St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail — Green Apple Ginger Martini

Here’s a lively twist on a classically chic cocktail perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Getting it to you now so you have time to perfect it.

When crafting cocktails, try incorporating seasonal ingredients. While apples are typically thought of as a part of the fall harvest, tart green apples offer a crispness for the sunny spring days, while ginger provides a warming flavor profile for the cooler nights. Shake this cocktail up for a cozy night in or as a dessert pairing at your next dinner party.

Craft cocktails are a bit more of an experience to mix up, as it makes them all the more worthwhile. However, if you’re not feeling as adventurous, you can easily substitute a premade simple syrup alongside a high-quality store-bought apple juice.


  • One green apple
  • 4 ounces vodka
  • 2 Tbs. freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 cup of water
  • ¾ cup of sugar
  • ¼ cup chopped ginger


  1. To create your apple-ginger simple syrup bring the water, sugar, ginger, and peel of the green apple to a boil in a medium saucepan. Cook over medium-high heat until the sugar has dissolved.
  2. Quickly transfer the simple syrup pan to an ice bath, stirring occasionally. Once cooled, strain the simple syrup to remove the apple peel and ginger.
  3. Place the peeled green apple into a juicer, and strain if necessary.
  4. Fill your cocktail shaker with ice and pour in the vodka, 2 ounces of the apple-ginger simple syrup, and ⅓ cup of the apple juice. Shake well, and pour into two martini glasses.
  5. Garnish with a fresh apple slice or apple peel garland. Enjoy!

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Holy Lent – Connect with simple practices for the next 40 days

February 26, Ash Wednesday, marked the beginning of the season of Lent, a time when many Christians prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline.  Ash Wednesday emphasizes two themes: our sinfulness before God and our human mortality. The service focuses on both themes, helping us realize that both have triumphed through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  In earlier centuries, people were sprinkled with ashes as a sign of sorrow for their sins and their commitment to seek renewal in Christian life through this season.  You can read more about it here.

The season of Lent is 40-days (not counting Sundays) of prayer and preparation in which we, as followers of Jesus, are invited to consider anew the disciplines and practices that we employ in our daily lives to help us in becoming better disciples.

This year I am following Sarah Bessey’s 40 Simple Practices of Lent. Sarah gives you practical, easy things to do each day. Here is a beautiful printable to keep handy.

Here is today’s practice:

Day Two: Download an app like The Bible App or pick up a prayer book like Eastertide by Phyllis Tickle and begin to pray in the morning, midday, and evening. Do this throughout Lent.

Another book I am reading during Lent is Annie F. Down’s Looking for Lovely: Collecting the Moments That Matter.

“I want you to take every step of your life with excitement for where you are headed. And I want you to feel beautiful and confident as you do.”
But how? When the enemy whispers lies that you are not smart enough, pretty enough, or rich enough? Or you are too dumb, too loud, too quiet, too thin, too fat, too much or not enough? What if you don’t have what it takes to be who you really want to be?
In Looking for Lovely, Annie F. Downs shares personal stories, biblical truth, and examples of how others have courageously walked the path God paved for their lives by remembering all God had done, loving what was right in front of them, and seeing God in every day—whether that be nature, friends, or the face they see in the mirror.
Intensely personal, yet incredibly powerful, Looking for Lovely will spark transformative conversations and life-changing patterns. No matter who we are and what path God has us on, we all need to look for lovely, fight to finish, and find beautiful in our every day!
Peace be with you this season.

What Would Holley Wear: Retail Therapy

“Wouldn’t it be nice if retail therapy was covered by insurance and Medicare?” 

Don’t you just love it when the doctor gives you sample prescriptions?  Lucky for you…because this week, WWHW is sharing some of her Rx samples!  For a speedy recovery, go to Amazon Fashion.

Their stretchy gold plated and silver beaded bracelets are perfect for stacking with other bracelets.  And for perfect timing….think about pairing them with your watch. Amazon’s fabulous color-blocked and striped cardigans are ideal for Spring transition.

A new brand I just discovered, “& Other Stories,” is just what the doctor ordered!   Their black loafers look like an expensive designer knockoff.  For a holistic approach to fashion, match your loafers with a leather croc-embossed bucket bag.  A large fringed blanket scarf comes in eight beautiful colors. To eliminate the winter blues…wrap up in a blanket scarf and have a cup of tea.

