a long life with her beloved Des who will be 91 in June when they would have also celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary.  I’ve been enjoying the photos Mr. Bee has been sharing with me and I thought you would to.


Here is Mr. Bee with his Uncle Des.  I think this is how Mr. Bee will look when he’s 91, because Des favored my father-in-law.  Except, Mr. Bee inherited the tall genes from his maternal Grandfather.  You can tell by the way they are dressed that it is still cool in England.  Highs of 65, lows in the 40s — my kind of weather.  Look how lush their backyard is!

This is the Bed and Breakfast where he is staying — The Hillcrest in Earls Barton near Wellingborough. It’s within walking distance of Earls Barton Village with a church, pubs, museums and shopping.

View from his bedroom window
A traditional English breakfast

He’s been able to tour some local sites…  This is Fatheringay Church which has ties to Richard III and is next to the castle where Mary Queen of Scots was executed.

This is Peterborough Cathedral where Mary Queen of Scots was initially buried.

And you cannot visit England without stopping for local fare such as Roast Beast with Yorkshire pudding and a glass of pub beer.

This is one of the oldest Saxon churches in England dating back to the mid 900’s.  Note the quintessential “Saxon tower” as opposed to a “Norman tower.”  The church is now called All Saints.

And, on his walk he couldn’t resist sending me a photo of a local beehive…

And his last photo of the day was from boxes Mr. Bee is going through from his parent’s belongings at his brother’s home.

It’s not everyday you see your grandmother feeding a pig with a bottle. These were Mr. Bee’s mother’s parents and their friends from Australia. I hope little piggy wasn’t the next course on the menu…

I’ll share more photos with you soon!

Man Overboard: Another Newlywed Game

newlywed game panel

Time for another installment of Man Overboard:  A fresh perspective from the Man of the House.  We play an occasional round of the Newlywed Game with Miss Bee where she asks her parents personal questions to see if we really know each other.  It’s a fun way for her to learn about our marriage and life before her.  You can see the launch of this series here.

Q:  What would your spouse want for a last meal?

Mr. Bee:  Momma would want Thanksgiving dinner — roasted turkey, sweet potatoes, green beans, mashed potatoes, dressing, pie and coffee with cream and sugar.

Me:  Daddy would want Sushi, flourless chocolate cake and an icy cold mug of Lager.

We were both correct.  I would have also accepted Mexican Food and margaritas.

Q.  What is your favorite TV show?

Mr. Bee:  Momma would watch Frasier or Golden Girls.

Me:  Daddy would watch anything on the History Channel.  Especially that show with the Marine Guy that yells “listen up maggots.”

I couldn’t remember the name of the show.  I got the channel correct, but Mr. Bee said he actually likes Battle 360.  And the correct name of the yelling Marine is “Mail Call.”  He was correct for my show.  Frasier is my favorite show, I have all the DVDs.  Golden Girls isn’t my favorite, but I do like to watch it before bed because I can enter a peaceful sleep with a smile (instead of the Walking Dead like Miss Bee prefers).

Q.  What is your favorite junk food?

Mr. Bee:  Momma likes popcorn and ice cream!

Me:  Daddy likes clam dip with chips.

I have been married to Mr. Bee almost 20 years.  I asked him to count the number of times he has ever seen me eat ice cream?  About 5 times.  I don’t care for ice cream, it’s my least favorite dessert.  To me, it seems like a waste of calories.  I’d prefer a giant piece of cake, to a bowl of frozen milk.  He retorted “well, you do like popcorn!”  I politely told him that most of the time I pop corn, I am popping it for Miss Bee.  Needless to say we used the word “pop” alot in this exchange, which made Miss Bee chuckle. I was correct about the clam dip, btw.

Q:  When was the first time you and Daddy kissed?

Mr. Bee:  Playing Trivial Pursuit

Me:  Playing Trivial Pursuit.  I thought his lips were very soft.

We had to stop for a moment because Miss Bee became nauseous at the thought of us kissing, especially the added piece of “his lips were soft” part.

Q.  What was the first Christmas gift you gave each other?

Mr. Bee:  I have no idea

Me:  No clue.

Neither one of us could come up with this answer.  Tells you how memorable it was…

Q.  What was your first argument about?

Mr. Bee:  I have no idea

Me:  IDK.  Maybe you not listening, hearing, or remembering something?

Like the ice cream, I can count on my one hand the number of times we’ve argued.  We just don’t disagree and if we do, we talk about it and move on. We both came from previous marriages where all we did was argue with our spouses, so I guess we just decided that was not going to carry over in our lives together and it’s worked.

Miss Bee grew bored with the game and we were done.

What are some ideas you have for Mr. Bee to write about sometime? Please share.  Oh, an advise column would be fun!  Ask Mr. Bee…Stay tuned.  But, still I’d like your ideas.