Snickerdoodle Cookie Bars

Fall cannot get here quick enough.  Flipping through my new issue of Life:Beautiful magazine I spied a recipe for Snickerdoodle Cookie Bars.  I thought it might be nice for Miss Bee to come home from school to the house smelling like cinnamon and a plate of these waiting with a glass of ice cold milk.  These do not disappoint and will be added to my permanent recipe collection.  They are perfect for tailgating and potlucks because they hold up well. This month’s issue is so new that the recipe is not yet listed on the Life:Beautiful website otherwise I would link you to the recipe.  Since it’s not, I feel it’s my duty to share how to make them. They are delish.  Both Bees said it tasted like the cheesecake sopapilla recipe.  They are a dense bar with a lovely layer of cinnamon and sugar baked till crispy on top. … Continue reading “Snickerdoodle Cookie Bars”

Calendar Girl — Making Art from Old Calendars

Here’s an easy project I did a few years ago to re-purpose a wall calendar from Rifle Paper Company, one of my favorite paper sources.  I didn’t want to stop enjoying the lovely, floral botanical images so I made them into artwork. I already had frames of a similar type with large mats, a style I prefer, and for the frames that didn’t have a mat I took them to Michael’s and they cut the mats for me to my specifications.  I went through the calendar and decided to use pages that meant the most to me — months representing the birthdays of my parents and siblings and our wedding anniversary — February, April, May, June and August. I am really not a DIY gal so I tend to do things in a less scientific way. When it came time to figure out the correct size for each frame, I just laid the glass or mat … Continue reading “Calendar Girl — Making Art from Old Calendars”

Wednesday’s Weave — 30 Days of Lists

I discovered 30 Days of Lists when I was looking through Instagram one day.  It’s a semi-annual journaling challenge for people who love to make lists.  Through this process the facilitators, Kam and Amy, encourage and challenge followers that you CAN journal something everyday.  Wait. Don’t leave!  I know there are people reading this who “don’t journal.”  You’re probably the very same people who a have a stack of pretty journals on the shelf, empty and unused.  I am one of those people.  I like to make grocery and to-do lists, but I have never been disciplined enough to write down my thoughts on a consistent basis.  I think this process offers a twist in the “dear diary” theory of journaling. This challenge starts September 1 and everyday, for 30 days, you receive an email prompt with a question to answer.  There is a small fee of $10 to participate, but it … Continue reading “Wednesday’s Weave — 30 Days of Lists”

The Longest Commandment — Rest

My small group at church is studying Max Lucado’s Traveling Light.  It breaks down the promise from the twenty-third Psalm, the popular scripture in the Bible mostly associated with funerals that starts with “The Lord is my shepherd.”  This past week it was our turn to host and lead the study.  Chapter five covered the second verse — “He makes me to lie down in green pastures.”  I am learning that this story God unfolds is not associated with sadness, but in the joy God promises and the burdens He wants to bear for us. Here’s a little backstory… When you think of a shepherd, you think of sheep, right?  Can’t sleep, count sheep.  Sheep shall safely graze. But, here’s something interesting Max discusses in the book, “for sheep to sleep, everything must be just right. No predators.  No tension in the flock. No bugs in the air.  No hunger in … Continue reading “The Longest Commandment — Rest”

Homemade Pizza Dough – Your pizza will thank you!

Last spring, Miss Bee and I went to visit Sister in New Mexico.  She took us to a fabulous restaurant in Capitan called Rene’s Real Food (Capitan is home of Smoky Bear…and those Bakelite billiard balls).  Chef Rene runs specials everyday, keeping the menu limited to accommodate her small place.  Small does not disappoint.  She makes the best pizza.  When I shared with her we were thinking about purchasing a Fontana Forni pizza oven, she told me I’d be crazy not to.  After that endorsement we took the plunge.  Rene suggested the Patio Pizzeria cookbook as a great resource for recipes and inspiration. Over the last 6 months, while we’ve been waiting for our outdoor kitchen to be completed, Mr. Bee has been working to find a recipe for pizza dough.  This book has some great recipes, but he’s come up with his own version from trial and error. Many recipes … Continue reading “Homemade Pizza Dough – Your pizza will thank you!”

