Easy Stovetop Potpourri

Rachel Schultz

This weekend while you are gathering up all your Thanksgiving recipes — see Mrs. Twist’s Thanksgiving Guide here, make this easy three-ingredient stovetop simmering potpourri to fill your home with the smell of clean.

Slice one lemon, add three rosemary sprigs, one teaspoon of vanilla and enough water to cover.  I let it sit on the stove at a low simmer.*  It filled the house with the smell of the soaps you purchase at Williams- Sonoma.  I had all the ingredients on-hand, especially the rosemary from the bush in the garden.

And here’s a time-saver from PureWow for the holidays regarding cleaning — fake a clean home!  “A deep clean would be lovely, but you’ve got 45 minutes, woman. The most important thing you can do: Clear every counter and tabletop of clutter and hide the mess away, you can deal with that stack of mail in the hamper later.  Then give each surface a spritz of all-purpose cleaner for a little extra shine. No one will be scrutinizing the corners of your baseboards anyway.”  Try a bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s Apple Cider multi-purpose spray cleaner for your countertops — people will be so obsessed over how yummy your house smells they won’t even notice the cobwebs!

That’s a tip I need to tattoo on my arm — why do we clean before company comes when the mess is after they leave?  I am raising my hand guilty on all counts on this because I get so overwhelmed with cleaning before a party that it makes me crazy.

*Be sure to add water, as needed, and never leave it unattended.  Turn the stove off when you leave the house or go to bed.

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