Something you’ll never hear Holley prescribe is….take two aspirin and go to bed.  More like…take two “happy pills” and go shopping! Just like your local Emergency Care….TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are just around the corner and have easy online 24-hour access!  

I was thrilled when I discovered TJ Maxx has a “Runway” section at my local store and online, as well.  They have always been famous for having a great selection of sunshades.   With their “Runway” line, they just upped their game with designers like Gucci, Stella McCartney, and Saint Laurent.  Better than a B12 shot…right?  

Stella McCartney Italian sunglasses

At Marshall’s, it’s never too early to start shopping for a Spring handbag.   I’m smitten with a bamboo satchel and a Tommy Bahama rattan bucket bag from their website.  And BTW…both pair well with a cup of chicken noodle soup!   

We all know “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but did you know a visit to Zara’s has the same healing powers?   Here are a few of their “healthy choices”.  Zara’s selection of hats will definitely lift your spirits.  Have you ever noticed French girls don’t seem to get the blues?  Call me crazy, but I have a feeling wearing an adorable beret, beanie, or skipper cap is the perfect winter blues remedy.  

Style docs love the dual benefit of wearing a belt because they complete an outfit and give you that “hour-glass” look.  Zara has an awesome belt selection. For an extra dose of style, wear a belt over your blazer. Feeling better?  

Whew…just knowing retail therapy is available 24/7 boosts my immune system.  Hopefully, yours too!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, and wardrobe consultation.  Be sure to check her Holley Williams Style on Pinterest.  Contact Holley at [email protected]

A Heart to Heart Talk

My beautiful Mother, Earnie

February is heart month designated by the American Heart Association in an effort to raise awareness of the risk of heart disease and stroke in women. Their mission is to promote healthier living, free of cardiovascular disease.  That single purpose drives all they do.

My parents, and grandparents, had cardiovascular disease including stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart attack.  My biggest shock came when my mother suffered a stroke in 2007.  Her best friend, Margaret, called my sister and told her, “Your Mother doesn’t seem right” and wasn’t making sense on the phone.  I stopped by Mother’s house on the way to work and took one look at her and knew she was suffering from a stroke. The entire side of her face was drooping and she had a blank look on her face.  Still able to function we rushed her to the hospital where she stayed for about week. Fortunately, Mother was able to regain her abilities, but some damage was irreversible. She lost her ability to write clearly –oh, she had beautiful penmanship and loved to send letters and cards to friends, she became easily fatigued, swallowing food was a challenge sometimes, she found it difficult to find the right words when putting a sentence together — something referred to as “word salad” and could no longer safely drive her car.   It was a huge adjustment for her but she did it with a smile and positive attitude! Thankfully, our family made the adjustments needed and that’s when my parents came to live with us.

What I remember most about that day in the ER with Mother was this:  As they were assessing Mother’s blood pressure, I couldn’t believe the result.  The nurse and I looked at each other, then looked over at Mother.  The nurse asked her, “Do you have hypertension?”  I expected Mother to reply no, but she told the nurse she indeed had been diagnosed with hypertension several years prior and was taking medication for it.  I had to pick up my chin off the floor.  How had I missed this?  Why did she not tell me this? Come to find out, this was partly true.  The nurse called her physician to confirm hypertension, then followed up with the pharmacy only to find that Mother had not filled her prescription in over a year!  When the nurse reported this back to Mother, her only response was she felt fine and didn’t think the medication was necessary.

Heart disease and stroke are the world’s two leading killers, and more than one in three U.S. women live with some form of cardiovascular disease. But studies show 80 percent of cardiac events and strokes are preventable. Please familiarize yourself with heart attack and stroke symptoms here.

High blood pressure affects one out of three adults over the age of 20. There is a reason it is referred to as “the silent killer”  because most of the time there are no symptoms.  What is hypertension?  Here is an article to explain what it is with a helpful quiz to direct you for additional resources.  A lot of times it’s considered a man’s disease so women don’t think they can be affected.  Mother never liked to take medicine even after she came to live with me.  In the beginning, when I’d hand her medication to her, I’d watch her try to put it into her tissue.  I was always very respectful but would point out she needed to take it.  Reluctantly, she would.  Another factor that caused her non-compliance was that she devoted all her time and strength to caring after Daddy and didn’t give herself the same attention.  Caring for a loved one strains even the most resilient people. An excellent resource from the Mayo Clinic  provides tips for caregivers.

