What Would Holley Wear: Amazing Amazon Fashion Deals

Did you know Amazon has an amazing fashion website?  From designer dupes to the real thing, it’s the first place I go to when I’m looking for a deal or wanting to copy a designer look. I’ve pinned a lot of inspiration on my Pinterest board. Just so you know, I’m not the only one who covets their relationship with Amazon Fashion.  Several bloggers I follow do an “Amazon Haul,” where they order clothes, shoes, and accessories….style their looks and then share their looks on their blogs.  My favorite is “Life by Lee”….because I would actually wear some of the looks she styles. BTW…she’s a Texas girl! I love how Lee styles a long camel vest over black slacks and a long sleeve white V-neck t-shirt.  A great look for the office or a board meeting. And after hours, switch out the t-shirt for a black camisole for drinks and … Continue reading “What Would Holley Wear: Amazing Amazon Fashion Deals”

Three Things: Baked Chicken, Sweet Potatoes and a Funny Podcast

I have three unrelated buzzworthy things to share today.  Let’s start first with baked chicken.  I have never roasted a whole chicken. Ever. Yes, it’s true. It always seemed so intimidating, so I’ve asked Mr. Bee to roast it on the grill or smoker. I follow Katherine Sasser’s blog – she is also the owner of Hurley House.  She issued a six-week challenge recently to try baking a chicken right alongside her.  I won’t share all the directions, because she perfectly outlines it here and here.  To make it easy, click here to download a copy of the recipe.  I texted her Sunday night with the photo and thanked her for inspiring me! Isn’t it funny how something small like roasting a chicken for the first time can boost your self-esteem! My takeaways:   Recently we started making time to prepare Sunday dinner since that seems to be the only day … Continue reading “Three Things: Baked Chicken, Sweet Potatoes and a Funny Podcast”

Mrs. Twist’s Guide to Thanksgiving: Make Pies Your Centerpiece!

I came across an inspiration on Pinterest in my quest to share ideas with you to prepare for Thanksgiving.  The article is “Last Minute Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas” and immediately a light bulb went off!  Why do the pies always get put on a side table or the counter when they are the best part of the meal?  Flowers, gourds and pumpkins are nice and the Pilgrims did them justice but, this is 2017, let’s put a twist on it!  Use your pies, some clippings from the yard and create a beautiful, eye-catching, conversation piece.  I guarantee your guests have never seen dessert as the centerpiece. For this challenge, I enlisted the help of Sweet Lucy’s Pies.  Lindsey, the owner, has been my go-to pie gal for a while now.  Her recipes are delicious and inventive using the freshest ingredients she can source and her crust is buttery and flaky.  Hands … Continue reading “Mrs. Twist’s Guide to Thanksgiving: Make Pies Your Centerpiece!”

What Would Holley Wear: Three ways to style kitten heels, khaki pants and a denim skirt

When I’m making a purchase for myself or a client, my main goal is to think of three ways to style it.  So this week, I’m sharing three of my current favorites: dressy kitten heels, khaki pants, and a brown denim skirt…plus three ways to style them. Recently, I was gifted a pair of Prada heels from my dear friend and neighbor, Elsie Blum.  She even wore them to her granddaughter’s wedding in New York in 2009! The first place I wore them was to the Open Door gala benefiting the Samaritan House at TX Whiskey Ranch.   I copied my look from Pinterest…wearing them with an embellished skirt and a black blouse. How “TX Chic” does that sound? For a party vibe, dressy kitten heels go great with black skinnies…just add a dressy top.  And did you know wearing fancy shoes with jeans is a thing? My husband and … Continue reading “What Would Holley Wear: Three ways to style kitten heels, khaki pants and a denim skirt”

Mrs. Twist Reads This: Rules for Visiting by Jessica Francis Kane

It’s time for a new Mrs. Twist Reads This Book Club selection. For November we will be enjoying Rules for Visiting by Jessica Francis Kane.   The best part – Jessica will be calling in on the evening of our book club gathering to chat with us! An Oprah Summer Reading Pick for 2019, and named best book of 2019 by Real Simple and Southern Living magazines, it’s the story of May Attawaywho is more at home with plants than people. Over the years, she’s turned inward, finding pleasure in language, her work as a gardener, and keeping her neighbors at arm’s length while keenly observing them. But when she is unexpectedly granted some leave from her job, May is inspired to reconnect with four once close friends. She knows they will never have a proper reunion, so she goes, one-by-one, to each of them. A student of the classics, May … Continue reading “Mrs. Twist Reads This: Rules for Visiting by Jessica Francis Kane”

