Smell my Finger

That never ends well, does it?  Well, now that Revlon has come out with perfume scented nail polish every handshake will end with people saying you smell pretty.

Inspired by perfume bottles, Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel comes in many chic shades that once the polish is dry takes on a sweet fragrance.  I tried the Pink Pineapple, a barely there shade of pink.  Sure enough, my digits smelled like pineapple!

I think the little bottles are adorable. Maybe if they are a hit, they could make the tops in clear plastic to look like crystal!

Skincare for the Half-Centenarian

I’m almost 50 (half a century old– yikes).  Last fall I went to the dermatologist and one of my “concerns” was brown spots which just magically appeared especially along the sides of my face.  Although I wear sunscreen on my face everyday, it’s the daily exposure to ultraviolet radiation over our lifetime that causes our skin to age — hence the brown “age” spots.

She recommended the Eminence Organics skincare line.  It’s made with all organic ingredients like fresh fruit pulps, exotic spices and plants, and free from paraben, mineral oil and petroleum.  They have a line for every skin type from acne to wrinkles and everything in between.  It’s super concentrated so a little goes along way.
While you pay more than what you would pay for a grocery store product, it’s not going to break the bank.  I feel at this time in my life, taking good care of skin and paying for high quality ingredients is worth it to me.  She recommended the Bright Skin line.  I have been using the line since August and I still have more than a third left in the containers.  They taught me to use just a little product and rinse with lots of water.

I start with the cleanser in morning and use my Mia Clarisonic — which if you don’t have one, get one.  My skin had lots of little bumps under the surface and I was having breakouts.  Since I started using my Mia, my skin is so much clearer.

My absolute favorite in the line is the Age Correcting Hydrating Mist.  You know how after you wash your face, especially in the winter, it can feel tight or dry.  Well two pumps of this on your face and you instantly feel dewy and hydrated like your skin just took a big gulp of water.

After I wash and mist my face, I apply the moisturizer with SPF of 30.

 A few times a week I give myself a spa treatment with the masque or exfoliation treatment. The scrub smells just like a bowl of strawberries.

I think I look pretty good, even if someone did think when I was holding a friend’s baby this week…that is was my grand baby.  This is one hot Grandma!

Nailing it for Spring

A reader asked me to comment on nail colors for spring.  Thanks, Mrs. Hubbard!  I always love reader suggestions.

Dear Mrs. Hubbard,

You can do anything you want with your nails.  From sherbet colors to neon, to ombre touches — everything is in style. 

I am in love with Anne Hathaway right now.  She exudes class and style.  Back at the Golden Globes awards I zoomed in on her nail polish:

White nails with butterfly appliques.  She was a Loreal featured star for red carpet makeup, so I have a feeling these appliques are from Loreal.  Chic.

Here she is before Les Mis hair coordinating her dress with her nail polish.

I dig her short hair-do.  I think I am going to get mine cut like hers.  Maybe I’ll have a better chance of winning an Oscar if I do it.  I could be discovered in the Rosemary’s Baby movie re-make.

Ok, moving on…

My new nail polish discovery is from Cover Girl.

Claiming it lasts for one week, I’d have to say it lasted a few days MORE than that!  I usually paint my nails on Saturday night, then have to re-do them by Wednesday.  Not this past week.  It lasted from Saturday to Monday of the following week!  Love it!

I found a coupon in a magazine for $3 off two bottles.  It retails for $5.99 a bottle.  Right now CVS has it buy one, get one 50% off.  You basically get one bottle fah-ree!  Great deal.  54 shades of loveliness. From clear to black with every color in between.  Today, I am sporting a sporty coral color.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Your faithful bee,


Peeling Back Time

On a recent visit to my doctor for a check up, I mentioned to her I was dismayed that my skin was finally betraying me with “dark spots.”  I guess I’ve done pretty well if I am just a few years shy of my 50th birthday and have gone this long with having no signs of sun damage.

Earnie used to keep me slathered in Pre-Sun, which I remember burning like hell upon application.  Maybe I was getting my own version of a chemical peel when I was five.  Hey.  She did me a favor. 

My doctor recommended a chemical peel.  When I researched the cost, I just couldn’t justify the expense even though I know it would probably yield fantastic results.  I went for an at-home version.
Kate Sommerville has a Clinic-to-Go resurfacing peel kit. 16 individually packaged, pre-treated wipes.  You peel the tabbed cover off, place your fingers in the glove-like pocket on the back, rub it on in a circular motion.  Wait two minutes, rinse off with water, then follow with moisturizer.  You are supposed to do this twice a week for four weeks.  You can follow up a few months later and use the rest of the box.  At $48 for a box of 16 pads, your basically paying $24 per peel.
The pre-moistened pads have all sorts of natural ingredients in it such as sage extract.  It makes your skin feel very tingly, especially the first few times you use it.  I noticed no redness or irritation afterward, other than two weeks into it, I am noticing a little peeling of my skin.  Which means it’s working.
I am peeling back time.
* I am not receiving any endorsement for this product.  I am just always looking for ways to look younger.  A girl can dream.