More women die from heart disease than from all forms of cancer. It’s not rocket science, but why do we try to make it more complicated?  Our prescription is not complex — eat smart and exercise.  There are some factors that are unpreventable, but we can all agree that diet and exercise are two things we do have control over.

Life’s Simple 7 — Designed by the American Heart Association this simple, seven-step list has been developed to deliver on the hope we all have–to live a long, productive healthy life.  My score was 8.6 out of 10.  I am working on losing some weight to lower my BMI which affected my score and I need to increase my fruit and vegetable intake.  The interesting thing about this assessment is you really need to know your “numbers” like your blood pressure, your fasting blood sugar, and cholesterol.  If it has been a while since you have seen your physician and had lab work, do yourself a favor and give yourself this gift.  As a healthcare professional, I am a huge advocate of an annual physical examination from a family practice physician or internist AND an annual gynecological appointment.  Of course, it can be argued that your family physician can do your GYN exam, but I feel that women’s needs are best met, especially peri and post-menopausal, by a GYN.  Just my opinion, but so far it has served me well. We only get one pass in this world and you might as well make it the best you can.  We make appointments for our loved ones — children, spouses, and parents, yet why are we always at the bottom of the “to do” list?

A new resource I have added to my library is Heart Smart for Women: Six S.T.E.P.S in Six Weeks for Heart-Healthy Living . The book is easy to understand and a terrific introduction to the changes needed to live a long and healthy life. It would be the perfect book for someone who has recently been diagnosed with heart disease.

Here is a helpful link from The Heart Foundation with additional resources.

And if you love to listen to podcasts, here is a link to the American Heart Association podcasts on a variety of heart health topics.

I hope this helps you. Please share this post with a friend or on Facebook. It could save their life.


What Would Holley Wear: Vegas on the Cheap

Have you ever done Vegas on the Cheap?  Unfortunately, it seems our glory days of casino free-play and comped rooms and meals are a thing of the past.  But trust me…it did not stop us from having fun and “experiencing” Vegas in a whole new “cheap” way!

First, we booked our flights for $150 round trip for both of us on Southwest Airlines.  How unbelievably cheap is that?!? With a little help from Google Hotels, our next step was reserving a suite at The Palazzo…which saved us hundreds of dollars.  That being said, always be sure to check out discount travel sites for special room rates and flights.

Just because you travel on a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t look like a high roller…right?  For the plane ride there, I suggest a button-down blouse or a sweater, blazer, jeans, boots or loafers, and a camel coat…which makes any outfit look classy.  Wearing sneakers is another way to stay comfy and look stylish….perfect for travel and strolling the strip.  

Style Tip:  I’m obsessed with Veja fashion sneakers.  And the good news is you can try on and purchase them locally at Stanley Eisenman’s!

I have to admit, we missed having our meals being comped but still dined at nice restaurants.  So, on the count of three, everyone say, “Hello, Happy Hour!” Our favorite was Buddy V’s at The Venetian.  Even Neiman Marcus offers a happy hour in Vegas on Friday and Saturday from 5 to 6. How posh nosh does that sound?  

One way to achieve a “high roller” look on a budget is with black jeans.  I wore black-coated jeans day and night…during the day with a black and white tweed blazer and in the evening with a pink animal print blazer.  Be sure to take a look at our selection of all black ensembles on our Pinterest board…such a classy look for happy hour and afterward at the blackjack table.

Alcoholic beverages are expensive anywhere you go…right?  Here’s one of our “cheap” travel tips…pack a few wine bottles, (or beverage of your choice), and have happy hour in your room/suite.  WWJD (What Would Johnny Drink)? He suggests packing your wine in a Jet Bag, absorbent and reusable bottle bags. Order them on Amazon. Trust me on this one…they have been well-tested by our family!  And BTW…it’s always 5 o’clock in Vegas!

