A fun way to RePurpose Thrift Store China

On a recent getaway, I stopped into a home decor consignment store.  I have been on the hunt for blue and white dishes and I found an English cream and sugar set. The creamer has a little chip and I knew right away I would plant a succulent in it.  The sugar bowl is in mint condition so I filled it with raw sugar and put it on the coffee station tray next to my Keurig.

I stopped into Calloway’s Nursery for a bag of potting soil specially formulated for cactus, succulents and desert plants.

And I found two varieties of succulents for $3 each.  They put them down inside the cutest little brown paper bag.

I filled the creamer with potting soil.  If you wanted to you could fill the bottom with small pebbles, but the nursery lady told me I didn’t need to if I used the Black Gold brand soil specifically for cactus.

I nestled the succulent down inside, filling the sides with the cactus soil.

Then, placed green moss (from the craft store) on the top to cover up the soil.

I gave it a light watering.  The main thing to remember about any cactus plant, is you don’t water them.  About once a month, give the soil a light mist of water, but really they don’t even need that.

So next time you see mismatched china in the thrift store, consider giving it a new beginning as a vessel for a low-maintenance succulent.  What a fun gift to share with someone.

Decorating Your Small Space with Potted Plants

This post is from Alice’s Table blog.  Buzz over here for more inspiration!

If you live in a city, then you probably know the struggle that is a tiny apartment. You’ve got minimal counter space, little-to-no room for accent tables, and it seems like your stuff keeps multiplying. That leaves the bare minimum for actually decorating.

Nothing infuses your pad with a pop of color and life like greenery, so we reached out to one of our favorite plant ladies—Gabi Valladares of By Gabriella—to share her houseplant decorating hacks. “I love having plants and flowers in my home, but I’m aware that we don’t have a sprawling house that can fit all of the greens I’d like to display,” she says. “So, instead I work with what I’ve got.” Here are a few ways she likes to showcase (and enjoy!) potted plants in a small space.

Fill up small empty spaces with tiny succulents and cacti. “This is by far one of my favorite tips,” says Gabi. “I have a few of mine on a small shelf in our barely-there foyer, a handful on our bookshelf, and a few more on two shelves next to our living-room window.”

Swing by a florist or garden center and you’re sure to find the section with adorably small succulents and cacti. Pick up a few of those with matching tiny pots and place them around your home. Even just a pop of green will help, no need to bring in full-size trees to get greenery at home.

Feature plants in unexpected places. “While exploring a local flower shop, I happened upon the teeniest succulent there ever was,” says Gabi. “And, it was in a magnetic pot! That meant I could throw that baby right up on my refrigerator door.” So darn brilliant. No need to take up counter space when you can use the open space you already have—the fridge!

Select a few larger plants to serve as your standout greens. “I went with a medium-sized dracaena and an indoor palm,” says Gabi. “One is large enough to stand on its own in a little corner that until now, had been empty, while the other sits on the one side table we have in our living room.”

Mrs. Twist’s tip:  I love pops of green in unexpected places like on this bar cart or in a laundry room.  And herbs on the kitchen counter make the novice look like a pro!