Back to School Memories

This time every year, I get a little nostalgic thinking about what it was like to be in elementary school anticipating the first day of school.  In fact, I still get that “butterflies in the stomach” feeling. Here are the top things I remember… Going shopping with my mother for back to school clothes.  She always wanted me to have shoes to match every outfit.  I think I mostly wore jumpers. School supply shopping at Skillern’s.  My siblings were so much older than me that when it was time for back to school shopping I think Mother was over it.  She would give me money and I would walk down to the local drug store and make my purchase.  Manilla paper, always a new wooden ruler (even though I had a drawer full of them at home), a yellow supply box, glue paste and newsprint type tablets with lines to … Continue reading “Back to School Memories”

My Six Tips for Antiquing

My friends at Invaluable asked me to share my favorite ways to shop for home decor and furniture.  Anytime anyone gives me a challenge to shop, I gladly accept!  There are so many great ideas out there, but here are my “Top Six” that work for me when shopping at antique malls and consignment stores: Number One: Make a list of what you need or want for your space.  This specific shopping trip was to find some pieces for our outdoor entertainment space that “tell a story” and create conversation.  Walking into an antique store with tons of booths is fun, but can be overwhelming without a vision of what you’re searching for. You’ll get distracted anyway with the epic space of nostalgia staring back at you, but at least you can reign in the focus with your list. On my shopping list:  1)  Something long and narrow for our dining table that … Continue reading “My Six Tips for Antiquing”

Wednesday Weave — What’s on my Playlist

Just something fun today, my google play shuffle list.  Here’s the next 10 songs cued up on my phone… 1. Shining Star — Earth, Wind and Fire. 2. Cool for the Summer — Demi Lovato 3. Life on the dance floor — Seal 4. Burning House — Cam 5. Cold, December Night — Michael Buble (Gear up, I start listening to Christmas music November 1). 6. Sunday Morning — Maroon 5 7. He Won’t Go — Adele (she’s my crush) 8. Ventura Highway — America 9. I’m a slave 4 U — Miss Britney Spears (because of my inner 12-year old) 10. When we were young — Adele (again, I know) 11. Bonus track — Mambo Number 5– Lou Bega because I need a little Monica in my life.

Man Overboard — The Newlywed Game

I’m launching a new topic area to my blog I’m calling “Man Overboard” — a fresh perspective from the man of the house.  For my new readers, I refer to my husband as Mr. Bee.  I love all things bee — my name means honeybee.  I collect beehives.  I love when bees visit my garden.  He’s my head worker bee and my honey.  Man Overboard will give him the chance to guest host occasionally and weigh-in on topics.  I think it will be something fun to look forward to and, frankly, hilarious to hear his take on my blogging. A few nights ago, at the dinner table, we got to talking about game shows. Much to my mother’s dismay the Newlywed Game was my fave.  She didn’t think talk like “making whoopy” was ladylike.  A close second was the $10,000 Pyramid (now it’s the $100K Pyramid.  Pish posh who wants … Continue reading “Man Overboard — The Newlywed Game”

Happy Birthday Mother

Today, August 15, would have been my mother’s 89th birthday.  She loved Jesus, strawberry cake, birds of all kinds, but especially cardinals.  She faithfully fed Mockingbirds, the Texas state bird, every morning.  They like mealy worms…and she kept a nice big tub of them in my refrigerator. My family came to learn this was normal. Mother loved to read. She usually had three or four books going at the same time.  And she always made time to read her Bible at least once a day, if not more.  She never liked sweets, but in her older years developed a fondness for chocolate. She kept stashes of candy in her room.  For the longest time, after she died, I would open drawers or little trinket boxes and chocolate would be hiding inside.  She loved to garden. She was a great cook, hostess and home keeper.  She loved the color purple and wore … Continue reading “Happy Birthday Mother”