Years ago, friends told us about an “off the strip” casino called Palace Station, famous for its acclaimed Oyster Bar with the big draw being a seafood chowder called Pan Roast!  For an extra bonus…you can play bingo at the casino for as little as $15 a person for an entire hour! And BTW, wear what you want because nobody there gives a crap (and I’m not talking about the tables).  

Oh my goodness…does this sound like a lot of “cheap talk”?  I hope so because one thing I know for sure, you are going to love doing “Vegas on the Cheap”!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, and wardrobe consultation.  Be sure to check her Holley Williams Style on Pinterest.  Contact Holley at [email protected]

It’s Back! Season Two of The Hemline Podcast

I am so happy to be back at the microphone!  I cannot believe it’s been a year since I wrapped up Season One – kinda like waiting for Mad Men to come back from hiatus.  I’ve changed up the name of the podcast to The Hemline. The Hemline is significant because I grew up tugging at the hem of my mother’s skirt. Skirt lengths can change over time, but southern hospitality never goes out of style. I’ll be sharing the same great content with some fun surprises and co-hosts for this season.

In this episode, I bring you up-to-date on why I had to take a break from the podcast and regroup – something called graduate school.  Wow, it’s been great to be back in school, but I had to learn some serious time management skills along the way.

I also had a life change as a 50+ woman – the “M” word – menopause and all that entails (think hot flashes and mood swings). Plus I share some information on new supplements I am taking to put me on track to embrace 2020 in the best health possible.

As always I include links to resources in my show notes.

Dietary Supplements I have added to my daily routine:

Ritual Daily Multivitamins for Women 50+ – It’s the very first daily vitamin I have stuck with mainly because it goes down so easy and it’s got a really nice mint flavor and scent. Let me know if you want a $15 coupon good toward your first month’s subscription and I will send you a promo link. Made by women for women. Many multis have 20+ ingredients you already get enough of from food. Ritual contains nutrients women need post-menopause—in absorbable forms your body can actually use – sourced in verified locations around the world. I take one in the morning when I rise, and one at night when I go to bed.

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies – I’ve been adding ACV to water for a while now, but these gummies are much easier to take. ACV promotes digestion, more energy, clearer skin, and it’s a natural detoxification supplement. I chew two gummies at night before bed.

Nature’s Way MCV Oil – Medium Chain Triglycerides made only from premium coconuts with no palm or filler oils.  Each serving provides 14 grams of 100% pure source MCTs, including caprylic and capric acids. It helps to promote brain and memory function, boosts energy and increases endurance, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels and helps to promote weight loss because it makes you feel full. I add one tablespoon to my coffee every morning.

Live Well Collagen Peptides – I add one scoop of this anti-aging powder to my fruit smoothie to promote hair, skin, nail growth and joint support. The latter is especially important since I am back in the gym.

As always, be sure to consult with your physician first before starting any new supplement to make sure it’s right for you.

Take a listen to season two, episode one here, or wherever you listen to your podcasts. And remember the sincerest form of appreciation is to share it with your friends.  Thanks for listening!

Just a Minute Centerpiece

I have an easy Valentine’s Day centerpiece to share.  You could do this for any occasion, like a birthday party, ice cream social, baby shower or July 4th by changing up the colors of the flowers.

What you’ll need:

Carnations — I love Carnations and I think they get a bad rap.  They are fragrant, inexpensive and can go a long time without water which is perfect for this centerpiece project.  I bought three bunches at $3.99 each from Central Market.

Red Hots — I bought several scoops from the bulk bin at Central Market, or you could buy a large bag in the candy aisle.

Ice Cream Sugar Cones — I used nine cones which was one box.

Glass Cylinders or Vases – You can find these anywhere.  I just used ones I had in my vase stash.

I cut the carnation stems short enough to fit in the ice cream cone so the bottom petals of the carnation set just around the rim of the cone.  I put all one color in each cone.  As it worked out, I had enough to make three cones for each of the colors.  A rule of thumb, tablescapes always looks better in odd numbers — in this case three vases, three cones per vase.

I filled the bottom of each cylinder with red hots.  You don’t need to measure, just pour enough in each vase so it looks even.  Then, nestle the cones down into the vase.  That’s it!

