The Saturday Breeze — Week of June 5

Happy Saturday!  Until I can get up the courage to try my hand at doing a Saturday video series for you, I’ll “shoot the breeze” (aka idle chitchat according to Urban Dictionary) the old-fashioned way, through words and photos recapping my week. I finished The Book of Polly. OMG. It is probably one of the most touching and relevant books I have read in a long while. I just loved everything about it. The humor, Willow’s stories of her childhood, and the Mother-Daughter relationship, had me right there with the author Kathy Hepinstall.  It is our selection for this month’s Mrs. Twist Reads This book club.  I hope you will read it.  I didn’t want it to end. We hosted a “Farm to Table” Party at work on Thursday.  The tables were beautifully set with a bounty of summer vegetables and fresh florals. And we gave Cat Studio custom glassware as … Continue reading “The Saturday Breeze — Week of June 5”

My Easy Three: Keeping it Clean and Fresh

Summer is here and so are the sweaty odors that come with it.  It isn’t a glamorous topic, just keeping it real.  Here are My Easy Three tips for June! Swim Wear — It is an investment every year to add a new swim suit to your poolside frolics.  You can extend the life of your suit by taking just a few minutes to wash it out after each use.  If you don’t have time to soak it in a gentle detergent like this set from Everything But Water, at least rinse it out with cool tap water before hanging it to dry. I keep a set of these detergents (Woolite is good, too) in my swimwear drawer.  It only takes a capful of the cleaner to your pail of water, add your suit, let it soak for 3 minutes, rinse, then soak in the protector, skip the rinse, wring, … Continue reading “My Easy Three: Keeping it Clean and Fresh”

Stuffed Peppers With A Twist

The June issue of Southern Living magazine features a series of recipes where the star is a vegetable.  One of my favorite things about this time of year is the plentiful bounty of garden vegetables.  Growing up, Mother made stuffed green bell peppers usually with ground beef and rice. I have never been a fan of the green bell pepper, but serve me their cousins “red, orange, and yellow” and I am sold.  So, when I saw this recipe for Stuffed Peppers with Grits and Sausage I knew I had to give it a try. Note:  Miss Bee does not eat red meat or pork.  I substituted the pork sausage for turkey sausage (Jimmy Dean’s breakfast sausage crumbles).  It was the perfect switch and Miss Bee gave it two-thumbs up.  This is a big deal, folks. The recipe can be found here.  But I will also provide.  It takes about an … Continue reading “Stuffed Peppers With A Twist”

Mrs. Twist Reads This Summer Book Club: The Book of Polly

We finished Into the Water by Paula Hawkins as our May book selection. It was so interesting to hear everyone’s opinions on the characters and the ending (which if you have not read it, stick with it until the very last page!). We are switching gears entirely to The Book of Polly by Kathy Hipenstall. I knew this was the book for me the first page in when she pleads with her mother “Please don’t take the falcon to the parent/teacher conference!” Here’s the description: Willow Havens is ten years old and obsessed with the fear that her mother will die. Her mother, Polly, is a cantankerous, take-no-prisoners Southern woman who lives to chase varmints, drink margaritas, and antagonize the neighbors—and she sticks out like a sore thumb among the young modern mothers of their small conventional Texas town. She was in her late fifties when Willow was born, so … Continue reading “Mrs. Twist Reads This Summer Book Club: The Book of Polly”

What Would Holley Wear: Classical Music Concerts

We have a framed print in our home that says “Fort Worth, Texas – Cowboys & Culture”….such a great description of Fort Worth.   In January, I wrote about what to wear to the rodeo.  Now, I’m writing about what to wear to Ft. Worth’s most famous cultural event…The Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. And for a bonus, I’ve included some additional Fort Worth classical concerts and venues. So, two things you need to know about the Cliburn competition: “…The Cliburn Competition is a cross between the Miss America Pageant, the Olympic Games, the Academy Awards, and The Pulitzer.”  – The Boston Globe …And for some patrons, it involves not only attending multiple concerts but also attending multiple parties! Since our youngest son is an invited guest to all the concerts and parties this year, he asked me to accompany him to a few of the events.  Chris is a Vice … Continue reading “What Would Holley Wear: Classical Music Concerts”