Weekend Getaway: The Stage Coach Salado

Growing up, Salado was a fun place to get away during the summer months.  My parents could easily drive the two hours down the freeway to stay for a long weekend. The only place to stay once you arrived off the highway was the Stage Coach Inn.  You couldn’t miss it – there was an old Stage Coach right in front perfect for photos. All the rooms faced the kidney shaped pool.  We’d swim all day, eat hot hushpuppies dripping with butter for snacks, and wander over to float in the creek before dinner. We’d shop in the little stores along Main Street, and sometimes Mother would buy a new dress at Grace Jones – a haute couture clothing boutique. For a long time I think the then owners of the Inn relied on the kitsch of their motel because that’s what people liked, but over the years the interiors … Continue reading “Weekend Getaway: The Stage Coach Salado”

What Would Holley Wear: Five Wardrobe Staples

I recently read about a style influencer’s five fall closet staples.  Her top five include: a denim jacket, something animal print, boots and mules, a go-to pair of denim, and a cozy cardigan.  And of course…I have five more to add to the list: an army green cargo jacket, checked blazer, loafers, leggings, and a blanket scarf or poncho!    Let’s start with a denim jacket which goes with everything and is particularly popular this season, paired with sweats.  So after a brisk walk, grab your denim jacket and meet a friend for coffee. Easy breezy…right? My fall staple addition is an army green cargo jacket.  Again, it works well as an athleisure look and yet is sophisticated enough for work.  Style influencers love animal print, which never goes out of style.  From a scarf to boots, it definitely adds a cool vibe to your fall style.  I think the same … Continue reading “What Would Holley Wear: Five Wardrobe Staples”

Falling for It — Picnic Inspiration

“Picnics:  One of the supreme pleasures of an outdoor life.” James Beard Fall is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors, especially if you live where the summers are hot and humid.  When I recently saw the quote about picnics from James Beard, I spent some time on Pinterest looking for inspiration and how to put a twist on the traditional picnic. On a tour through my local antique mall I saw this thermal trio. Two are Thermos and one is Aladdin brand.  It made me get all nostalgic thinking how I used to take hot cocoa to high school football games.  I plan to just use these for fall decoration on the mantel, but I do think any good picnic needs a thermal carafe for hot cocoa or pumpkin spiced coffee. Which leads me to the next picnic must, a good sandwich.  It’s all in the presentation.  So many restaurants make really good sandwiches, why reinvent the … Continue reading “Falling for It — Picnic Inspiration”

My Best Yes: The Power of Asking for Help

In all the personality assessments – like Strengthsfinder, EmotionaIntellegence, and Strengths Deployment Inventory, my top strengths are relationship building.  I love to help people make connections. When I am having a conversation with someone I am immediately assessing who I can introduce them to – whether for personal or professional connections.  It’s in my DNA to make people feel important, valued and respected.  As a result, because I care so much about being respectful of people’s time,  I am often cautious about asking busy people to help me, this is particularly so in my career.  Our team works so hard producing events, many times well beyond the 40-hour work week.  I am reluctant to seek help, because I know they are just as tired as I am. What’s ironic is I sometimes put more effort into other’s feelings than I do my own. For the last five months I have … Continue reading “My Best Yes: The Power of Asking for Help”

My Favorite Recipe: Cornbread

Cornbread is good anytime, but during this colder weather season, it makes a frequent appearance as a side to chili and soup.  I know there’s a debate whether cornbread should be savory or sweet.  Here’s a fun article from Southern  Living magazine “The Last Word on Cornbread.”  In our house, cornbread is sweet.  Mother always added a tablespoon or two of sugar, and Miss Bee asks me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. “did you put sugar in the cornbread?” I always bake my cornbread in my grandmother’s cast iron skillet. I bet it’s easily 75 years old.  I love how it makes the edges of the cornbread crispy and evenly browns the cornbread on the bottom.  The secret to cast iron is “seasoning the pan.” Here’s a great video to walk you through the process. Your trusty cast-iron skillet will eventually lose its sheen and, as a result, its super non-stick powers. … Continue reading “My Favorite Recipe: Cornbread”