The carnations went without water for 24 hours, and I put them into water the next day.  They are still fresh a week a later.

I styled the vases on top of cake pedestals I found last year in the dollar section of Target along with sweets we had.  My milk glass collection is always a perfect backdrop for the yummy treats from McKinley’s Bakery. The cute little chalkboard menus are from the Container Store.

These centerpieces would be so cute lined up on an ice cream sundae bar for July 4th, a baby “gender” reveal party or birthday!  If you put love into it, everything turns out amazing!

Your Guide to Girl Scout Cookie and Wine Pairing

Not too long ago I saw an article on Facebook for pairing wine with Girl Scout cookies.  I looked on Pinterest and found three posts with suggested wines for each of the cookie types.  Mr. Bee and I thought it would be the perfect theme for the neighborhood parties we all take turns hosting each month. Since, Girl Scout Cookies are on sale right now, it’s the perfect time to gather up cookies and host your own party. Did you know Girl Scouts have been selling cookies for over 100 years?  Read about the history of Girl Scout Cookie sales here.  Even if you just have a party for one, what’s better than sweets and wine!  

Since Girl Scout cookies are plentiful right now, with the little scouts selling them on almost every corner, it wasn’t hard to score six varieties of cookies.  I made my list and did some research to determine the suggested type of wine for each cookie I had purchased.  Mr. Bee and I headed over to Total Wine last week after our date-night dinner and a very helpful, friendly sales associate helped us shop for each wine we needed.

Thin Mint — Michel Gassier Syrah Les Piliers at $14.99

Tagalongs — Script and Seal Merlot for $9.99

Samoa — A Port Quinta das Carvalhas for $17.99

Savannah Smiles — There were a few suggestions on this and we went with Petals Riesling for $8.99

Trefoils — A sparkling wine was suggested and I already had the perfect bubbly in my wine fridge.  A Petite Cadeau from Wine Shop at Home, an online wine club.

Do Si Dos — We tried a Zweigelt, and Austrian wine,  from Winzer Krems Blauer for $13.99

Total Wine extends 15% off when you purchase 6 or more wines at one purchase, so we saved some money.  The Port was on sale during their Spanish wine promotion.

To prep for the party I used long, white platters (from Walmart) to showcase the cookies – a steal at $7 a platter. White platters are perfect because they draw attention to the detail and colors of your food.

We cut the front off of each box so the guests could see the full description for the cookie.  Then I took small chalkboards and wrote the name of each cookie and placed them at the top of the platters.  We used cocktail napkins and dessert plates.

We told our guests to eat dinner first and to come over around 7:30 p.m.  I asked a few neighbors to bring mixed nuts, and sliced apples and cheddar cheese to help cut the sweet between cookies.

Cindy, of course, went the extra mile to prepare the prettiest platter of five varieties of apples and labeled them for identification.

I used chalkboard placemats (similar here) to labeled each wine and the cookie it accompanied, then we put each bottle in order of when we would taste it — lightest, to medium body, then finish with the dessert wine (Port).

The Petit Cadeau from Wine Shop at Home was so light and refreshing.  It was paired with the Trefoil (a shortbread cookie).  I love sparkling wine and I will definitely purchase this variety again.

The Riesling we selected was light and was paired with the Savannah Smile — a lemon powdered sugar cookie. The price point on this was a great bargain and would make a perfect summertime wine.

The Merlot was just so-so and we felt the peanut butter in the cookie was a little overpowering.

The French Syrah was excellent with the Thin Mint.  The coolness of the cookie with the peppery taste of this wine was superb.  It was rated number one among all the guests as the best pairing. And finishing off the tasting was the Port.  We practically finished the bottle.  I am not a fan of coconut, but the pairing of this Port with the Samoa highlighted accentuated the coconut.

I didn’t get a pic of the Austrian Zweigelt variety with the Do Si Dos.  It was a brand new wine for all of us to try and it was pretty good.  It paired nicely with the peanut butter sandwich cookie.

We had fun tasting each wine.   One of our friends is a wine enthusiast and asked us to smell the wine and with our first taste to try and identify the taste notes — floral, peppery, fruity?  It was fun to come with up with our ideas then compare the crowd’s input with the description given of each wine by the winemaker.  In most cases, each label on the bottle described the wine, but if there was no description we looked it up on the Total Wine website.  All of the wines we selected with just input from the Total Wine expert were worth trying and ones we would definitely try again.