With Love, From Mr. Bee: Postcards from England Part Two

Mr. Bee is finishing up his trip home this week visiting in England.  If you want to see postcards from the first part of his trip go here. This second leg of his trip was dedicated to visiting his Uncle Trevor Austin. Trevor is technically a cousin (he was the cousin of Mr. Bee’s mother Irene)/Godparent, but he’s always been more than that to Mr. Bee so we all call him Uncle Trevor.  When you think of a proper English gentleman, Trevor is the real deal. Trevor is holding Hettie, a champion King Charles Cavalier. Trevor’s daughter, Lucy, has been raising and showing KCCs for over 15 years and has shown at Crufts, Great Britain’s national dog show. Visits to Trevor and Kathleen’s home always involve car shows, museums, tea and working in his extensive rose garden. One of the things that Trevor is known for is “coffee” breaks at 11 a.m., two … Continue reading “With Love, From Mr. Bee: Postcards from England Part Two”

Blueberry Butterscotch Pie

Several years ago, my bestie shared her recipe for Blueberry Butterscotch Pie.  Originally, it called for apples, but she put her twist on it by substituting blueberries and never looked back!  This is one of Mr. Bee’s favorite desserts.  I had a carton of blueberries and since there’s nothing like blueberries in the summertime, why not?  It’s so easy and if you are looking for a sweet treat to take with you to a Memorial Day party this weekend — this is it! Ingredients: 1 1/2 tsp lemon juice (fresh is best) 1 pint of blueberries (I used more, so you don’t have to be exact) 1/2 cup of sugar 1/4 cup of flour 1 tsp of cinnamon 1/8 tsp of salt Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Mix the blueberries with the lemon juice in a mixing bowl.  Add in the rest of the ingredients and stir.  I let it … Continue reading “Blueberry Butterscotch Pie”

What Would Holley Wear: Tournament Style

Are you planning to attend the Dean & DeLuca Invitational Golf Tournament…May 25 through May 28?  The tournament is part of Fort Worth history, and of course fashion has always been a big part of that. Remember back in the day when women were scantily dressed and even judged by men holding signs rating them from a 1 to a 10?  Thank goodness today’s tournament fashionistas dress with class and good taste….well, most of them!  And thank goodness today’s tournament man/fan is a gentleman…well, most of them!  I recently read that when going to a golf tournament the main fashion rule to remember is this — “You are at the country club as a spectator…not to be a spectacle.”  So, two things you need to know about me: I was on the Colonial tournament committee for eight years… …and even though it wasn’t our official title, we called ourselves the “Fashion Police!” … Continue reading “What Would Holley Wear: Tournament Style”

Best Day of My Life — Daily Devotional

Today marks the fourth anniversary of my mother’s death.  Every year I try to honor her memory by sharing her daily devotional. I am no stranger to the searing pain that grief brings with the loss of someone you love dearly.  Through it all I have remained thankful to a God that has carried me on days I didn’t think I could walk, held me when I didn’t think I could stand, and filled me with hope when I was empty.  I’ve walked through darkness and I know I will do it again someday. When I have someone like my mother Earnie, who was the best example of everything I could hope to be in a wife, mother and friend, I am thankful for each day I have to love as fully as I can.  Mother was a faithful servant of the Lord.  She welcome each new day in prayer, … Continue reading “Best Day of My Life — Daily Devotional”

With Love, From Mr. Bee: Postcards from England

Mr. Bee is visiting his family in England for the next several weeks.  His sweet Auntie Nan died and he wanted to go home to see his family since they will all be together for Nan’s funeral.  Nan lived a long life with her beloved Des who will be 91 in June when they would have also celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary.  I’ve been enjoying the photos Mr. Bee has been sharing with me and I thought you would to.   Here is Mr. Bee with his Uncle Des.  I think this is how Mr. Bee will look when he’s 91, because Des favored my father-in-law.  Except, Mr. Bee inherited the tall genes from his maternal Grandfather.  You can tell by the way they are dressed that it is still cool in England.  Highs of 65, lows in the 40s — my kind of weather.  Look how lush their backyard is! … Continue reading “With Love, From Mr. Bee: Postcards from England”