For more ideas for Girl Scout cookie, wine pairing check out my Pinterest board Just a Sip.

What Would Holley Wear: Valentine Vibes

 If “you’ve lost that loving feeling”….don’t despair because we are sharing “Valentine Vibes” that will bring it back!

So I have to ask…are you the type of person who wears your heart on your sleeve?  I hope so…. because I can’t think of a better way to show off your Valentine’s style.  Just for you, we are featuring a few Chic Wish sweaters with heart-shaped elbow patches.  

Amazon has a fabulous selection of casual V-Day t-shirts….such a fun way to add love to everyday jeans and sneakers look.  And here’s the good news…if you only wear hearts on Valentine’s Day, Amazon’s prices won’t give you “heartburn”!  

Roses are red, violets are blue…and we think a pop of pink is perfect for you!  An oversized pink sweater paired with jeans is all you need to look pretty in pink.  And for extra fun, match your jeans ensemble with a pair of glittery Golden Goose sneakers.  For a less expensive pair of glittery kicks, be sure to take a look at the selection on our Pinterest board!

For a “Galentine’s” Party with your besties, why not shine in a pink sequin skirt.  I adore how San Francisco fashion influencer, Lombard & Fifth blogger, styles her clothes.  So, no wonder I’m loving her J Crew ensemble featuring a pink sequin skirt worn with a winter turtleneck.  And one more thing….“cheers” to her handbag!  

We are smitten with silk skirts on this year’s fashion “it” list!  One of my favorites is a pink silk midi from Etsy. It radiates sophisticated elegance with a tan turtleneck and looks adorable with a striped sweater.  I’m thinking a pair of pink heart-shaped sunshades from Amazon would be the cat’s meow!  

A fun little tip:  Go to page 29 of the February issue of Oprah Magazine to get 20% off Draper James heart shades at

If you love shopping online at Bloomingdale’s, then you are going to love their exceptional selection of red and pink handbags.  The ultimate V-Day bag is a beaded heart shape tote by Loeffler Randall, and it comes in pink and red! Tory Burch’s red Gemini canvas tote is a great year-round bag and “cupid approved”…of course!   Be sure to check out our Pinterest board to view more Bloomingdale’s bags!

Well, bless your heart…it looks like you found that “loving feeling”!  Happy Valentine’s Day!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, and wardrobe consultation.  Be sure to check her Holley Williams Style on Pinterest.  Contact Holley at [email protected]

Mrs. Twist Reads This – The Family Upstairs

It’s time for our February book. This month we are reading The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell.

Gifted musician Clemency Thompson is playing for tourists on the streets of Southern France when she receives an urgent text message. Her childhood friend, Lucy, is demanding her immediate return to London.

It’s happening, says the message. The baby is back.

Libby Jones was only six months old when she became an orphan. Now 25, she’s astounded to learn of an inheritance that will change her life. A gorgeous, dilapidated townhouse in one of London’s poshest neighborhoods has been held in a trust for her all these years. Now, it’s hers.

As Libby investigates the story of her birth parents and the dark legacy of her new home, Clemency and Lucy are headed her way to uncover, and possibly protect, secrets of their own. What really happened in that rambling Chelsea mansion when they were children? And are they still at risk?

Jewell’s novels have been praised as “sure to please fans of Ruth Ware and A.J. Finn” (Library Journal), and her latest is no exception. The Family Upstairs will keep you guessing until the very end.

We are meeting Thursday, February  27 at 7 p.m. for a casual gathering of snacks and discussion. If you are local to Fort Worth, feel free to join us – my doors are always open to new members.  Unless otherwise notified, we always meet the last Thursday of the month.

Even if you aren’t local to my area, you can join our book club, membership is free, through Bookmovement.  By signing up you will receive notifications on our upcoming meetings and the books we will be reading.  Plus, you can create your personal queue of books you want to read outside of our group and find out new releases and trends in all genres of books.  Friends are always welcome.

No matter where you live, we’d love to have you join our community of women spending more time reading and less time using technology.  Join our movement!